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Baby Vedic Name-Jatin

Vedic Name: Jatin

Meaning: Saintly, Disciplined

Gender: Boy

Origin: Hindu

The name Jatin starts with the letter ‘J’. People with first letter ‘J’ in their name are loved by everyone around them. They are headstrong and practical and take everything into consideration before taking a decision. They are also not open to inviting strangers into their life unless they have made sure the other person is trustworthy. People with first letter ‘J’ prefer to live their life to the fullest and in the moment. They also love to dress properly and are big foodies which can be a reason for their financial dearth. 

According to Indian Mythology, Jatin is another name for Lord Shiva and the references can found in several Hindu Mythologies. The name ‘Jatin’ is an ancient Sanskrit name which means saintly and disciplined. 

People with name Jatin are highly creative and choose to focus on their goals by living a disciplined life. They are a natural leader and being dominating in nature is a part of their character. 

The animal associated with this name is Elephant and the tree associated is Jackfruit. Both the associations signify wealth, royalty and greatness. 

The name Jatin falls under the number 12. The natives of this number are very emotional but driven to achieve their goals. They can achieve mastery in anything they desire. They take their own time to make friends and generally have a very small group of friends. They are cooperative and supportive people. Because they are loved by their friends and family, there are very homely by nature. They can also face negativity and criticism in their life but it only drives them to achieve perfection.