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Guru Brihaspati Jupiter
Guru- Brihaspati

The biggest planet of our solar system, Jupiter is far beyond the asteroids. In diameter, it is 10 times bigger than the Earth and takes almost 12 years to go around the Sun. the upper part of the planet is not solidified completely and so the rotation period for all its parts is not the same. Jupiter has 11 satellites in contrast to Earth’s one.

Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter Guru

Jupiter, also known as Guru or Brihaspati is considered to be the most auspicious planet in astrology. In size, it is almost equal to the Sun and so it remains in each sign for approximately one year. As the name Guru suggests, it is considered to be a teacher. Brihaspati majorly rules over 2 signs – Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius is represented by an archer and thus the natives of this planet achieve their targets easily. similarly, Pisces being a watery sign, it also represents great speech.

Mythology of Guru

Brihaspati is the Guru (teacher) of Gods and son of Maharishi Angira. Angira procured the knowledge of performing the ritual or ‘Vrata’ for having a son from Sanat Kumars. She accomplished the Vrata with complete devoutness, which pleased the Gods and she was blessed with a son Brihaspati, the Lord of wisdom. In Sanskrit, he is also called Devguuru.

In South India, he goes by the name ‘’Dhakshinamurthi” which means the God made of stone that faces South direction. This name is particularly popular in the state of Tamilnadu where he is also recognized as Narayan.

Brihaspati has many names in various mythologies. Greeks consider him Jupiter, the father of Lord Zeus, Nose call him Thor, Egyptians call him Ammon and Babylonians call him Merodach.

Dasha or Antardasha

Guru Brihaspati
Brihaspati Guru

According to the Dasha system, Guru rules the life of a native for 16 years. This period of 16 years can both malefic or beneficial, depending upon the power of the planet. If Guru is placed in a friendly sign, then it can bring happiness, good health, money, social status, harmony, intelligence, reputation as well as healthy kids. However, when ill-placed the same Guru can be very harmful. When Guru conjoins with Ketu or Rahu, it creates Guru Chandal yoga, which devalues the power of Guru. Thus however hard the native tries Guru does not offer good result to the native. It brings extremely bad results. 

Characteristics of Guru

Guru Brihaspati
Guru Brihaspati

Jupiter is of male gender and has Indra as his deity. Lord Jupiter has a large body, honey colored eyes, and phlegmatic hair. He’s very intelligent and well-educated in all the Shastras. Brihaspati is usually found in the wealth room. He promotes growth and development and is adorned with Yellow Sapphire.

Planet Jupiter is friendly to the Mars, Sun, and the Moon. Is unfavorable to Mercury and Venus and is neutral with Saturn. It is also friendly with Rahu and neutral with Ketu. One of the interesting things about guru is that no planet considers it as its enemy, but Jupiter considers Mercury and Venus as its enemy. 

Generally, Guru is worshipped on Thursday and people born under the influence of Jupiter are honest, dutiful, obedient, positive, liberal and decent. For a woman, Jupiter is the provider of happiness and a good husband. But if placed in unfavorable position, the woman becomes adamant and ruins her own married life.

The effects of Guru

Jupiter, when placed in houses 1, 5, 8, 9 and 12, provides positive results. While in houses 6, 7, and 10 it provides negative results. However, if Jupiter is placed alone in any house, it never gives bad results. 

  • Guru in the 1st house

When placed in the 1st House, Guru provides immense wealth to the native despite lack of learning and education. The native will be healthy, never afraid of enemies and will see a rise every eighth year of his life. He will have friends in the government, success, and prosperity which will come after marriage for the native. Jupiter in the first house and Saturn in the 9th house can cause health problems for the native, while Rahu in the eighth house can cause the death of his father. 

  • Guru in the 2nd house

If Guru and Venus are placed together in the second house, then both the planets affect each other adversely. Thus trade of gold and jewelry can be detrimental for the native and he has a risk of losing his wife, wealth and property. However, even though his wife and family may be suffering from ill health or other problems, as long as the wife of the native is with him he will continue to grow in honor and wealth. The native is usually admired by females and sees prosperity by winning lottery or inheritance from the father. 

  • Guru in the 3rd house

Having Planet Jupiter in the third house makes the native rich and learned. He receives a steady income from the government throughout his life. The native is extremely clever, crafty, has good relationships with siblings, good communication skills, is intelligent and lives a long life. However, with Saturn in the fourth house, the native can be robbed of all his wealth and can become a liability for his close ones. 

  • Guru in 4th house

The 4th house belongs to the Moon and Jupiter is a friend of the Moon. Hence, Guru gives very good results in the 4th place. A native-born with Guru in the 4th house has the power of deciding the fate and fortune of others. He will be in possession of a lot of money and large properties along with the honour. Even in times of crisis, he will receive help and will always grow in prosperity. 

  • Guru in 5th house

The 5th house belongs to the Sun and so if the native is born with Guru in 5th house, he will receive a lot of prosperity after the birth of his son. The more mumber of sons he has, the more prosperous he will become. The native of this placement is intelligent, artistic, highly learned and inclination towards religion.

  • Guru in 6th house

In the 6th house, Guru makes the native of pious nature and he will get everything in life without asking for it. Offerings from elders will prove to be a lot beneficial for him. In some cases, if Ketu becomes malefic, the native can go unlucky up to the age of 34 years and his father can also suffer from asthma.

  • Guru in 7th house

In the 7th house, Guru will give luck to the native after marriage. He will never be in debt, will have good children, love comfort, be a good astrologer and will be involved in religious works. However, the 7th house belongs to Venus and Jupiter has enmity with Venus. So if Guru becomes malefic, then the native can become a thief, deprived of support from his brothers, will have a troublesome married life and can also be reduced to poverty.

  • Guru in 8th house

In the 8th house, Guru does not give good results. However, the native will live a comfortable life and in trying times he will receive divine help. Wearing gold can save him from being ill or unhappy. 

  • Guru in 9th house

Guru has a special influence on the 9th house and so the native will enjoy richness, prosperity, fame, good amount of luck, respect, good education, high amount of knowledge, have good children and live a long life. 

  • Guru in 10th house

When Guru is in 10th house, the native has to imbibe the characteristics of Saturn. So unless the native is sly and cunning, he cannot reap the benefits of Jupiter. When Guru gives good results in this house, the native will have immense wealth. But if it is malefic, then it means sadness, poverty, and unhappy married life for the native.

  • Guru in 11th house

In the 11th house, Guru affects the native adversely. So his married life will remain miserable and his sisters, daughters, and father will also remain unhappy. He will also become a debtor.

  • Guru in 12th house

Here, Guru gives out missed results with Rahu. So if the native keeps good conduct, practices religious activities and wishes good for others then Guru will give him happiness and comfortable sleep at night. He may also become wealthy and powerful.

Effects of the movement of Jupiter
guru brihaspati

In Vedic astrology, the movement of Jupiter is given a lot of importance. So when the native is going through an unlucky spell, movement of Guru or Jupiter can lift a fortune for him. Natives can also see a rise in career.

The movement of Jupiter also has a tremendous effect on the psyche of the masses. This movement from the fix nature signs can slow down things frustratingly. The transit through Leo or Aquarius is not considered auspicious and it can give unhappiness to the native. 

In an individual horoscope, a strong Jupiter means the promise of divine interventions in life and plays a significant role in health, wealth, profession, religion and even childbirth.