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How To Study Second Marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two people. But sometimes things do not go as planned and there is a breakup of the first marriage. Some people abandon the thought of a second marriage while others take a leap of faith again. A birth chart can be studied to look for indications of a second marriage. 

Ideally, this ought to be done at the matchmaking stage of the first marriage. A spouse’s chart selected to offset or balance an indication of more than one marriage gives better results. But some people are destined to find happiness only the second time around. However, using a horoscope and justifying poor judgement or falsely accusing a person based on a chart is wrong.

Some Are Destined For Two Marriages
Some Are Destined For Two Marriages

Houses That Give Clues To Second Marriage

Some charts give clear indications of a troubled marital life. Others clearly indicate a second or rather more than one marriage. The primary house to study for marriage is always the 7th house of partnership. In addition to this, the 2nd house of family is important. Weaknesses here could have a big impact on marital happiness.

Do You Have Two Marriages In Your Stars?
Do You Have Two Marriages In Your Stars?

One of the most obvious indications of more than one marriage is a dual Rashi as the 7th or the lord of a dual Rashi in the 7th. The reasoning behind this is that the dual signs show doubling or duality. Most people mistake Mithuna (Gemini) as the only Rashi that has this nature. But a deeper look at the Rashi’s and their attributes reveals that the Rashis of Mithuna (Gemini), Kanya (Virgo), Dhanus (Saggitarius) and Meena (Pisces) are all dual. The 7th lord in these Rashis can also give this effect. Merely this duality is not enough to jump to the conclusion of a second marriage. It would mean that a good one-third of the human population would remarry.

A dual sign has to be supported by other indications to cause marital troubles. A break in the first marriage is to be seen. Generally, adding to the problem is a weakness or malefic influence to the 2nd house of family and the 11th house of fulfillment of desires in addition to the 7th house weakness.  This article has excellent information on marital trouble indications in a birth chart.

Charts Indicate Marital Troubles
Charts Indicate Marital Troubles

Placements Signifying Second Marriage

  • A dual Rashi or planet in the 7th house exalted or in own Rashi might have the unexpected result of more than one marriage. This could also be indicated by a 7th lord that is strong and placed in one of the Kendras (1,4, 7 or 10).
  • Multiple planets in the 7th house or with the lord of the 7th house are a traditional indication of more than one marriage. It could also indicate more than one marriage-like relationship without the actual ceremony.
  • Phaladepika states that one can see the number of partners the person ‘associates’ with by the number of planets in the 7th. The number of benefics will survive.
  • More than 2 malefics in the 7th damaging the house.
  • The 12th lord placed in the 7th house.
  • When the 7th lord is in the 6th house and not receiving any benefic aspect but aspected by Rahu.
  • The lord of the 7th is Saturn and is with other malefics.
  • Mars in the 7th is a position that is feared by many as the dreaded Mangal Dosh. But if the 12th house also has either Saturn or Rahu or Venus the 12th further strengthen the indication of a second marriage. 
  • While some second marriages are accepted by society, others cause quite a stir. A scandalous second marriage is indicated by both Venus and the 7th house being afflicted while Jupiter is in Meena (Pisces).
Indications Of The Breakup Of The First Marriage
Indications Of The Breakup Of The First Marriage

Other Factors

  • Rahu in the 1st in an odd Rashi except for Simha (Leo). This would be Mesha (Aries), Mithuna (Gemini), Tula (Libra), Dhanus (Saggitarius) and Kumbha (Aquarius).
  • Saturn conjunct the Moon in the 7th has different effects in a man’s and woman’s chart. For a woman, it signifies more than one marriage while for a man it indicates marrying a widow or a divorcee. 
  • Either Mercury or Saturn in the 7th while simultaneously having two planets in the 11th house can give more than one marriage. 
  • A man with a combination of Moon and Venus in the 7th house along with any other weakness of the house will have more than one marriage.
  • The 7th lord placed in the 11th house or vice versa. This is even stronger when there is Parivartana or exchange of the lords of the 11th or the 7th. 
  • The 7th lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th with a malefic in the 7th, a debilitated Venus with a natural benefic.
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