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Astrology in Education – Merits and Facts


Education is the most discussed topic today. As the world turns competitive, you need to focus on gaining the essential qualifications for success. Further, your career and happiness follow your education. Hindu astrology in education can be a precise way to understand your potentials. Likewise, you may also know the limitations of your horoscope based on your natal chart. Astrology, in fact, can be a great guide in your future plans. It can give you the confidence to move in the right direction. Thus, this knowledge can act as your support in your progress.

Saraswathi is the Goddess of knowledge
Saraswathi – The Goddess of Knowledge

Astrology in education is quite straight forward. It simply is the position of certain planets in your natal chart. Their strong or weak placements decide your capabilities and interests. So, let us further explore our possibilities in studies options with the help of astrology.

How Strong planets Support Your Astrology in Education

Education in Vedic astrology means the entire period of studies. Astrology can predict and explain the reasons for your progress in studies. That is, it can summarise your talents and drawbacks quite accurately. For example, it forecasts your lack of performance or your excellent progress. Therefore, it is the guide you need in your life.

You will have a good education if your planets in the birth chart arre supportive
Education and Astrology

It is important to know the planets that influence your astrology in education. Mainly, the second, fourth, fifth and ninth houses correspond to your education yoga. If these houses have the right planets, then you do well. Astrology about education gives you a fair idea of your future and ways to deal with any ill doshas.

In the case of astrology for educational life, you need to consider almost all the planets in the chart. That is, most planets relate to some skill or educational aspect. However, we check only one main fact in education – the strength of the Lord of that house and the specific planet that resides in that place. In this context, a specific planet means the planet that is associated with a particular skill or expertise. For instance, Saturn offers you a talent in history and its related studies. Whereas, Mercury gives you the accounting and finance mind. Thus, according to astrology in education, when these planets and the house lord remain powerful, you will have a good education.

Interesting Facts about Houses

According to Hindu astrology, the houses are numbered and they host the planets in your birth chart. Further, each house will have its own Lord. Now, this is your birth chart. At this point, you need to know that your birth chart is what you are born with. It is based on your birth date, time and other geographic factors. The planets in your birth chart is a result of your past karma. Therefore, your natal chart cannot be changed but can be only remedied. So, astrology in education indicates the best positions of planets for us to aim for a suitable education and set career goals.

All planets have sone effect on your education
Planets and their Effects

Let’s take a deeper look into the facts of astrology in education. The second house of your chart signifies a good childhood education. Moreover, the presence of a strong benefic lord and the absence of Saturn and Rahu effects can give you a stable early education. However, if there are malefic planets or a weak lord, then you may face education break at an early age.

Now a closer check of the fourth house. This house is invaluable for astrology in education. It is important as it relates to the power of your mind. Therefore, it is the basis of all your efforts. The mind is the tool for your success. And this house gives you nearly fifty per cent of your learning and simulation abilities. Hence, if the Lord of this place is healthy, then you will secure high scores in your subjects. The fifth house is quite similar to the fourth. In fact, a combined influence these houses lead you to complete meritorious graduation.

Higher Education and Career

All the above planets and houses point out a good primary, secondary and college education. Finally, the ninth house in your natal chart. If you are interested in higher education, which is more than a degree, then you need to check this place. Astrology in education would focus on this house to check the strengths of Jupiter and Mercury. Thus, these planets are dedicated to higher education.

Astrlogy can guide you towards a successful career
Astrology in Education and Career

Astrology for education and career are valuable to our life. You have an overall indication of the yogas and doshas with proper astrological research. This helps you to achieve your ambitions with no hurdles. Furthermore, you may find the education and career which suit your skills!