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Lagna And Ascendant: Significance and Origin in Vedic Astrology

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Ascendant and Lagna are paramount elements of Vedic Astrology. A Hindu devotee who may not have any knowledge of Vedas or Shashtras will also be aware of Horoscope, and Sun signs. At the birth of a baby, his life is discussed with astrologers and pundits before even the child has settled in his new life on Earth. The Janam Patri or Horoscope will speak volumes about his/her Ascendant and Lagna. The positioning of planets and Moon at the time of his/her birth decide their character, career, and future, according to Vedic Astrology.

Ascendant Meaning

Ascendant means ‘Rising in Power or Influence’ etymologically. In Astrology, it manifests the same effect of rising power and influence but in the context of Sun, Moon, and planets. Therefore, astrologers believe that human activities are a result of the ascendant or  descendant of a particular zodiacal sign or planets.

Ascendant signifies the rising sun in the horoscope. Ascendant describes the growth of human knowledge and consciousness. It is specific to time and location. Hence, ascendant shows how a human being responded to the external environment, what was their behavior in their childhood and how their consciousness and knowledge increased in the growing years.

Lagna Chart
Lagna Chart Ascendant and Lagna


Ascendant gives you an idea of your Sun and Moon Sign. Even if you belong to a particular zodiac sign, you can still have an ascendant of a different sign altogether. If this happens then the ascendant sign will have an effect on your ruling sun sign. Hence, your character and interests will be determined by the ascending sign. A Leo person can have a Capricorn ascendant, therefore he will have more characteristics of the Capricorn sun sign. If you know what is Ascendant then you will surely understand why certain people don’t correspond to their Sun or Moon Sign.

When we see the sky, it seems as if it is moving. This is because the entire zodiac sign is moving towards the eastern horizon around the sun like a wheel. During its movement towards the eastern horizon, the sun sign which is at its highest degree at the time of your birth determines your personality and interests. There are 24 hours in a day and 12 sun signs. Hence, each sun sign has 2 hours of being Ascendant. In other words, the Lagna changes its position every 2 hours in a day.

Effects of Ascendant

Ascendant represents us in our purest and highest form. It’s like a transparent lens of our personality through which people can see us. It reflects our natural reactions to things, objects, people and so on. 

Houses Ascendant and Lagna
Houses Ascendant and Lagna


As we read in Ascendant, Lagna also signifies the rise of a zodiac sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Therefore, not only date, but time and place of birth is absolutely important to determine the Lagna of birth. Lagna moves each zodiac sign every two hours. Therefore, a person born at 5 am and one born at 7 am will have different Lagna and zodiac sign. Even the difference of a minute matters a lot.

Ascendant and Lagna Cosmic planets
Cosmic planets of Ascendant and Lagna

Lagna Chart

Ascendant and LagnaCapricorn Chart
A Capricorn Chart Ascendant and Lagna

Lagna chart shows you the position of the nine planets at the time of your birth at a particular place on earth. The alignment of planets determines your character and gives information on the whole of your life.

The explanation and the study of Lagna charts are 1000 years old. If the chart is created with clear information, then it can unveil to you your mental, physical , emotional and spiritual status. It can give you information on deepest secrets of your healing and transformation.

According to a normal Vedic Lagna chart, numbers signify the 12 zodiac sun signs.
Aries is number 1. Taurus is number 2. Gemini is number 3. Cancer is number 4. Leo is number 5. Virgo is number 6. Libra is number 7. Scorpio is number 8. Sagittarius is number 9. Capricorn is number 10. Aquarius is number 11. Pisces is number 12. The above one is a Capricorn Lagna Chart, where Capricorn is ascending towards the east at the time of Birth. In a Vedic Chart Sun is referred to as Surya and the abbreviation is SY. And, the moon is referred to as Chandra, and the abbreviation is CH.

Lagna is the first house among the 12 houses in Vedic Astrology. Sun is at the centre of Lagna. The sun determines which zodiac sign will be in a particular position at a given point of time. Therefore, watch the sun and you will know what your Lagna/ ascendant is.

Lagna in Astrology

Lagna determines everything from birth, educational life, marriage and death. It is like a predetermined script of your life. The on-goings and the bygones are already decided and sketched out according to the Ascendant and time of birth.

Lagna, in astrology also means the raashi (zodiac sign) or nakshatra (constellation) in which the moon is found. The nakshtra and raashi in which the moon is present in are used to see the marriage compatibility between two people. Once, the compatibility is seen and the marriage has been fixed, the Lagna patrika is prepared, in which the date of the marriage will be mentioned.

Therefore, any good deed or puja begins by deciding the Lagna or Mahurat for the activity. This is done under the supervision of a Guru or Pundit who has in-depth knowledge of the subject.