Match Your Kundali

Astrology and Prediction

Every action we take has a reaction and a consequence. We hit someone and that someone will feel pain. The reaction of that pain might prompt someone to hit us back. This minuscule example is something that reverberates through the entire cosmos. As a result, the cosmos responds.

Analysis of the way of how the cosmos is going to respond to the actions of an individual becomes the core of predictive astrology. Several techniques are built around this core. Some of these techniques are:

Transits and cycles: The transit system of predictive astrology follows the method of taking the snapshot of the sky in one go. This natal chart is imprinted on our very lives. It shows the paths of the planets and their relationship with the natal charts of the individuals. Their point is to act as a stimulus of things that are already there. Their job is to trigger our psychological make-up so that we can realise our destiny.  

Secondary progressions: It shows how the natal chart progresses along the lines of the cosmos. To be exact, it tells the progression of fates along with the cosmos. Three secondary progressions are considered to be the most significant among all. The progressed sun, which alters the general orientation of the individual. The progressed moon that reveals our focus, and the progressed lunation cycle, that pushes the individuals to start a new phase on their lives.

Solar Return Charts: Solar return charts calculate the exact return position to which the sun returns. They are read similarly to a Natal Chart. However, unlike the Natal Chart that is imprinted on our entire lives, the Solar Return Charts is only in effect over a year.

The progressions and the transits are often combined to provide a more effective way to predict the future. This is the way considered by most sects in Vedic astrology.

Prediction of the future is often futile, not because the cosmos has its wings, but because at most times, it can be true. And truth most often hurts. How your life is going to turn out in the future, Jothishi is only partly interested in that fact. Our philosophy is not to tell you what the future holds for you, as it can be the prime source of pain. But rather, it is to give you a spiritual perspective towards your fate and your destiny.    

That said, when believers come to realise the virility of the Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, they forget a simple thing. Astrology can be addicting. It is this addiction that we hope to prevent as well.

However, how does the addiction set in, and how can it be prevented? Let us discuss that with a simple matter of the fictitious, but not a too fictitious story.