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Navamsa (D9) and Marriage

As one progresses deeper into astrology, the study of the divisional charts assumes more significance. But, the D9 or the Navamsa chart is well known even among the layman who does not have a more in-depth knowledge of astrology. This is because the Navamsa chart is most often studied for a matter related to marriage. The most popular use of astrology in India is of course for matchmaking purposes. So, it is no surprise that there is so much curiosity about the Navamsa Chart.

Navamsa Tells Us Our Relationship Tendencies

What Is The Navamsa Chart?

The Navamsa chart is one of the divisional charts that is extracted from the planetary placements in the main D-1 chart. It is the ninth divisional chart. The Rashis of the birth chart is divided into 9 divisions. We already know these divisions as this is exactly how the padas of the nakshatras fall in the Rashis. Now each of these divisions has a Rashi assigned.

For example, let us take the Sun in Bharani nakshatra in the second pada. This is the Virgo pada. So, in the Navamsa, the sun will fall into the Virgo Rashi. 

By studying the Navamsa that each planet falls into we can study deeply the underlying patterns in the chart that are not visible by merely looking at the D-1. Some expert astrologers who are well versed with the Nakshatra pada divisions and rulerships can also decipher the Navamsa divisions simply by looking at the D-1 with the planet degrees.

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Meaning of different houses in Navamsa?

The Trikonas in Navamsa are the Gift that we get from our previous life times. They are the Lakshmi Sthanas and we need to develop on those gifts. These are important from a perspective of our Dharmic life and Marriage is considered a part of Dharma as per Sanatana Dharma.

For Example: If we have Ketu in the 1st, 5th or 9th house of the Navamsa, it is considered that the person will have high order ability in Math, lateral thinking etc. If Venus in the trikonas, then he/she will be diplomatic and have good choices in life.

The Kendras ( 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses) are areas where we need to work hard and the results will come. The 10th house indicates that area from where money will flow into your life.

For Example if Jupiter is in the 10th house of the Navamsa, then money in life could come from spiritual or teaching related activities.

Can I Read The Navamsa Separate From The Rasi Chart

The basic principle of the divisional charts is that they are extracts from the main D-1 chart. Without a D-1 chart, there is no possibility of any number of divisional charts. The Navamsa is the ninth harmonic extraction of the main chart. So, to give the Navamsa the importance of being read in isolation without the D-1 chart would be meaningless. Reading the D1 chart with the Navamsa side by side will help one to see if the indication in the D-1 is confirmed in the D-9. 

The D-9, however, is an invaluable tool to get deeper into the aspects it signifies. Since the D-9 is the 9th harmonic extract we can say that it truly signifies the Bhagya or the fortune aspect of the chart as well as the strength of the planets. It gives the truest insight into the person which is what their life partner is going to see and live with. 

When a planet falls into debilitation or is weak in the Navamsa it loses some of its power regarding its significations. When we study the Navamsa for marriage when the lord of the 7th house in either the D-1 or the D-9 being conjunct in the D-9 with the karaka for the spouse is very good for marriage. Aspects including the special aspects of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are to be studied in the Navamsa. Conjunctions and direct opposition have more effect than the special aspects. 

Any conjunction with Rahu or Ketu in the Navamsa indicates that there will be some problems with regard to the significations of that planet. 

Activation Of Navamsa

There is a misconception that the Navamsa gets activated only after marriage or when one is older. This is not true as the Shastras tell us to study the Navamsa for the strength of planets even without reference to marriage. The Navamsa is also the chart of good fortune. It is active right through a person’s life. However, it has a particular signification for relationships and marriage. After all, marriage is one of the greatest karmic duties that we have. And it is a matter of good fortune (or otherwise) that we marry a spouse and are in a happy or unhappy marriage. 

Meaning Of The Navamsa Lagna

The Navamsa Lagna ascendant is the Navamsa pada that the D-1 chart Lagna falls into. It determines the nature of the spouse and married life. Itis prefered that the lord of the Navamsa first house be a natural benefic and not a natural malefic. For example, if the lord of the Navamsa ascendant is well placed in own house, friend’s house or exaltation. The spouse will be a person of admirable character. Similarly, the placement of the Navamsa ascendant lord determines if the marriage will be at the right time or delayed. This should be analysed based on the cultural background of the person whose chart is being studied. The age of late or early marriage is different across cultures. 

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A planet in the same Rashi in both the D1 and the D9 is Vargottama. This means that the planet has extra strength and increases its significations. Whatever the planet indicates in the charts is then emphasised. When the Lagnas of the D-1 and D-9 are the same it is very lucky for the person. 

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Meaning Of The Navamsa 7th House

While we study the 7th house of the D-1 for the spouse, the 7th house of Navamsa is even more important for the spouse.  A malefic planet in the 7th house of the Navamsa will have an even more deep impact on marriage than a malefic in the 7th of the D-1. Jupiter or Jupiter with Moon in the 7th house of the Navamsa indicates the person happy and devoted to the spouse. An exalted Venus or Venus with a benefic or Venus with Jupiter are indicators of marital happiness. The 7th lord of Navamsa with or aspected by Jupiter or the 7th lord in Kendra with a benefic is good for marriage. Even the aspect of Jupiter on the 7th house makes a happy marriage. 

The planets Saturn, Mars or Sun in the 1st house of the Navamsa or conjunct with the lord of the 1st house of the Navamsa are not indicative of a happy marriage. Saturn and Mars connection with the lord of the 1st or 7th house of the Navamsa indicates trouble. Mars in conjunction with the 1st lord of Navamsa can indicate divorce. Venus in a Mars rules Rashi indicates a rather straightforward and aggressive manner in relationships. Mars in a Venus Rashi denotes a love of luxuries.  When Mars and Venus exchange houses in the Navamsa it could show a break in marriage or a love affair that does not culminate in marriage. If other indications support it, it indicates unfaithfulness and many relationships. 

The Navamsa can also give indications of an inter-caste marriage. Rahu indicates unconventionality. Rahu aspecting either the 7th lord or 7th house of Navamsa can mean an unconventional marriage. Other combinations for inter-caste marriage are; Venus and Rahu in the 11th or the 6th, 7th lord with Rahu and Mars, Moon and Mars in 6/8 to each other, Mars and Venus in angles, 7th lord with Saturn in the 12th and Moon with 7th lord also with Venus being aspected by Saturn or Rahu or Ketu.

In the Navamsa chart, any afflictions or malefic influence upon a planet will be detrimental regardless of the Rashi that the planet is placed in. The lordship of the house that a planet is in does influence the signification. 

Nature Of The Spouse

The spouse can be described from the planet in the 7th house of the Navamsa. House Lordship, the D-1 chart and aspects can alter the basic description. 

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Sun in the 7th house of the Navamsa signifies a learned spouse also interested in music. He/she could also be stubborn and egoistic.


The Moon in the d-9 7th house denotes a beautiful, attractive and very emotional spouse. The spouse will be very sexual.


Mars denotes a spouse of a fiery temperament who loves to argue. If Mars is in a favourable Rashi the spouse will be athletic and slim. 


Mercury in the Navamsa 7th house is an indication of a spouse who is youthful in appearance, intelligent, talkative and fond of books. Since Mercury is a third gender planet there may be issues with sexual pleasures. 


The wise Jupiter in the D-9 7th indicates a learned, educated, fortunate and spiritual spouse. The spouse may have the tendency to give too much advice and too many lectures. It is a very good placement in the D-9.


Venus is very good in the 7th house of D-9 and indicates a very happy married life. The spouse will be very attractive and fond of all the good things in life. 


Saturn in the 7th of the D-9 indicates an age difference between the person and the spouse. The spouse will be rather cold, distant and unromantic. However, the spouse will be very dutiful and hardworking. 


Rahu in the 7th might indicate either an out of the way marriage between castes or to a foreigner. The spouse is lost in confused thoughts, and interested in mathematics and astrology.


Ketu in the 7th house of the Navamsa is an indication of a spouse who is very spiritual and excellent in mathematics and computers. 

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