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Vedic Astrology – House 12, Vyaya Bhava

It is a well-known fact that there are 12 houses in Vedic Astrology. While the first eight houses pleasures of this world, the last four houses represent spiritual welfare. The last four houses are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The 12th house plays a crucial and important role in ruling the final emancipation of the person from the chain of birth and death. It also deals with his merging with the cosmic soul for the state of his future existence. There are various important indications of the 12th house and some of them include status of waste and extravagance, loss and impediments, expenses and income, limitation and restraint, drudgery and deception etc.

Ancient astrologers have opined that 6th, 8th and 12th houses, are indicative of evil. It is said that no house can be said as evil until and unless it is afflicted and the same can be said for the 12th house. Different things are controlled by respective house and when they are afflicted, it is obvious that their normal functions are hampered. Once the period of affliction gets over, things get back to their normal route without any kinds of obstacles.

Some prominent characteristics of the 12th House

The 12th house mainly deals with expenses, losses, purchases, associations with philanthropic institutions and charity. If the second house is involved with the related planet, one might indulge in buying extremely expensive jewels. When the involvement is of the third house, expenses might be incurred in the form of writings and publications or for brief and short journeys. It might happen that a person has set aside some money for travel purpose, but he invests the same on some kind of immovable or landed property. Or he might also choose to purchase a vehicle. All these events are likely to take place when the 4th house is connected.

There are also chances that the person might be compelled to spend money on his mother before venturing for some long-distance travel plan. People in the 12th house might speculate on taking an insurance policy for education or wedding of his child/children. These are basically some of the most common ways of spending the money when the planet is in the 12th house. There are strong indications for borrowers as well as this house indicates loan repayments. To summarize, the house makes the person incur expenses in any form.

Along with spending of money, there are other aspects which are closely related to the 12th house. Impediments and segregation or sin and sorrow are common under the influence of the 12th house. Misfortune and poverty can also be added to the list in this regard. In extremely serious cases, there are chances of imprisonment, persecution and intrigue too. Various unfortunate matters are governed by the 12th house. Some of the relatable matters include that of inferiority complex, anxiety, fear, suspicion, misgivings etc. It is also the house which refers to silent sufferings, secrets, loneliness and undoing of the self. 12th house is also indicative of change of place, living life in a foreign land or a complete change in the environment or surroundings of the person.

Impact of the 12th house on the family members of the person

It is interesting to note that the 12th house is placed over the feet. The house has an impact on the different members of the family. For instance, it signifies money or substance of friends or of the elder brother or of permanent possessions that the father has. There are negative implications for other family members. It strongly represents sickness of the spouse, disappointment to children ad litigation matters. However, it also stands for excellent profession of the younger sister or brother and their popularity as well.

Twelveth house in Vedic Astrology – Vyaya Bhava

Influence of the various planets on the 12th house

  • Moon – The presence of moon in the 12th house makes it ideal for jobs in hospitals or prisons. The person might be engaged in love affairs but will most probably keep the things to themselves.
  • Sun – Sun in the 12th house improves the chances of success of people in psychic and occult matters and brings about uncommon preferences and tastes. A sign of sympathies, people in this group are great for social works.
  • Mercury – When mercury is there in the 12th house of a person, he is bound to be attracted and devoted to mysteries. He will be a success in occult and chemical research. He might also be suitable for detective work. The intricate details are welcomed in extremely trivial matters too.
  • Venus – The nature of Venus in 12th house will bring success in professions which are related to working in charitable institutions, jails, hospitals or even in chemical laboratory. Study of the occult is a fascinating thing with Venus in 12th house.
  • Mars – Dignity of the person is enhanced when Mars is there in the 12th house. The person will probably be in a respectable administrative position in any public institution. However, if Mars is afflicted it can call for grave troubles.
  • Saturn – Popular as the planet of seclusion, this connection will bring success in laborious and quiet occupations. People in this combination will prefer working in isolation or seclusion.
  • Uranus – When Uranus is placed in the 12th house, it influences the success of the person through various occult affairs. There are also inventions of various chemical processes, which are kind of secret. Affliction of Uranus is difficult to handle.
  • Neptune – Neptune being in the 12th house is an indication of secrecy, mystery, psychic research, occult investigations and medium-ship. The person in this combination is suitable for detective works or for works which need to be done in secrecy and seclusion. Affliction of Neptune might lead to insanity.

The results and the findings are generalized and might vary from person to person.