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Mantras And Slokas In Vedic Astrology: An Introduction

Vedic Astrology - A Fascinating World

We seek a remedy for our horoscope problems not realising that our horoscopes do not cause problems. Our birth chart is the result of all our own deeds of the past and not the other way around. We are the cause and the birth chart is the effect. The birth chart of a person shows why he was born. Whereas, the planetary placements tell us more about his life. Some planetary placements and aspects give positive effects while some give less than the desired or at worst malefic effects. Our problems and blessings are all the result of our own good deeds and misdeeds from past lives. We continue to keep adding to this record every single day as we try to remedy our past record with slokas, yantras, tantra and mantras.

Mantras On a Rock
Mantras Inscribed On a Rock In Nepal

Astrology Remedies

So our horoscopes are an indicator of the karmic problems that we are carrying and not the cause of them. Getting a birth chart read is the first step to identifying and then finding a way to solving the problem. The second step is to sincerely atone and thereafter make efforts to balance the negativity with positivity in the form of remedies. Most remedies will not magically cure all your problems but they will definitely ease the severity of the issue. We should do remedies personally instead of paying someone else to do them for us. The remedies in Vedic astrology are varied and range from fasting and penance to buying and wearing prescribed gemstones. Yantra, tantra and mantra are also remedies in Vedic astrology.

Prayer Beads to count mantra and sloka repetitions.
Prayer Beads

Slokas And Mantras

Slokas are compositions of poetry or text that follow a specific metre. A sloka can be a stanza of 4 lines with up to 26 letters in a single line. Valmiki created slokas when he wrote the Ramayana.

Mantra is a composition of certain letters and sounds and is the phonetic manifestation of the divine. As a mantra is considered divine there is much respect given to the chanting of mantras. One should follow the rules of reciting a mantra. It is believed that a Guru is the best person to select a mantra for the student and that a mantra is best when given to a person by their Guru. In astrology, the birth chart is used to know what should be recited as a remedy.

Ancient Avalokiteśvara Mantra
Avalokiteśvara Mantra

Slokas And Matras As Remedies

Astrologers prescribe Slokas and Mantras as remedies for flaws or Doshas in horoscopes. Mantra chanting rectifies a planet that is badly placed, is weak or in some way deficient. They also calm down and reduce the effects of malefic planets. Some mantras strengthen the effects of existing benefic planets while some others serve as remedies for flaws or doshas in horoscopes.

Astrologers prescribe Slokas and Mantras with the number of repetitions and other details depending on the placement of the related planet in the horoscope. They work by the vibration that the mantra causes which is why learning the proper pronunciation are very important to the successful result of the mantra or sloka. Listen and chant Slokas and Mantras with feeling, not mechanically or repeated without feeling or simply as a part of a routine, as the intention matters. They give results best when the person reciting them does so with utmost sincerity and the best of intentions.

Using a mantra without proper advice might enhance a planet that may not be beneficial to the person, and the wrong pronunciation of a sloka or mantra could change the entire meaning and be counterproductive. In our modern tech-savvy age though mantras we listen to slokas and mantras on a smart device more often than chant them.

Beej Mantras

The most basic mantras are the Bija/Beej mantras or the seed mantras. Beej Mantras are the single syllable sounds that have many meanings and the meaning depends on the intention and intonation of the chanting. Bija is the root of all the Vedic texts.

How To Chant A Mantra Or Sloka?

It is recommended to chant a mantra in the same place regularly. The repetitions of the number are counted on a Mala or rosary of beads that usually number 108 and the material of the beads are also thought to add their own meaning to the chanting. It is best to recite mantras and slokas in lotus pose at Brahmamahurta which is at 4 am or at dawn or twilight. The number of repetitions is specified and the number should go up but not down.

The lotus pose is the best while reciting mantras.
Lotus Pose

Popular Mantras For The Planets

The mother of all mantras is the Gayatri mantra. This mantra was first given to Brahmarshi Vishwamitra and is the ‘Mother of the Vedas’. Gayatri mantra is also called the ‘Mahamantra’ or ‘Guru Mantra’. It is a mantra in the worship of the Sun God.

The mantra is

Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah tatsviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat

Gayatri Mantra Personified
The Gayatri Mantra in the form of a Goddess.

There are different mantras and slokas for each planet and different applications for the same. It is best that one uses a mantra given by a Guru or a trusted and qualified astrologer.