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Shani Dham Temple – The Shrine Of Truth

Shani is the Sanskrit name for the heavenly planet Saturn. The Shani Dham temple is the holy shrine of the Shani God. According to Hindu scriptures, the Shani has immense astrological significance. As a matter of fact, people consider Shani as a major influencer of our life events. Whether positive and negative. The Shani Dham Temple is perhaps the most famous holy sanctuary for us. They consider it a fulfilment to visit the Shani Dham Temple in Delhi. Thus, people duly pay their respects to this formidable God of Justice.

The God of Justice -  Shani
Shani in his magnificiency

People love and worship Gods of supreme powers and force. However, the Shani God is probably the most feared and yet, a greatly regarded force. In the Shani Dham temple, the devotees dedicate a special position to him. People worship Shani because he is believed to possess a fiery disposition. They value the blessings of the imposing god who may equally reward or punish. Thus, people constantly seek the Shani Dham temple to invoke the sacred protection of the Shani God.

Shani Dham Temple – The Allure and Appeal

Although most temples have a Shani deity for prayers, nothing can be more godsend as a special place with the compelling aura of Shani. For the purpose of cleansing the karma and hope of betterment, people consider it a good option to visit the Shani dham temple in Delhi. In this light, the Shani dham temple has the world’s tallest statue of Shani. The sheer dominance of Shani in his abode is dazzling. While one may remain captivated by the compelling appearance of Shani, it is important to follow the customs of the temple to worship Shani.

The Shani Dham Temple gates
The front view of Shani Dham temple – Abode of Shani

A great reason to meet Shani

  • You feel the disturbing effect of Sade Saathi. It is the seven and half period of good or difficult times in one’s life.
  • Conversely, the effect of this time on you may vary depending on the position of Shani. This is a great time to worship the Lord of Righteousness.
  • You have suffered a loss in business. Then it is time to visit the Shani Dham temple for making amends.
  • Chronic disease like diabetes, heart ailments, skin conditions and so on is in control of our life, thus causing depression.
  • When Shani enters your Raasi, it is prudent to invite the blessings of Shani.
  • To control ill effects of ‘adhaya’ in your Raasi, people offer tributes at the Shani Dham temple.
The gaze of Shani
A picture of the formidable Shani God

Satisfying Shani

In spite of the fact that Shani God is implacable, you could find a place in his heart by focusing on his blessings. People worship him by the traditions of Shani Dham temple in the right spirit. Thus, attaining the desired position.

Offering oil for Telabhishek is a popular custom. And as you walk around the idol, chant as follows: Om Sham Shanishcharaya Nameh – Om Pram Preem Prom Shanishcharaya Nameh.

You may offer footwear as a gift. And also embrace the Shila Murti (i.e the idol). More importantly, special poojas are held on Saturdays(day of Shani) and on Shani Amavasya.

Sublimity in divinity – Shani Dham Temple

The world’s tallest natural rock Shani idol was created on 31 May 2003. The opening took place in a grandeur befitting the Shani himself. Moreover, one hundred crores and thirty-two lakhs Shani mantras were chanted on the sacred grove!

The temple is in Chhatarpur road near Asola, about 6 km from Delhi. You may take the route from Mehrauli about 8kms from the shrine, or from the Qutub Minar, situated 16 km away.

Entrance to the Kokilavan Shani temple
The entrance to Kokivanan Shani dev shrine

People deem the Kokilavan Dham Shani Dev temple as sacred. It is present in Kosi Kalan near Mathura (Uttar Pradesh). Lord Krishna appeared to God Shani in this holy spot. Undoubtedly, a divine place with sublime grace!

Generosity is Godliness

Nijswaroopanand Ji Maharaj founded the Shree Shanidham Trust. It is a non – government organisation that supports the needy. They provide relief to drought victims, cattle fodder, medical camps, and pensions to name a few.

Truly a fulfilling experience!

The Shani Dham Temple and Kokilavan Shani Dev temple abodes give us peace. We choose to surrender to its magnetism. The shrine to deal with our Karma. Not only evil but also good. Thus, people indulge in this experience. A holy journey to shower the seeds of your own deeds. Where truth alone stands!