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When you are reading anything online, you develop an understanding with the texts that through your eyes, flow into you. This is a spiritual connection that is developed between the user. Through contents about temples and their significance, the nakshatras, the Pujas, gemstones, mantras and other vidhis, we aim to cultivate its spiritual connection even further. As a Jothishi, we aspire to be the font of knowledge of nearly all the discovered and discoverable aspects of Vedic Astrology.

Each content has a unique focus on the spiritual awareness of certain abstracts that surrounds us in our daily lives. For example, a temple is a place of worship. However, without proper guidance on how to pursue this worship, it can be in vain. Therefore, understanding the innate spiritual significance of the spiritual objects that we come across is going to be the focus of our contents.

If the analysis is our product, the content is our byproduct. The analysis, despite its accessibility, can be a bit atypical to normal perception. Through content, even this analysis can be understood better. To further engage the user with their inner being, we include mantras, shlokas, and other forms of worship that peeks into one’s cosmic self and create a better path towards self- discovery. 

When the users are engaging with the content itself, they shall navigate through them on their own. We understand that the path of self-discovery should not ever be pushed. Therefore, the choices that they shall make navigating the contents shall be their own. Every piece of content that is provided forms a part of a library of astrological understanding. Nothing is fluff, and everything has its purpose. Jothishi’s core is spirituality, and every content read transcends into a new connection with the reader. 

Finding the right content would be left up to the user. However, they shall still be helped when they need it. Every individual has a link to a specific mantra that lets them get attuned with the world. So, while they are navigating the website, the world and the connection is going to guide them in the right direction.

We understand that mere words might not be the entities that they can always attune with. Therefore, to provide them with multiple verticals, we ensure that audio, video and other forms of contents are always accessible and always present. The soul of our content strategy is to pool in contents related to Jothishi and astrology from everywhere from the Internet. This way, a visitor to the website is sooner or later going to find one content they suit their needs in the best way possible.  

Vedic astrological contents are just a part of the spiritual connection. There is a business aspect to it as well, and therefore, the contents are going to be diversified as they can be. When that happens, a connection, once established, shall remain so. 


When talking about spirituality, we talk about enhancing human perceptions through the art of Jothishi. We look towards demystifying the hidden knowledge. However, there is one thing that many tend to forget, Jothishi is a message where karma influences fate. Therefore, it is necessary for there to be a positive influence on karma at all times. 

Astrology, by its very essence, is an interesting topic to discuss and to market. However, in the world where guerilla marketing tends to take precedence, there can be a sense of obtuseness surrounding it.  When people get annoyed, negativity shall always follow. Therefore, to pursue our visitors in the most positive way possible, we remove the sense of urgency surrounding astrology.

Considering positivity is steeped deep into our philosophy towards how we pursue our goals, we ensure that no visitor who seeks spiritual assistance is annoyed. Removing the urgency from astrology allows us to take positive strides towards a spiritual connection with individuals. 

It is only through positivity that peace can be sought after, and this is what Jothishi is all about, cultivating peace through positive connections with individuals.  

To get the crux of the above mentioned three points:

Through free analysis, we are giving our visitors a window into their inner self. They can walk through this door at their leisure. Additionally, it shall be available until they are connected with us. However, they have a choice to dig deeper into their spiritual self by asking for a detailed analysis. There can be some apprehensions on what they see. However, this becomes the core of the website’s growth. In giving the visitors a chance and opportunity to dig deeper through secondary analysis, we are increasing the vastness of our website so that more can be given.

Through content, we seek to engage with our visitors spiritually. There are several verticals of contents and all associated with Vedic astrology. From nakshatras to tips to vidhis to pujas, and certain unconventional knowledge, we employ the philosophy of Jnana Yoga within our content strategy. The more users shall be able to communicate with the content, the more they shall learn to look within themselves. The more they learn, the more questions they shall have. In that instance, Jothishi will be ready to answer any queries that are present. This way a two-way spiritual connection shall be established.  

Through positivity, we aim to shed light on the lighter aspects of astrology. We remove the sense of urgency around astrology where it seems the be all and end all of all things. Instead, we use it as a way to reinforce positivity in the lives of our visitors. Although marketing dictates that we persistently pursue our visitors, we choose not to act too ambitiously. Our philosophy lies in the positivity that surrounds the spiritual sight because of the light of Jothishi. Therefore, attraction towards our is site is defined by our intentions to give out positivity to our visitors.  

The three factors form the core our way of conducting ourselves through the whims of the cosmos and our website.