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Vedic Astrology- House 7, Yuvati Bhava

Yuvati Bhava 7th House
7th House of Zodiac

The twelve houses in our birth chart orchestrates our future into a symphony or din by connecting the stars which were dotted in the sky at the time and place of our birth depending on the placement of the signs. Our horoscope which is mapped based on the time and place of our birth sets the pace for horoscopic predictions of one’s’ life.  The natal planets are housed in any of the twelve houses, each house can have one or more or no planets at all, depending on the placement of the planets at the time of one’s birth and the reflection of the house based on the 24-hour rotation of the earth. Each of these houses and the position of the planet in a house represent a specific area of our life influenced by the zodiac sign. Each house denotes the actual outer life activities happening in our lives and each sign indicates the innate qualities of how these activities will take place.

The seventh house in Vedic astrology is the first house of Descendant right across the first house of Ascendant. The seventh house is indicated by the seventh zodiac sign of Libra ruled by planet Venus. Libra is a sign which revolves around the principle of “we” considering all relationship as primal and precludes our ability to connect with others. Another indicator of the seventh house is the sunset phase, where we seek companionship and partners.  During sunset the light of the Sun shines through the house of unification, giving a lot of possibilities for a relation to be happy and stable. This house relates to all matters connected to the outside of ourselves, even our enemies and arch rivals.

7th house in Vedic Astrology

It represents the House of Partnership and the focus moves from the self towards another and governs all partnerships. It is indicative of Marriage, Commitment or Business Partnership. As the most primary partnership is between a husband and wife (spouse) this house predicts the kind of marital life one is destined for. In Vedic Astrology this house is the most important house as it is the clear indicator of marital bliss or profitable business partnership based on the positions of the planets. This is the house which decides if a partnership will be conjoined or opposed. This house is indicative of a relationship- whether it requires cooperation from another person or compromise with other’s needs and goals.

The seventh house is ruled by a Cardinal sign which is a point of action or purpose. This is a sign which initiates things. Purpose is important to the Seventh House — the act of accomplishing something great or small for the self, the partnership and even society as a whole. Those under this sign are full of drive, ambition and zest for life. The ‘we’ of Libra comes into play again as the success of every relationship is the wholeness that gives complete satisfaction. This house sets the pace for progeny and new deals which are the resultant of the partnership forged.

7th house of relationship
7th house of relationship

With Venus ruling this planet people in this house have a tendency to be inclined to the finer things in life. They will lean towards luxury, indulge in art forms, be a social butterfly and live life to the fullest in style. In general, this house is indicative of amassing wealth, being in the limelight and has a strong inclination towards possession of material things.

According to Vedic astrology this house denotes the bhava of Kama (Pleasure & Enjoyment). The seventh house involves an alchemy of relation to other people signifying indulgence in one’s desires and passion.  The seventh house involves the level of interaction, level of safety and the energy level needed in any partnership. Social relation of any kind is brought to the fore in this house through the planetary influence of Venus which draws the person to a luxurious and active social life. Venus the goddess of love elicits favorable responses from the opposite sex and also has a tendency to push a person to indulge in sexual activities.

Vedic Astrology 7th house
7th house

The quality of cooperation, the essence of how we relate to the other, is the key to the seventh house. According to astrology having no planet in the seventh house is actually indicative of a good sign, which will be in favour of the person in any kind of partnership.

When there is a planet in the seventh house, even if it’s the ruling planet, the influence of the malefic and benefic planets will have repercussions based on the planets positions in the houses. The influence of malefic planets generally affects the influence on partnership. In marriage the sexual quotient is affected negatively and this directly influences the spirituality of the person. The malefic influence tends to lead to adultery, indulgence in extra marital affairs and thereby morality issues. The influence of a malefic planet can also lead to loss of a spouse or delayed marriage. In any other partnership, it may lead to deceit, betrayal and loss of wealth through deceit.  The benefic planets influence the person vice versa, where their spirituality increases and their sexuality is underplayed. This reversal of roles is very unbecoming with the ruling planet Venus, the goddess of love, but beneficial to the individual. The influence of benefic planets greatly influences business partnership, nurturing the relationship and bringing in mutual profit and amassment of wealth.

The part of the body which gets affected in the seventh house involves the external reproductive organs, renal system, lower back and glands.

The Seventh House shows whether you’re an apt to partner up in business or go it alone. It is also indicative of whether you are solid in the main relationship of life-marriage.