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Planets In Their Own House And Their Significance

Picture of own house

In Vedic astrology, the position of planets in the different houses of one’s horoscope can affect an individual’s life. Each house represents a certain aspect or segment of life. The position of the sun, moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus planets in the 12 different houses of a horoscope has many consequences. It determines one’s behaviour traits, skills, status, financial position, health and relationships.

Planet In House Meaning

We now know that planets influence the lives of beings on earth. Every planet is associated with certain characteristics and is related to certain areas of our lives. This is mainly due to the gravitational pull and rays of the planets and earth. Planets affect our lives based on their positioning in the different houses at the time of our birth and during the transition period.

positioning of planets in their own house has an advantage
Effects of planets vary based on positioning of planets at the time of birth.

Planetary Traits

There are 2 types of planets: malefics and benefics, i.e., the good and the bad planets. The natural benefic planets are Jupiter, Venus, the positive version of Mercury and the full moon. The natural malefics are the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu(celestial bodies). Mercury can also be a malefic planet owing to its negative effects in certain positions. In fact, every planet, including the sun and the moon have positive and negative traits.

Position of different planets in the various houses can have different outcomes. Each of the houses also has positive, negative and neutral traits. For instance, if the planet Saturn is in the 7th house, it is said to hold good prospects for marriage and relationships. However, if Saturn is in the 5th house, it can cause complications in one’s education, procreation, and money matters. Thus planets positioned in different houses can have varying results for people with different sun signs.

What Happens When A Planet Is In Its Own Position?

Every planet also has its own house position. The effects of planets positioned in their own house is quite different from the positioning in other houses. A planet in own house can have a positive impact on one’s horoscope. A person whose horoscope has planets in their own houses can have a very luxurious and wealthy life. Their relationships will be happy and cherishable. They will also be successful in life.

Let’s understand the effects of malefic planets positioned in their own house.

Sun: A person whose horoscope has the sun in its own house will tend to be quite stubborn and headstrong. They will also be competitive in their profession, thus being successful and powerful in life. Their personal relationships and family life will also be happy and smooth. Aspiration and ambition are very high for such individuals.

Mars: The Mars planet in its own house can have some very strong positive and negative implications. The concerned individual is highly respected by society and family. They will amass property and land while also being diligent. However, they can have an aggressive or slightly violent nature.

Saturn: With this much-feared planet in its own house in a horoscope, the concerned individual is very prudent while making decisions. Certain issues might arise in family relationships. Nevertheless, they will eventually be powerful and strong in life. They even go on to be a great source of help in other people’s lives.

Shani can have positive effects when Saturn planets in own house
Lord Shani of planet Saturn is known for the jinxing effect.

Let’s Look At The Benefic Planets

Moon: Having the moon in its own house makes that individual calm and patient. Their sensitive persona coupled with a spiritual nature makes them attractive and pleasing to everyone. Such people are also quite materialistic. Their relationship with their mother is also very strong.

Mercury: When one has Mercury in its own house, they end up being hard-working, successful in their profession and also have a large social circle. They possess great technical skill and knowledge.

Jupiter: If Jupiter’s position is in its own house, then it can make one very religious and have a strong sense of morally right behavior. They are also generous, patient and successful. All these positive traits make them a bit proud as well.

Venus: Fame and prosperity are the highlights of those who have this planet in its own house in their horoscope. Physical beauty, charm and materialistic pleasures will be enjoyed by this individual.

Physical beauty when venus planet is in own house
Planet Venus can bring fame and name when placed in its own house.

Is This Always Good?

By and large, planets in their own house have positive advantages in one’s life. They have an overall dominant impact on the horoscope. Planets in their own house are in their natural, designated place. It is where they originally belong. Hence, while they will have several good qualities, the extent of these traits can also cross a permissible limit.

Navagraha statues representing planets in houses
The Navagraha statues in Hinduism at a museum in Odisha.