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Dussthanas – The Meaning, Importance and Role

A call to bless and be respectful towards our enemies and the adversities we face in life, Dussthanas, is worth repeating. After all, they are our greatest teachers, awakening us, strengthening us and keeping us grounded throughout our journey in life. If taken in the right spirit, they send us clear messages regarding how to perform tasks and what to avoid in life. It’s a part of our Karma we need to address during this lifetime to experience enlightenment.

Dussthanas or Dusthana Houses – An Introduction

The moment we come face to face with adversity, all that we think is the negative consequences, loathing it, cursing our fate and all things similar. We often ask ourselves, “Why me?” Expressing displeasure by complaining and moaning is our natural reaction to adverse situations. That’s exactly where we need to stop and give our attitude a sincere thought.

Dussthanas, though they bring difficulty into our lives, interfering with our tasks and relationships in every sphere, encourage us to wake up and take notice of spiritual powers, encouraging enhanced levels of consciousness.

The 12 Houses in Natal Chart - Dussthanas
The 12 Houses in Natal Chart

Houses in Astrology

Houses or Bhavas in Vedic Astrology play a significant role in shaping individuals’ lives on earth. Each of the 12 houses represents multiple circumstances and situations spanning a lifetime. The houses also rule lives in the terrestrial world, occupying a specific place in the horoscope. The houses are divided into five categories depending on their qualities. They are classified as:

Kendra or Angular houses are 1, 4, 7 and 10

Trikona or Trine houses are 1,5, and 9

Dussthana or Suffering houses are 6, 8 and 12

Upachaya or Growth houses are 3, 6 and 11

Maraka or Killer houses are 2 and 7

Among the five categories of houses, we’ll talk about the houses in Dussthanas in detail.

The 12 Bhavas and their Significance - Dussthanas
The 12 Bhavas and their Significance

Dussthana Houses

Dusthana houses are the most evil group of houses in Vedic Astrology. They, along with their Lords, bring in sufferings, difficulties, pain and cast disastrous effects on the native.  These houses are the most difficult ones to deal with and can cause diseases and accidents that can also lead to death. The native will encounter several obstacles in his/her lifetime and will cause severe impairment and loss in life. These houses are:

The 6th House

This house rules an individual’s health and sickness, his/her diet, employment status, relationships and overall well-being. IT can affect your health depending on what you eat and what you don’t eat. It is known to cause stomach ailments like digestion problems, food poisoning and intestinal disorders. In other words, it governs the health of an individual depending on food habits and daily routine. It encourages misunderstandings in personal front and disputes and conflicts in professional spheres. Debt will usually be high in case of these individuals. The 6th house is ruled by the Planet Mercury.

8th House

Another important house of the Dussthanas is the 8th house that has a say on an individual’s longevity and the type of death. It also has control over whether its a slow or sudden death. It’s a malefic house causing health ailments like mental stress and lack of peace of mind, chronic illness and sexual problems. The 8th house is famous for being the house of misery and mystery and brings misfortune and mental anxiety.

The Wheel of 12 houses in Astrology - Dussthanas
The Wheel of 12 houses in Astrology

The individual’s reputation will be at stake and criminal tendencies with chances of imprisonment is a burning issue. There will be delays and disappointments in several walks of life. The ruling planet is Mars and it rules th native’s prostate gland, reproductive system and the colon. The house governs all matters related to public mortality, death rate, natural calamities and a nation’s economic status.

12th House

In the Dussthanas, the 12th house is the house of detachment and solitude. An affliction of the 12th house causes mental weaknesses, addiction to illegal substances, hospitalization and other traumatic events. Obstacles can come in one’s way and cause anxiety, depression and mental imbalance. It’s a very important house for individuals seeking enlightenment and illumination. The house can cause detachment or separation from loved ones and can cause sleep disturbances. Every mental and psychological disorder can also be associated with the malefic effects of the 12th house.

A typical Bhava Chart - Dussthanas
A typical Bhava Chart

The Conclusion

Dussthanas significance in Vedic Astrology cannot be overlooked just because it brings malefic effects. The houses are also capable of giving favourable results with the right planetary influences. As pointed out earlier, it’s a great way to learn the lessons in life and come out empowered.