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Kuja (Mars/Mangala)

Kuja – Mangal

At some point or other in our life, we all have heard about Kuja or Mars or Mangal. It is the most prominently heard Vedic astrology word, especially while talking about bride and groom. So basically what does this mean? The word which is mentioned the most in astrology, do you know everything about it? 


Kuja Mangal

The Sun is the ruling planet and is for the fathers. Similarly, the Moon is for the mothers. Mars is a fiery red planet which is the ruling planet for brothers. Kuja is the giver of good, power, strength, and courage which determines our ability to violent actions in life. Mars also gives confidence, independence, and energy needed to implement plans in life. Without Mars/Kuja we would be lost in our passions without the ability to achieve them. It brings determination in life.

About Lord Kuja

Kuja Mangal
Kuja Mangal

Kuja means ‘burning coal’ or a ‘fair person’. Lord Kuja is actually identified as Lord Kartikeya – the God of War, the son of Shiva. He is believed to have been born from the sweat of Shiva. Lord Kuja is dressed in red, has a red body with four hands born of Earth, carries a Trident, a Mace and a Spear in his hands, and his crown is adorned with precious coral. 

As the mythological story goes, Lord Kartikeya was born with 6 heads. He released the Devas from the oppression of the invincible demon Taraka which depicts the qualities of power, strength, and courage of Kuja. Because of this reason, Kuja is also known as the protector of Dharma and the purpose of life.

There is also another notion which defines Kuja as the son of Earth. Ku means Earth and Jha stands for birth. Thus, the ‘son of the Earth’. Also, Lord Kuja is brought up by 6 Kritika stars and is fed by 6-star mothers which result in the 6 heads or faces of Lord Kuja. Because of this reason he is also called ‘Shanmuka’.

The story of Kuja

Kuja - Mars
Kuja – Mars

As per the mythology, it is a story of an old woman who used to observe fast every Tuesday. She had a son named Mangaliya. The Mangal deity assumed the disguise of a Brahmin and came to the old lady’s house. He said to the old lady that he is hungry and shall prepare his own food but the ground needs to be plastered with cow-dung. The woman replied that since it was Tuesday she cannot plaster the ground with cow dung. But she offered to sprinkle the water so that the Brahmin can cook food on that. 

The Brahmin refused, saying that he can only prepare food on the cow-dung plastered surface. While the woman said that she can anything else except that. on that, the Brahmin said to the old woman that she calls her son and make him lie upside down so that he can cook on her son’s back. After some thought, the old woman agreed to this and called her son. The Brahmin then lit the furnace on the boy’s back and cooked the food. Once he was done he asked the old lady to call her son to taste the auspicious food. The woman in grief told the Brahmin to cut with his jokes when he knows that the son must be dead by now. The Brahmin still insisted to call her son. When the old woman called her son, he came running. After that, the Brahmin told the old woman that her fast was successful. Her mind was so full of devotion that she may be happy ever. Then the Brahmin disappeared.

What is Mars in Vedic Astrology

Religious beliefs towards Kuja/Mars

Mars- Kuja

Planet Mars is worshipped in many forms in India. In South India, the Mars planet is worshipped as ‘Muruga’ or ‘Murugan’. Principally, Lord Murugan is shown carrying a spear and Vel in his hands and is considered to be very generous in granting boons while protecting his devotees with fierce dedication. Murugan is also identified as the Skanda or the 6 headed son of Lord Shiva. The constellation of 6 nursing mother stars is called Krittika in Sanskrit, so Murugan is widely known as Kartikeya.

In Bengal, people worship Mars as Kartikeya, the brother of Lord Ganesha. All over India, the deity has many other names like ‘Kumaraswamy’, ‘Subramanya’, ‘Velayudham’, or ‘Vadievel’. The peacock is the favorite mount of Lord Skanda or Kartikeya.

In the Hindu language, planet Mars is known as the ‘Mangal Grah’. According to Hindu belief, the ‘Mangal Grah Yantra’ brings peace and happiness in the house and drives away fear. So majority Hindu houses have a ‘Mangal Grah Yantra’ in their puja ghar.

Kuja Characteristics

Kuja Mars
Kuja Mars

Kuja is a warrior God and makes its natives aggressive. Natives with Mangal are seen to have the following characteristics like courage, patience, bravery, good leadership abilities, self-confidence, physical strength, violence, anger, impulsive nature, and insensitivity. They are also argumentative, short-tempered, lovers of guns, weapons, and explosives. It also gives them great mechanical and technical abilities and makes them good designers, builders, engineers, and surgeons.

Though it affects differently to people belonging to different rashis.

Mars and the Zodiac Signs
Mars Mangal Kuja
Mars Kuja Mangal

When Kuja conjoins positively with other planets in someone’s horoscope, it can benefit the native’s life a lot. It gives abundant energy, great immunity, and very good health. But when it is positioned inappropriately, it can have an adverse effect on native’s health.

  • Aries – Natives born with Mars in Aries are impulsive, full of energy and go-getters. They have anger which flares-up quickly but does not last for too long. They make fast decisions, trust their instincts and are simple. They cannot deliberate too much, are unpredictable, lose their enthusiasm quickly and often become rude because of their short temper and impulsiveness.
  • Taurus – Mangal in Taurus makes the natives goal oriented but they are not known for their speed. They are calm, easy going people and have a tremendous temper. But they do not fly off the handle as easily as others. They are driven by security, strength, and stability. They never alter their pace for anyone and are often frustrating. They are also powerfully sensual.
  • Gemini – Mars in Gemini is a little unfocused. The natives are easily bored, need frequent changes, possess a passion for words, are energetic, fidgety, restless, adaptable to change and multi-tasking.
  • Cancer – The natives born with Mars in Cancer are passive-aggressive. They resist change, are shy, insecure, slow, protective, dependable and peaceful.
  • Leo – Mars in Leo gives the natives a drive for significance. The natives need a significant meaning to their life and are very passionate. They enjoy risk-taking, are reasonable, well-defined, powerful, very sensual, idealistic, short-tempered and self-righteous.
  • Virgo – These natives are goal-oriented, practical, can handle many tasks at once, over-critical, non-aggressive, restless, and energetic. Although they can be a little scattered at times. when the natives are nervous and fidgety, it is a sign that Mars is either too little or too much in the Virgo native. 
  • Libra – Mangal in Libra makes the natives reflect about things before they act. They are not decisive, they procrastinate a lot, and love peace. But they tend to have a sneaky behavior and are excellent at conflict management.
  • Scorpio – Mars in Scorpio natives love challenges. They have superb willpower, make formidable opponents, rely on their intuition heavily, have strong sexual stamina, cannot compromise, live for personal satisfaction, have low self-esteem and are provocative.
  • Sagittarius – Mangal in Scorpio natives feel like running when angry. They are adventurous, restless, cannot complete what they start, are fun-loving, a little blunt in their approach, hard to understand, and moralistic.
  • Capricorn – Capricorn natives with Mars come across as subdued and controlled people. They have low-key energy and high goal orientation and focus. Basically achievers with well-defined ambition, cool-headed and have great control over themselves. They detest waste, have strong desires, are self-indulgent, hard-working and responsible.
  • Aquarius – Mangal in Aquarius natives are difficult to understand, have an original view of the world, proudly independent, progressive, obstinate, rebellious, clever, love their freedom, a little detached and have a superiority complex.
  • Pisces – Pisces natives with Mars have a mild-temper, are guilty about their anger, go with the flow, moody, have creative expression style, and have fluctuating energy levels.
Kuja Diseases
Kuja Mars Mangal
  • Eczema
  • Gunshots
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Rashes
  • Tuberculosis
  • Smallpox
  • Ulcers
  • Fever
  • Mental disturbances
  • Poisoning
  • Diseases of lungs, liver, eyes, nose, and stomach
Kuja Dosh in Natal Horoscope
Kuja Mangal
Kuja Mangal

In Hindu society, Kuja Dosh or Mangal is the biggest fear when it comes to marriage. When Kuja is placed in the 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the natal chart, it is said to have Kuja dosh in the natal horoscope. It is more related to perception than actual fear as this combination is applicable to half the population.

In other words, Kuja Dosh is just an unnecessary scare.

Kuja Mangal

A prayer to planet Mars frees one from poverty, illness, and debts. Visiting the temple of Lord Hanuman or Subramanya or Narasimha every Tuesday is believed to be beneficial.