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Astrology for Job – Facts, Insights and the Importance

Saturn in its celestial position

While you are predicting Astrology for Job prospects, the tenth house in your horoscope plays a vital role. And, this is not just about getting a relevant job and excelling in it, but also about business prospects. Since there are a plethora of jobs currently in the market, career astrology is gaining momentum rapidly. Getting the right job is difficult these days due to cut-throat competition, inflation, economic fluctuation and other factors. Astrology and job prediction go hand-in-hand.

Job and Astrology Prediction

Job prospects and astrology give you deep insights into the options and the hurdles that keep you away from achieving your dream job. Whether its promotion, change or a new field, the planet transiting through the tenth house gives you all the answers. Your personal transits caused by planets affect all areas of your life including your professional life. Let’s study each transit and the way it affects your livelihood.

Planetary Transitions and Their Effects

There are five transiting planets that profoundly influence and shape your career to steer it in the desired direction. The job prospects as per astrology strongly depend on these planets and their positions in your natal chart. These comprise of:

the 10th house in natal chart - Astrology for job
The 10th house in the natal chart

Jupiter Transit

This is a great sign of having a fruitful time in your professional sphere. It’s the time for promotion and also perfect to land a new job or a business. You will find people who are willing to buy your ideas and networking helps you scale greater heights.

Saturn transit

All the hard work pays off handsomely and a big promotion comes your way. Your employer will evaluate your performance positively. A possible crisis pushes you to change your job and you dismiss unproductive factors affecting your professional life.

Uranus transit

The signifying factor in astrology for a job change, it makes way for a complete change in your career. These are exciting times with loads of freedom perfect to start a new business or a new job. However, a crisis can strike at any moment, and you need to be extra careful and make liberating changes to welcome new experiences.

Mercury transit with the sun - Astrology for job
Mercury transit with the sun

Neptune transit

You can begin a career that helps you serve society and give your professional life a purpose. This is where you are entering a larger sphere of things and there are chances you may feel confused about your decisions. It’s very likely that you will come across individuals who are dishonest and induce misunderstanding in communication. You have to trust your intuition completely to see through these tricky times.

Pluto transit

Astrology job change predictions pull you towards improving the lives of people. You will most probably get out of a job that doesn’t serve this purpose. This period is quite lengthy and you need to get very clear about your career decisions. You can change jobs quite often on the path to discovery. However, you have the drive and strong will power to see through and assume responsibility and receive honours.

Government Job or Private Job

Most of all, astrology about job strives to predict what type of job the native will have. The two main sectors are Government and private. Though Government jobs are considered secure, there is a paradigm shift in the mindset of people with the burst of the IT industry.

Planetary Transit Illustration - Astrology for job
Planetary Transit Illustration

Astrology for job transfer depends on the 10th house and the position of the sun. To have a Government job, the 10th house and the ruling planet should be in its sign. However, the position of the sun also plays a prominent role here. A private job is on the cards when the 10th house ad the sun are not placed strongly.

Because of this reason, several individuals who quit Government jobs taste amazing success in private jobs and vice versa.

Prominent Role of Planets in Astrology for Job

As we know, the planetary positions in a native’s horoscope are extremely important to predict career prospects. For example, it’s not enough if there is the presence of business prospects in the horoscope. Mercury is the planet of information and, if its position is weak, there will be difficulties in business dealings. The same effects can be found on the job prospects of the individual.

The Sun and Mercury are signs of independence and a favourable combination makes a businessman successful. However, a powerful combination of Saturn and Mars with Rahu and Ketu favouring, the native will enjoy success in the job.

Saturn - Astrology for job
Planet Saturn

If Saturn is placed in 3rd house, the person will taste success in business only after he turns 35. This is because Saturn stands for hard work and is a very slow-moving planet.