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The Link Between Spirituality And Astrology

Jothisha or Jyotish means light. Astrology is a means to study your horoscope and know yourself better. Astrology helps you shine a light on all the karma and the fruits of karma that are going to be manifested. It shows the facets of a person’s character and the trends that they will face in life. It shows their basic predisposition towards certain activities which is the result of their past karmas. This is the link between spirituality and astrology.

Horoscope And Karma

The quality and events of your present life that are represented in your birth chart are the results of your karma from past lives. he specific layout of which areas in one’s life will be challenging as a fruit of past karma is the birth chart. The present choices and the actions that you make every day also create karma. The karmic rewards and challenges are reflected in excellent or challenging positions of planets in the birth chart. In astrology, one can see how inclined an individual is going to be towards worldliness or spiritual practices to attain moksha. The strength and placement of the planets can help determine which kind of spiritual practices would better suit each individual. This is how we study spirituality through astrology.

Our karma also determines a preset set of circumstances and patterns that will challenge us in this lifetime. Astrology helps us to find out what these are. Freewill determines the decisions we make in our lives. In some cases, there are no decisions or choices to make but we can choose how we react to a circumstance or event.

Horoscope And Spiritual Practices

A strong Sun in a birth chart can show that the person would do well in spiritual practices that need strong will power and self-discipline. A strong Moon would indicate devotional and nurturing practices that appeal to the emotional aspect of a person.

Some horoscopes show an inclination to Yoga

In spirituality astrology, Mars is a very energetic planet and a strong Mars indicates a person who needs to channel all that energy to grow spiritually. A form of yoga with vigorous asanas would be appealing to such an individual. A strong Mercury would crave knowledge and learning. Some form of jnana yoga would be very appealing to this person.

Astrology can give a hint about spiritual practices that suit a person
Spiritual Practices

People with a strong Jupiter would do well in a traditional form of spiritual practice with an emphasis on support and communication with the teacher. 

Strong Saturn would follow a path of selfless service or karma yoga. The period of Saturn which is called Sade-Sati is also a karmically very challenging time.

Venus that is strong in a chart would influence a person to serve God through worship or through an art form such as music or dance. These people also make excellent priests as they succeed at making their devotion to God the love of their life. 

A strong Venus makes excellent priests
A strong Venus makes excellent priests

Rahu creates frustration in the materialistic life which in turn would incline a person to give up on material pursuits and focus on spirituality. Furthermore, Rahu creates interests in foreign or exotic things which could include spiritual practices that are outside of one’s immediate surroundings or birth culture.

Ketu makes a person detached and leads to spirituality. It can also cause hopelessness and depression.

Renunciation - Aghori Sadhu
Renunciation – Aghori Sadhu

Houses Of Spirituality In Astrology


The ascendant is always the first key to an individual person. The strength of the ascendant determines the general character and disposition of a person in their life.

Fifth and Ninth House

The fifth house represents the person’s intellect as well as their stored karma. It also shows how well they can do mantras and use the intellect to grow spiritually. The 9th house is the house of philosophy and higher learning. Additionally, these two houses are studied to see the prospects of spiritual practices and spirituality according to astrology.

The fifth house is studied for proficiency in mantras
The fifth house is studied for proficiency in mantras

Twelfth House

The twelfth house is the house of moksha and the journey of the soul after death as well as the number of births left to take. 

Some Astrological Combinations For Spirituality

There are some astrological positions and combinations that are to be studied to indicate a spiritual inclination in a person. They are 

  1. Position of the lords of the 5th and 9th.
  2. Position of Jupiter and Saturn.
  3. Planets causing problems in the 4th house of a person thereby spoiling the home life lead a person to abandon domestic life thus leading to renunciation.
  4. Connections between the Dharma houses of 1, 5 and 9 with the Moksha houses of 4, 8 and 12 show spiritual inclinations.
  5. Ketu in the 12th house of the horoscope.
  6. Sun and Jupiter conjunction makes one inclined to be at or construct places of worship.
  7. Retrograde planets in the 1, 5 and 9 houses give a tendency towards the practices of tantra.
  8. Many planets in Leo, Aquarius or Pisces Rashis and Navamsha’s sometimes indicate spirituality.
  9. Venus in Leo or Virgo and well-aspected or connected with Jupiter gives freedom from lustful thoughts thus aiding spirituality.