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Marakas – The Meaning, Significance and Role

Nadi Jyotish

We all know that death is inevitable and also uncertain. While speaking of death in astrological concepts, Marakas refer to the killer houses that cause death at the end of an individual’s life-span. Depending on the age and the condition of the native, the Maraka houses as a group carry out the death process. Whatever way a person will die, it can be seen in Maraka houses.

Marakas Bhavas – A Study

The houses belonging to the maraka should be afflicted in that sign to give bad results. But when they do give bad results, the impact can be severe and can cause life-long damage or extreme health issues. In other words, this doesn’t mean that one will always have health issues or relationship problems in their lives.

New millennium astrological chart - marakas
New millennium astrological chart

Marakas, under the influence of Rahu and Ketu, both occupying specific houses in a horoscope, acquire powers to cause damage or death in Dasha or main sub-periods. However, if Rahu and Ketu receive a beneficial aspect depending on favourable positions, such issues will not be there.

Segregation of Houses in Vedic Astrology

Houses or Bhavas hold prominent positions in Vedic Astrology. They are the catalyst in influencing horoscope to the maximum and giving results accordingly. An individual’s longevity, health conditions, quality of relationships, professional sphere and other aspects of life are dependent on the Bhavas.

The significance of houses in Vedic Astrology is prevalent since ancient times. Though the Bhavas are overlooked these days, it should be studied thoroughly along with the Rasi and other divisional charts. The Rasi chart always give the aspects and, hence, Raja Yogas take planets with relation to Bhavas and Rasi into consideration to give accurate results. The Bhava chart should be used to consider the Lordship. Here are the houses or Bhavas and the classification they belong to:

Bhavas 1, 4, 7 and 10

Kendra or Angular houses

Bhavas 1, 5 and 9

Trikona or Trine houses

Bhavas 6, 8 and 12

Dussthana or Suffering houses

Bhavas 3, 6 and 11

Upachaya or Growth houses

Bhavas 2 and 7

Maraka or Killer houses

Let’s have a deeper look at Marakas or killer houses and the role in Vedic Astrology.

South and North Indian Chart Styles with Bhavas - marakas
South and North Indian Chart Styles with Bhavas

Marakas Bhavas or Killer Houses

Planets causing death eventually find themselves positioned in Marakas or the houses of death. However, it’s not always death but, in several cases, health issues and diseases that need great care and attention. Often, these planets cause death at the end of one’s lifespan. Accidents, chronic health issues, poverty and misery occur during the Dasha or Antardasha period if the lifespan is not over.

It’s important to note the luminary bodies, the Sun, the Moon and the Lord of the 9th house are not marakas. Whatever the determinants of death in Marakas Bhavas, the transit influences of the Sun and planets like Mars and Jupiter are crucial to determine the time of death.

The 2nd House or the 2nd Bhava

This is the house of immediate relationships and the growing years. It’s also the house of possessions that include both tangible and intangible ones. Apart from wealth and possessions, the 2nd house rules our feelings and emotions and determines the way we relate to our siblings and others in close relationships.

How fulfilling life can be is arrived at by this house. It represents how affluent your life is, your indulgences and your food preferences. The influence of Mercury can provide a protective cover against chronic diseases and other health issues.

Wheel of Life with Houses - marakas
Wheel of Life with Houses

The 7th House or the 7th Bhava

In Makaras, the 7th house concentrates on long-term relationships and partnerships including marriage. It represents your partner and determines how you both compliment each other and relate to each other’s distinct characteristics. This also includes the quality of your sex life and the emotional bond you share with your partner.

The weakness of the 7th house or afflictions to its Lord causes a lack of interest in sex and affects the reproductive system adversely. The 7th house determines the prime reason for your attachment or non-attachment to your partner.

Apart from personal relationships, the 7th Bhava also determines the state of your business partnerships, relationships with clients, the quality of contracts and negotiations. The house governs whether these partnerships will enrich your life or cause downfall.

Zodiac signs with their houses and basic characteristics - marakas
Zodiac signs with their houses and basic characteristics

On the darker side, the 7th house determines the adverse results of relationships and partnerships. Additionally, legal battles, divorces, quarrels and deep misunderstandings are the ill-effects of relationships caused by malefic effects of the 7th house.