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Astrology in Career – Introduction and its Prominence

Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions

Our world is full of wondrous creations including the plants, animals, humans and more. There are mysteries surrounding our purpose and how everything came into existence. Humans have tried to understand the connections with celestial bodies and how they impact our planet and the lives of millions. Just like water and air, the planets and other heavenly bodies too play a prominent role in our lives. Hence, Astrology in career is one of the major divisions of Vedic Astrology helping to predict the influence of planets.

Astrology and Career for Predicting Your Future

You often have several questions and also unending issues about how your career will take shape. There will be questions regarding your satisfaction levels and the type of job that best suits you. There also can be ups and downs in a person’s career causing stress and anxiety. Many times the career choices are not always the best that matches your true abilities. And in most cases, you need guidance regarding the path to take to experience success in your professional life.

Vedic Astrology and Career choices are inseparable and the planetary positions profoundly influence your profession. An expert astrologer can provide in-depth knowledge of your inner self and the celestial influences on your professional life. Hence, this study of planets and stars and their effect decide the position of your life and your career.

Astrological Chart for Career - Astrology in career
Astrological Chart for Career

Astrology and Career Prediction have become extremely important in modern times. Cut-throat competition, innumerable choices, new fields of profession and other factors play a prominent role. You can have a specific profession that is influenced strongly by a particular sign. The particular sign should have the support of its own lord. There should also be an influence of an exalted planet that is powerful and dominant. It is usually the lord of the ascendant.

Your Profession as per Your Birth Chart

Astrology Career Indicators take you on a comprehensive journey that project the influence of celestial bodies profoundly. There is always a lethal combination of your talents, skills and planets positions within the natal chart that point towards a particular career option. And not to forget, astrology in career also means blending these with influences of key houses too. For instance, the first house shows your overall personality in conjunction with a rising planet. Depending on these combinations, career choices can range from just a few to several options.

10th House in Modern Astrology

While studying your Astrology Career Chart, the influence of the 10th house is the most prominent. This MidHeaven reading combines with the sign in the cusp, the ruling planet and its position to determine your career path. Additionally, the midpoints to the MidHeaven with its ruler also gives a clear indication of your vocational choices.

A divisional chart, D-10 is the goto chart for Astrology Career Prediction. This chart completely exposes the vocation that is perfect for you after considering the planetary positions and transit planets.

Saturn and Jupiter - Astrology in career
Saturn and Jupiter

Role of Planets for Astrology Career Advice

Every planet has its own distinct characteristics that influence various aspects of your career. Astrology About Career is completely dependent on these influences. For instance, Venus is the planet of imagination and influences your creativity. Jupiter signifies growth and prosperity in your career. How dedicated and focused you are, depends on the influence of Mars. This way, every planet has a profound influence on a specific aspect that shapes your career accordingly.

The Varnas and Your Career

Apart from planets and career Vedic astrology, the Varnas or categories of work and skills also signify your career prediction. These include:

Brahmin varna: You will have sharp intellectual abilities with high spirits to progress in your career. You will be a strategist in your organization and will involve yourself in self-growth activities.

Kshatriya varna: You have the perfect balance of physical strength and mental abilities. You are a born administrator and a skilful executor of your duties.

Vaishya varna: You will make a fruitful career in the production and distribution of goods and services. Combining smart business sense with analytical skills, you also have excellent convincing powers and selling skills.

Shudra varna: You will excel in day-to-day operations by putting your expertise and physical strength. You organization will grow because of your hard work and dedication and you will reap rich benefits.

Dasamsa Chart for Career Prediction - Astrology in career
Dasamsa Chart for Career Prediction

Saturn with the 10th House and Other Indicators

Astrology in career is primarily a combination of three main indicators. This is the position of Saturn with the Zodiac sign Capricorn. This is further in conjunction with the 10th house or its lord planet that decides your career outcome. Unique results give birth to distinct individual qualities and hence, help create diverse career choices.