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Moon Mahadasha – Introduction, Effects and Importance

One of the most significant planet among all the planets in the Solar System is the Moon. Moon Mahadasha is the period that bestows special effects on the lives of human beings. Unlike other planets, the moon represents more of innate qualities of the native and is considered the queen among the planets. The Moon represents the emotional side of individuals under its influence.

Moon Maha Dasha in Brief

This celestial period lasts for ten years in human beings’ lives, where the position of the moon plays a crucial role in an individual’s life. An individual’s success in life depends on the moon’s position in the birth chart. This beneficial planet signifies imagination and knowledge and relates to the position of the mind, including calmness, peace, politeness, and restlessness. More importantly, it also signifies emotional state, intuitive abilities, degree of feelings, nourishment and homely aspects.

The Moon - Moon Mahadasha
The Moon

Moon Mahadasha, with the house determined by Cancer, brightens the native’s home. Taking the Antardasha, the planet in the Nakshatra and the ruling Lord give a multi-dimensional aspect of the native’s chart. An individual with a powerful influence of the Moon will also enjoy being homebound working on home projects and running a home business.

During the period of Chandra Mahadasha, the natives will experience intense dreams and fantasies while experiencing an inward journey into themselves. The journey will bestow the native with spirituality and higher knowledge.

The Positive Effects of Moon Mahadasha

The moon can have amazing effects when its in the favourable house of an individual. During the period, the individual will receive monetary benefits. The following are the positive effects:

  • The mind will be lively and energetic
  • Acquiring skills in several arts is possible
  • Happiness and good fortune follows those in authority
  • Agricultural activities will be fruitful
  • Acquiring wealth and land is in sight
  • One will also enjoy the company of young women
  • Travel is on the cards
  • One can earn status and fame in society
  • Recover losses experienced in the past
  • More respect and support in life is also available

It’s important to note that this phase also brings some sudden benefits related to income and foreign travel. Love affairs and relationships will begin to flourish and take a pleasing shape.

Moon Ill effects - Moon Mahadasha
Different phases of Moon bring in different results

The Ill Effects of Moon Mahadasha

A weak moon sitting in an inauspicious position will invite malefic effects that rob the individual of peace and happiness. These can be:

  • The mind will get dull and restless
  • It can cause physical ailments and other related health issues
  • Quarrels and arguments will arise between loved ones
  • There can be venereal and urinary ailments including gastric problems
  • The conjunction with Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu makes hell-like experiences
  • With a malefic planet, the moon creates mental imbalance and suicidal tendencies
Weak Moon Results - Moon Mahadasha
Weak moon has detrimental effects on the native

There are other effects of moon to consider during specific situations in an individual’s chart. These effects occur during:

Moon Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha

The Moon Mahadasha Moon Antardasha is a unique and powerful combination in Vedic Astrology. The Moon, with its own sub-period, doubles the effect in the native’s life, blending the positive and also the negative aspects of the position of the moon. The amount of goodness is more with a certain percentage of hurdles also showing up. Respect and a place in social circles will draw effect and professional growth takes place.

The native will receive materialistic success and an increase in wealth. The company of knowledgeable people will enhance learning and also make the individual a wiser person. A deep inclination towards creative and artistic fields will bring enormous success. The native’s individual attributes will get better and bestow them with spiritual aspects. Creative, imaginative and innovative aspects surge high when the Moon’s Antardasha is active.

Moon Phases - Moon Mahadasha
Phases of the Moon

However, the reverse effects can bring in adverse results to the individual. It causes great variations in emotional aspects and homely affairs. There will also be misunderstandings in relationships and conflicts in the workplace. The malefic effects of this combination targets the mind causing instability, depression and also moodiness.

Remedies for Ill Effects of the Moon

A weak Chandra Mahadasha can cause hurdles in personal and also in professional aspects. Here are the remedial measures to follow to reverse the bad effects of Moon Mahadasha:

  • Chant Chandra mantra 108 times daily
  • Recite Durga Kavach daily
  • Read Shiva Sahasranam on a daily basis
  • Wear a silver ring fitted with a 5 carat pearl on Monday
  • Offer bilwa patra and milk to Lord Shiva every Monday
  • Perform or get an expert to perform Rudra abhisheka and Maha Mrityunjay Mantra
Moon in Vedic Astrology