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Astrology in Jainism – How it Relates to Vedic Astrology

Astrology is a deep subject that is in existence since time immortal. The modern astrology takes its roots from Vedic Astrology studying celestial bodies and how their positions impact life on earth. Astrology in Jainism, however, takes a unique route and predicts conditions of human life not from the time-based perspective of planetary influences.

Jain Astrology

At the outset, you should know that Jainism is purely based on Karma. According to Jain Philosophy, planets cannot do anything good or bad to us. In fact, unlike Vedic Astrology, Astrology in Jainism believes that planetary positions are based on past karma. Jain sense of astrology is a science to foresee the occurrence of events.

In other words, you cannot escape your karma. There is no power to stop you from experiencing its after-effects. You should bear your own karma and here, astrology is science that calculates planetary positions on the lines of your karma.

Tattvas in Jainism - Astrology in Jainism
Tattvas in Jainism

The Fundamentals of Astrology According to Jainism

Jainism strongly believe that when a person dies, the soul goes into another person’s body. Three to four prahars is needed for this transformation and is considered to study astrology. Due to this phase, the exact time of birth is only when the umbilical cord is cut. Horoscope is then prepared and the future is predicted accordingly.

The movement of planets affect the entire universe and, this change influences human bodies. This is because the substance of the universe and the human body are the same. The chemical change in the body transforms the bond between the soul and karma. Accordingly, good changes give good effects and bad changes give bad effects. And, this is all about your Karma.

Jain and Vedic Astrology – Similarities

Though there are glaring differences between Vedic and Jain Astrology, similarities exist, nevertheless. There are several rules in both types of astrology that are similar. Vedic astrology stresses on the worship of a particular planet to enhance its effect in the horoscope. It’s also done to reduce or avoid the bad effects of malefic planets and bad yoga.

The same way, astrology according to the Jain perspective stresses the worship of a planet based on the god related to it.

Types of Karma in Jainism - Astrology in Jainism
Types of Karma in Jainism

Astrology and Spirituality in Jainism

A primary teaching of Jainism is that there is a powerful connection between astrology and spirituality. Hence, astrology leads you towards spirituality and dissolves all your ego. It’s the process of analysing and fixing all your actions, good or bad.

Jainism tells that all your actions are already fixed and, you only need to act on these actions. Hence, you should never allow your feelings to get the better of you. All your success and failures are already written, which also means you have done nothing in this birth. All these results are the direct effects of your past karmas. The entire methodology strives to and succeeds in removing your ego completely only if you put total efforts with complete faith.

What Follows After This Process?

Astrology and Jainism, taking spirituality into account, point out that this theory has gratifying effects beyond death. Once you understand the Jain theory of astrology and spirituality, you free yourself from producing new karmas. All you past karmas also come to an end.

Finally, you achieve Moksha that happens to be the sole aim of Jain Philosophy. If you see clearly, you will realise that, like astrology, Jainism is also about deep spirituality that decides the direction of one’s life and its end.

Lord Mahavir - Astrology in Jainism
Lord Mahavir

Invoking the Gods Jain As Part of Jain Astrology Remedies

Here is the list of worshipping various Gods according to the planets in the native’s horoscope:

Planet to WorshipOffer your prayers to:
SunSwami Padma Prabhu
MoonSwami Chandra Prabhu
MarsLord Vasupujya
MercuryLord Vimalnath
JupiterLord Rishabhdev
VenusLord Suvidhinath
SaturnLord Munisuvrat
RahuLord Neminath
KetuLord Mallinath

As per Jain Astrology, you should also recite Panchindiya Sutra in order to invoke any planet. “Om Asiya Usaay Namah” is the famous Jain Mantra that helps reduce or avoid the malefic effects of Navagraha Dosha. Reciting “Shree Vishwamangal Navagraha Parshwanath Prabhu” also helps ward off malefic effects of Kaala Sarpa Dosha, Daridra Yoga and Yoga of Ashlesha.

All these mantras are part of performing the Navagraha Shanti. Performing Parshwa Padmavati Poojan also helps avoid the bad effects of Pitru Dosha and other similar doshas.

A Jain Temple - Astrology in Jainism
A Jain Temple

The Panch Samvay in Jainism

In Jainism, astrology includes five key factors that work together to produce any result. They are:

Kaal that stands for time

Swabhav which means nature or disposition

Purakrit relating to past karma

Niyati is that what is meant to be

Pursharth is human exertion