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Kundli Matching and Guna Milan – The Meaning and Its Significance in a Marriage

Marriage compatibility

Marriage is by far the most important and a completely life-transforming event for any individual. Preparing for marriage involves a strenuous and thoughtful procedure to ensure the right match in order to achieve a lifetime of bliss and happiness. Here, strictly speaking of Hindu marriages, astrologers use the tradition of Vedic horoscope to match the birth charts of two individuals getting into the marital affair. What’s most important here is using the Guna Milan or Kundali Match and marriage match making by date of birth.

What is Guna Milan?

Guna Milan is the matchmaking procedure astrologers incorporate to check the compatibility between the boy and the girl deciding to marry each other. It is the first step in checking the marriage compatibility.

Seasoned astrologers incorporate the aspects of Venus and Jupiter of the girl and the boy along with Ashtakoot Guna Milan and Vedic Horoscope Matching. Evaluating the influence of Planet Venus is critical because it can affect the marriage in a good or bad way. Venus residing in the wrong place is a sign of infertility. Jupiter will also determine the strength and weakness and the future of the marriage.

Generally, the Gunas that score 25 to 32 signify a very compatibility. Score 30 to 36 signifies exceptional level of compatibility and is very rare. Going by Ashtakoot Guna Milan, it’s a common belief that the higher the scores better is the married life. However, this is not the case always and compatibility in marriage depends on other astrological factors too. 

Marriage compatibility
Marriage compatibility

The Procedure

The procedure commonly followed is the Kundli Matching and Ashtakoot Guna Milan, where there are eight factors, each with specific points that add up to 36 Gunas. The procedure is also called love marriage prediction. Among the 36 Gunas, 18 Gunas must match to approve the marriage. Mental compatibility, manglik dosh, longevity, sexual compatibility, overall health and common attitude & approach are taken into account.

There is also a Dashakoot Milan in Horoscope Matching traditionally followed in the Bharat Varsha.

Kundli matching

The Ashtakoota or Eight Aspects of Guna Milan

Here is the list of the eight important aspects of Kundli Matching and Guna Milan with a brief description for each:

Varna Koot

It’s all about an individual’s personality, the ego and also the spiritual compatibility between the boy and the girl. It includes categories like Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras.

Vashya Koot

You can find the mutual attraction with the degree of the power of control and also power equation here. The classification is Manav (Human), Vanchar(Wild animal), Chatushpad (Small animal), Jalchar (Sea animal) and Keet (Insect).

Tara Koot

It depicts the closeness and also the compatibility between the bride’s and the groom’s birth star.

Importance of Kundalini Matching
Importance of Kundalini Matching

Yoni koot

It shows the sexual affinity and the intimacy levels between the boy and the girl. It also shows the degree of mutual love they have for each other and, there is a classification of 14 animals. These are horse, elephant, sheep, snake, dog, cat, rat, cow, buffalo, tiger, deer, monkey, lion and mongoose.

Nakshatras that define a specific animal help make the divisions. Five animal pairs of the boy and also of the girl show the sexual compatibility between them. These are Swabhava Yoni, Friend Yoni, Neutral Yoni, Opposite Yoni and Enemy Yoni. Sexual compatibility is the highest in the Swabhava Yoni and the least in Enemy Yoni.

Graha-Maitri Koot

It’s an important aspect that shows the mental compatibility, affection and friendship between the couple. It’s also an important representation of the Moon sign compatibility between a couple.

Gana Koot

The behaviour and also the temperament of the boy and the girl show through in this aspect. Birth stars follow categorization into Deva (God), Manava (Human) and Rakshasa (Demon)

Kundalini Matching Ashta Koota System
Kundalini Matching Ashta Koota System

Rashi or Bhakoot

The emotional compatibility and also love between the partners shows through in this aspect. The planetary position in both the partners birth chart undergo comparison to discover if it’s an auspicious match or not.

Naadi Koot

The health and the genes of the bride and groom come to the surface. Stars are divided into Aadi Nadi, Madhya Nadi and Antya Nadi.

Taking all the above important factors into account, this astrological procedure calculates the Gunas to predict the future of a marriage. A score less than 18 means the marriage will not be successful. A score from 18 to 24 depicts an average marriage. Anything from 24 to 32 is good and a score above 32 is excellent.

Kundalini Charts
Kundalini Charts

The Takeaway

Ashtakoot Guna Milan forms the foundation of the compatibility of a couple entering a marriage. It’s a procedure followed in several regions across the world and is especially prominent in North India. Marriage should be a sacred bond between two separate souls that unify into one depending on the score and the power of the Gunas. Hence, this process of Kundli Matching of the bride and groom will educate how their stars can influence their marital life and the remedial actions to take to rectify any obstacles.