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The Astrology Of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is being increasingly reported and addressed in society. It is no longer being swept into the carpet. Vedic astrology shows indications of a person’s sexual inclinations and desires. It can also indicate the vulnerability of the person to sexual abuse. The placements and planetary positions specified need to be studied in the Navamsa chart as well. 

Houses To Study

The 1st house is the house of the person’s self and their body. This house when afflicted can show potential harm to the person. The houses that are involved in being a victim to sexual abuse are the 4th, 7th, 8th and the 12th houses. 4th house is that of the womb, mental state and peace. The 7th is the house of the sexual relationship (especially the conjugal relationship) with consent, 8th is studied for forcible or secret sex and 12th for antisocial or illegal relationship. In the Kalpurush Kundali the house of Cancer is happiness and comfort while the house of Virgo is of the virginity and puberty. Any bad influence on these houses can also signify vulnerability to sexual abuse. Afflicted 4th house can also signify rape in vehicles. Saturn and Ketu can signify desolate and abandoned places such as graveyards. 

Sexual Abuse In The Chart Can Show When It Is A Hidden Secret
Sexual Abuse In The Chart Can Show When It Is A Hidden Secret

Planets To Study

The malefics that can cause problems are Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Sun and Ketu. Rahu could be a sudden attack by many people while Ketu is a planned violent attack. Saturn is a long period of time and Mars is violent. Mandi or Gulika are base and disgusting while Sun could be a politician or father figure. A weak Jupiter or Venus can also signify an added negative influence to other issues in the chart.

Astrology Of Sexual Abuse  - Planets And Houses
Astrology Of Sexual Abuse – Planets And Houses

The Combinations For Sexual Abuse

When the 4th and 7th lords are connected and both under malefic influence there could be problems with sexual abuse. The 7th house is of willing sexual relationship and the 8th is secret. When there are bad influences on the 8th house or its lord the person has to be careful of sexual abuse.

The 8th is the house that is the most capable of very bad results if afflicted. The 12th house is the house of loneliness, bed pleasures and even bondage. When afflicted can also cause such events but not as severely as the 8th house affliction. 

Ideally malefic aspects like Ketu, Rahu and Saturn in Debility to the fifth and seventh lords and the combination being placed in sixth or eight houses can lead to a condition where-in there can be probability for sexual abuses.

Sexual Abuse - Breaks The 4th House Of Happiness
Sexual Abuse – Breaks The 4th House Of Happiness

The third house could indicate abuse by siblings, neighbours or cousins which is not unheard of. If any of the lords of the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th are in the 4th house in bad dignity and afflicted they could indicate sexual abuse. Malefics in the 4th house and even a waning moon add to the problem. Retrogression in addition to all the other weaknesses makes the effect stronger. Astrologers who use Pluto have also seen that a relationship of conjunction, aspect or square withy Mars indicate a very severe or violent abuse in childhood. 

Timing of the abuse can be linked to a Rahu Maha Dasha or a Venus Maha Dasha in childhood. This is more likely if either Venus or Rahu are associated with the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th or the 12th houses or their lords. 

The Venus Perspective

In addition to the strength of Venus, we study the chart from the perspective of Venus as well. If the afflictions are present in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses from Venus also they can spoil the significations of Venus.

Sexual Abuse In Life Can Be Seen In The Birthchart
Sexual Abuse In Life Can Be Seen In The Birthchart


The Nakshatras that have the themes of sex and puberty are Punarvasu which can be linked to 4th house, Vishaka which links to 7th house and Purvabhadrapads of the 12th house. Afflictions to these Nakshatras can show that there issues with sexual abuse. This is because the self identifies with Punarvasu while Vishaka is the marital conjugal relationship and when afflicted a forced relationship. Purvabhadrapada is bed pleasures that can be distorted when afflicted. 

Child Sexual Abuse

We can study the houses that are important for a happy childhood and then check the malefic combinations that could signal the danger of being the victim of sexual abuse. Since this could also include verbal abuse we add the 2nd house to the houses to be studied.

Child Sexual Abuse - Broken Childhood
Child Sexual Abuse – Broken Childhood

Most of these patterns are seen when we look at the horoscopes of victims of these terrible crimes. More research would be required in order to make the other details specific enough to reliably conclude sexual abuse. This would be a great boon to the generations to come in order to ensure that such people can be more vigilant.