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Ava Yogas – Their Meaning and Significance in Predictive Astrology

While attempting to learn Vedic Astrology and master its techniques, we come across the meaning and importance of Planets and their positions. We also learn their relationships with each other, the houses they occupy in the horoscope and several aspects that influence life on planet Earth. Yet another critical aspects that brings us closer to accuracy in predictive astrology are the Yogas and the Ava Yogas. It has its origin in Nadi Astrology developed in South India. Hence, for a better understanding of Graha Yogas, let’s start with a brief note on Nadi Astrology.

Nadi Astrology and its Significance in determining Ava Yogas

Nadi Astrology is also called Dharma Astrology people in Tamil Nadu and Kerala observe. The concept reinforces the fact that Dharma sages could clearly foresee the past, the present and also the future of human beings. Their learnings are based on Sidereal Nakshatras system that considers the orientation of the Earth relative to the Sun and the planets. This is the main base to know the Yogas and Ava Yogas in an individual’s horoscope. It was written by Siddars during ancient times and their leader is Agathiyar. He believed in Jeeva Karunyam and guided people on the path of Gnana.

Assessment of Yogas - ava yogas
Assessment of Yogas

The procedure considers the 12 Zodiac signs with equal subdivisions of 27 Nakshatras further subdivided into unequal Sub Lords. Nadi Astrology the Sub Lord to be stronger than the Nakshatra which, in turn, is stronger than the planet.

An Introduction to Yogas

One needs to start with the reading and the understanding of Yogas and their motives in shaping the horoscope in Vedic Astrology. A Yoga in astrological concepts takes its name from the Sanskrit term, Yuj, meaning to join properly or integrate correctly. Note that Yogas form when a specific planet, house or sign relates itself with another through its placement, an aspect ofe the conjunction.

Yogas take into account the Dashas, that also mean the directional effects of planets and active planetary combinations and situations to arrive at accurate results. These two are the most important factors distinguishing Vedic Astrology from Western Astrology.

All that a Yoga is, it’s only a combination integration of planets and houses. Every combination resembles a Yoga. A good combination gives auspicious results called Shubha Yogas or Raja Yogas. A bad planetary combination gives inauspicious results called Ashubha Yogas or Ava Yogas.

Agathiyar - ava yogas

The Impact of Yogas and Ava Yogas on Human Lives

There are several classifications of Yogas indicating a specific group of effects and outcomes in the horoscope. They are all bound by the relative residential strength of the planets and the houses involved with the horoscope. The positions of planets in specific houses during birth decides the degree of the good fortune of the native. The position held by the Moon and the Sun becomes important to determine how a person can rise from the rugs to have an auspicious life.

Three planets simultaneously claiming their respective signs of exaltation or debilitation will affect the native positively or negatively respectively, thereby resulting in either Yoga or Ava Yoga.

Yoga results depend completely on the circumstances prevalent during birth and the course of life from there. Yoga-giving planets, malefic or benefic, will give results accordingly during their dashas and antardashas. Planets will give results of the Lords of the Nakshatras those planets occupy.

Astrological Chart - ava yogas
Astrological Chart

Ava Yogas in Detail

We know that Ava Yogas deny prosperity in every possible way and give rise to challenges with loss of opportunities to have a prosperous life. Whether its Yoga or Ava Yoga, it can be determined by seeing the planets and the houses influencing the horoscope. In the case of the 5th house you are bound to get prosperity through your children. If it’s the 7th house, you will enjoy prosperity through your spouse or your business partner. This is in case of Yoga.

However, if Ava Yogas are dominating the same houses in the horoscope, then the person will experience difficulties in life. Confusions, frustrations, delays and obstructions relating to prosperity are common.

Every Yoga planet also has an Ava Yoga planet and all the nine planets are divided into groups of three. As per this concept, even if one of the planets among the three becomes a Yoga, the other two planets will imbibe similar characteristics. The Yoga planet and its Ava Yoga planet is shown below.

Yoga PlanetAva Yoga Planet

The three groups of planets are:

Pairing of opposite houses - ava yogas
Pairing of opposite houses

The Takeaway

Though determining the Yogas and Ava Yogas is critical in Vedic Astrology, its advisable not to make a big issue out of it. Yogas are a small portion of the vast pool of Vedic Astrology where there are numerous other important things to consider. Don’t fret and take control of your life while passing through the Dasha of an Ava Yoga planet. Similarly, be in control of your emotions and exhilaration while passing through the Dasha of a Yoga planet.