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Astrology and Science – Introduction, Facts and Conclusion

Astrology and science

There have been endless debates surrounding whether astrology is actually science or mere superstition. Astrology and Science often seem to agree with each other but, is a concept questioned strongly by the scientific community. Both are vast fields of study, each with its own practices and evidence. However, time and again, science has almost always had solid evidence with explanatory power.

Is Astrology a Science?

Debating on Astrology vs Science, astrology seems scientific because it incorporates scientific knowledge regarding heavenly bodies. It also uses scientific tools including star charts. It often predicts future events with some expectations just like science creates expectations through research. If that’s not enough, astrology has evidence by what certain people experience its results and other outcomings. 

Several tests of whether astrology is a legitimate science have given unsatisfactory results. Most of the time, astrology is based on superstition and prediction. That is because, unlike scientific research, astrology is not based on actual facts. Modern astrology came into existence about 2,000 years ago. During those times, people thought that the earth was at the centre and other heavenly bodies revolved around it.

Astrology and Science
Astrology with Science

However, later humans got to know that it was not true. Astrology, somewhere still follows that old concept. Hence, there is an argument that it’s not science. Astrology science facts make efforts to provide sound evidence to the readings. While some facts cannot be denied, it is yet to come to terms with science and technology.

What then, is Astrology?

Astrology a science or superstition takes a unique route to arrive at specific conclusions. It’s a pseudoscience that combines scientific and factual beliefs and practices. This methodology is a combination of contradictory and exaggerated claims that also lack openness and systematic practices. Hence, astrology is a pseudoscience studying about human affairs and events on earth, taking the movements and positions of celestial bodies. Contemporary astrology too takes a similar route with elaborate systems that is observed in the Hindu, Chinese and the Maya calendar.

Coming to astrology and science, Western astrology is one of the oldest astrological systems infusing scientific study of the planets. It is evident in Ancient Greece, Rome, the Gulf countries and Europe.

However, there are glaring questions about the scientific evidence of planetary influences on human beings. The question is about the strength of a particular planet which is not clear yet. Efforts are being made to derive the meaning of planet strength only by observing the correlations. This is not a clear conclusion.

Astrology as Pseudoscience - Astrology and science
Astrology as Pseudoscience

Astrology and Science – A checklist

To evaluate astrology as a science, there are several checklists that help arrive a near conclusion. These are based on astrological results that have worked for several individuals. Theses are:

It strives to explain the natural world

Astrology produces predictions combining a set of rules regarding planetary positions and movements. The predictions explain the occurrence of events on human lives that influence several areas of life.

Incorporates testable ideas

Often, astrology generates specific expectations that can be verified against various outcomes in the natural world. Results like these are more often testable, proving it to be a scientific study.

It relies on evidence

There are cases where astrological study to generate testable results did not have evidence to support the same. It’s a common phenomenon in science where ideas and experiments turn out to be wrong. The only difference is, astrology has not deviated from its idea in relation to any contradictions.

Encourages ongoing research

Remember that the study of astrology ceases to undergo continuous research without the validity of the ideas. Any scientific study involving astrology will come to a stop due to this.

Zodiac Signs - Astrology and science
Zodiac Signs in Astrology

Those who do research act scientifically

Scientists always test their ideas on their own to arrive at alternatives and solutions until evidence wins over. They don’t expect others to test their ideas. But, astrologers don’t examine the astrological idea and simply accept the same. Dure to minimum research, there’s hardly any test of their ideas in fairways. Which means, astrology also ignores any evidence that contradicts it.

The Criticism of Astrology

Astrology is frowned at primarily due to imperfect predictions made by astrologers. It’s also due to the fact that different astrologers come up with different predictions. Even horoscopes are different in spite of having the same basic information. This gives a strong indication that astrology is not science.

Affiliated Planets - Astrology and science
Affiliated Planets in Astrology

Reasons why Some Astrologers Fail

In astrology and science, here are some common reasons why astrologers can fail:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Very limited talent
  • Incorrect data are given
  • The fate of the native
  • Uncertainty of the future