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Vedic Astrology- House 8, Randhra Bhava

8th House picture

The galaxy with all the planets and stars, including the sun & moon architect our destiny. Our birth chart is a pre determiner of our future, based on the positon of the twelve houses, zodiac signs and the position of the planets in the house. The houses in our birth chart is mapped based on the time and place of our birth which sets the pace for horoscope predictions.  Each house can either be devoid of a planet or house one or more planets. The houses are aligned based on the 24-hour rotation of the earth. Each of these houses and the position of the planet in a house represent a specific area of our life. A house predicts our actual outer life activities which happen and the zodiac sign indicates how each house activity will take place based on the influence of the planet / planets housed.

The eighth house in Vedic astrology is designated as Ayu Bhava – the House of Reincarnation or Death. The eighth house comes under the sign of Scorpio and Pluto is the influencer or indicator. This lethal combination of the planet of death with the God of the underworld dispels an air of the unknown. The House of Hades is known for attributes relating to mystery, possessiveness, passion & ambition. People under the influence of this house are surrounded by an aura of either death, sexuality, wealth, healing and occult.

8th house of spirituality
8th house of spirituality

This is one of the most misconstrued houses, which brings to our mind death & darkness. But it actually relates to transformation, it is a point of transition, leading to security, as it is a Fixed sign.  The stabilizing quality of the fixed sign provides a security blanket by being stable and determined. This sign houses people who are self-reliant and confident. With these two base qualities they are ever persistent in attaining their goal. The eighth house is rather a contradicting house based on the planetary influences, one side it indicates darkness and death on the other hand it reflects healing and transformation leading to light and rebirth of a kind

Its core bhava is Moksha leading to liberation and enjoyment. It is indicative of a house of higher awakening, spiritual learning and self-realization for purification of the inner self and soul. When a person is liberated or reincarnated, it leads to universalization of the self.  This house of mystery holds the key to the major key of ones’ life- the key of transformation- Death. According to Hindu / Vedic Astrology this is the final house in terms of death, meaning that there is no more reincarnation based on your Karma. So based on your karma on will either attain salvation or his soul is doomed.

This house has a direct impact on life span and nature of death. This is the house which predicts our longevity and our nature of death. Most of us are wary of the planets housed here are they are the premonition to our final days on earth.

8th house of gambling
8th house of gambling and others money

Another indicator of this house in acquisition of wealth unexpectedly from unforeseen inheritance. Wealth or Finances come to these people from lottery, death of a relative or closure of a deal. The mystery of the unseen surrounds almost every sphere of this house. In most instances this wealth may come with legalities tied to it.

The influence of malefic planets of the house paints a very bleak picture of chronic diseases, addictions, disgrace, misfortunes and bankruptcy. Most of these downfalls are indicated through corruption, scandals, unethical dealings and a knack to create chaos. The downside effect of these planets leads to feelings of hopelessness, creating an impression of being ill fated. It can give rise to compulsions, obsessions, primal entanglements involving sexuality or legal battles for wealth. The negative influence of Pluto the reigning planet also leads to an obsessive desire for power, control and general destructiveness. Malefic influences show imbalance in sexual orientation and sexual deviations. As these individuals show a curiosity towards the hidden, their obsession for the same leads to mental imbalances. This house characterizes a reflective and introspective individual who will project a highly prolific and gregarious nature.

8th house of transformation in vedic astrology
8th house of transformation and spirituality

On the bright side it can create an individual who has the ability to get to the core of things, destroy negative things and bring on healing and transformation as it is associated with renewal and rebirth.  This is so because they are also gifted with profound insight, intuition and charisma. Emotional and internal strengths, which are nourishment for relationships and the soul are found in this house. These people have inherent research prowess and their quest for the hidden leads them to explore subjects like psychology and meta physics.  A beneficially placed eighth house reflects a person of healthy mind, body and soul and one can easily overcome life challenges that comes in life. The general health ailments are chronic, which is indicative of long term ailments and afflictions. The body areas affected most for those under the influence of this houses are internal sex organs, Pelvic region and excretory system.

To conclude whether it is an empty house or a house with planets, this is a house which will reveal your dark side. This hidden /covert side which will rise to the fore when provoked and will have a detrimental influence in your life. But this is also the house which will have a healing influence. This house must accept the shadows and move to the light so that they can overcome darkness. Once this path is set, healing sets in and the path to transformation becomes clear. This transformation along with the deep seated resourcefulness touches the lives of those intimate with this house.