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The 9th house in Vedic astrology, Dharma Bhava

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Vedic astrology has been in practice from the ancient times. Astrologers would use their skills of observing the planetary movements and how each of the planets’ energy influences the events in a person’s life. In Vedic astrology, there is mapping of star charts to see the influence of planetary movements. The astrologers even use the planetary movements during the time of a person’s birth. There are 12 houses and each of the planets move to these houses. The planetary movements in these house brings favourable or unfavourable time periods in a life of a person. Each house stands for something.

Houses in Vedic Astrology
Houses in Jothishi

Amidst the 12 houses, the 9th house is known for bringing fortune, fidelity, and spirituality. The 9th house in the vedic astrology is also referred as the dharma bhava. The 9th  house in the vedic astrology is the wielding hand of being religious and spiritual in every action. 

It is a symbolic representation of good karmic values and living an ethical and spiritually content life. It helps the person to move towards a more philosophical fervour. The 9th house also leads to a strong affinition towards philanthropic activities. 

9th Nineth House of Bhagya - Mere Bhagya Mei Kya Likha Hai
9th House of Dharma and Bhagya – Mera Bhaagya Mei Kya Likha Hai

The 9th house in vedic astrology  is one of the strongest and auspicious houses amongst the 12 houses. The planetary movements in the 9th house turns the wheel of fortune. The house is known for luck and fortune. The planetary movements in the 9th house determines whether fortune will radiate its blessings upon a person or not. The 9th house, therefore is a reflection of god’s will upon the favourable events occurring in a person’s life.  If your 9th house is strong, you will be glide through  all the hardships of the world without putting much effort. However, the luck and fortune bestowed in the 9th house is a result of all the past karmic deeds. The luck is strongly based on meritocracy. If your past karma was good, then your luck will shine upon your future endeavors. It simply run on the principle of sowing and reaping of a seed. The 9th house is what gives the creative minds their first taste of success as is featured in the star charts of artists and writers of reputed names.

9th house in Vedic Astrology – Bhagya Bhava

Since the 9th house induces philosophical inclination and brings out the prospects of higher education.   If one’s 9th house is in favour, they will have a constant thirst for knowledge. They will be curious and develop a deep penchant to know about people and develop a well-depth understanding of the world. These people will want to make big by thinking outside of the box. It also encourages academia and the practice of a legal career.  Since it encourages curiosity, a person will likely go for research or higher education when their 9th house is at its peak.

9th House of Dharmic Spirituality
Spiritual 9th House

The 9th house is one of the powerful of the trikona houses. It is rule by the spiritual lord Jupiter. Who is a teacher for the gods. Thus, the 9th house is also related to spiritual or the father figure. Through this, it helps the person to venture out in the unknown and discover enlightenment. The 9th house of spirituality also paves the path of moksha or spiritual freedom. It is the window through which one may learn about the higher truths of human life.

Since it is the house  that represents the father, the 9th house also showcases the relationship one shares with their father or their mentor. It denotes obedience and  devotion to  the spiritual father figure. If your relationship is strong with your father or  the mentor, it will help you to sail through the puzzles of life.  The 9th house assesses your spiritual growth through the father figure.

9th House Bhagya
Bhagya and Nineth House

The zodiac sign for the 9th house in the horoscope is Sagittarius or the centaur. Centaurs , ie, half-man and half horse are also the harbinger of fortune. It is also a symbol of freedom in the way of thinking and exploring limitless possibilities.

People with strong 9th houses could be owner of large domestic animals such as dogs, horses, or cows. These animals also represent loyalty and good will. The 9th house individuals are explorers. Similar to the 3rd house in vedic astrology, the 9th house also is for travelers or wanderers. When merged with  the 3rd house, it leads to short travel excursions with the spouse or loved ones. But in its essence, the 9th house dominates  the thirst for travelling and pilgrimage journey. The individual wishes to travel to explore their real self and find out answers for life.

When the planet Saturn enters this house, it brings the religious affinition to the life of the person. When it merges with the energies of the sun or planet Mercury, it will grant powerful position to the individual. The individual will be a revered person in the political or the religious aspect. Most powerful people in the government have this planetary position in their 9th house. The 9th house , however, encourages  religious fanaticism as it dominates all the affairs of the individuals that governs around a religious institution be it the church, temple, or the mosque.

The 9th house also dictates a person’s dreams and visions when the planet Neptune enters the house. It becomes the governing agent of an individual’s dreams and vision. If the planet Venus is in the 9th house, it means attraction to a partner who comes from a culturally different background. This attraction also leads the individual to travel to foreign lands in search of love.

The 9th house encourages values of an ideal family. It also induces the motivation for penance and hard work for good karma. When it allies and confluences with the 10th house, it brings about a river of abundant with good luck. This confluence is called the Raj Yoga, a powerful time period which adorns the individual with fame and power.

The 9th house encourages the individuals to live life large. They are the risk takers. They do  not sit around to speculate. They will take the necessary actions without weighing the pros and cons. These individuals do everything with full dedication and do not believe in half-hearted measures. The 9th house brings about freedom and the opportunity to think big and expand in all possibilities of life