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Vedic Astrology – House 6, Ari Ripu Bhava


The three foundational pillars of the entire Vedic astrology are – the houses, the planetary position in those houses and the alignment of zodiac signs according to the house. This may seem easy to follow, however the actual characteristics of a person is denoted by the interrelationship of these three according to the alignments at a specific time and location. This is what makes every individual unique and their charts different. However, there are certain general rules about the houses and the things they indicate.

Significance of the 6th House

The 6th house in any individual’s chart represents three major things – health, employment and difficulties. Coming to the first aspect, the 6th house is considered to be the representation of health in Vedic astrology. How will an individual fare health wise and how will their diet impact their overall well-being can be identified based on the planetary positions in their 6th house.

Another important aspect of life most people are concerned with is signified by the 6th house. It is the nature of employment and the relationships at work that are represented by this house. Whether an individual will serve others, be served by others or is going to work independently can be known by taking a look at the planetary alignment of the 6th house in their horoscopic charts. Also, if they are in employment, how will the superiors or subordinates behave towards them is shown by these alignments.

A crucial aspect of life that is shown by the 6th house is the presence of obstacles or difficulties in life and the individual’s resilience to come out them. The difficulties a person may face in their life can be related to relationships, emotions, finances or animosity from others. The specific positioning of the planets in the 6th house give an indication about these aspects and may help in overcoming them. This also shows an individual’s resilience and propensity to overcome these troubles.

Effects of planets in the 6th House

Since so many important aspect of an individual’s life are governed by the planetary positions in the 6th house, it is interesting to see what an individual planet’s position may mean in the overall scheme of things.

  • Sun in the 6th house: This is a good position as this leads to the individual building up good defences and avoiding many health related issues that may come if kept unchecked. Also, the native may rise to a respectable position in life and in their job.
  • Moon in the 6th house: When the moon is afflicted and present in this position, it may cause a lot of health problems for the native, but in a positive alignment, it promotes the resilience to recover from any health concerns. Also, the native with the moon in this position is very disciplined and meticulous about their day to day activities. This discipline also leads to them reaching a good position in their jobs.
  • Mercury in the 6th house: This planetary position makes the native good at their job, however they can easily get bored. Hence, regular jobs needing the same kind of work may not be suitable for the native. Instead, they would do well in jobs that allow them options to explore various options. They may also be susceptible to health issues pertaining to the nervous system.
  • Venus in the 6th house: This is a good position for native’s interested in beauty and well-being. These individuals prefer an amiable environment and hence are popular at work. They have good overall health, but may be afflicted by diabetes or some blood related issues. They have a tendency to try and attain perfection in everything they do.
  • Mars in the 6th house: This is a very energetic alignment and the native may bring a lot of enthusiasm and activity to their job. But, they need to be cautious as this excitement may even cause accidents or anxiety related disorders giving them health troubles. Although the native themselves may be hard working, they may not get the desired cooperation at work, especially from the subordinates.
  • Jupiter in the 6th house: It is an extremely positive situation from a health stand point. The native will have overall good health only disturbed by certain bad habits. Even in the other aspects of work and difficulties, this is a good position and the native will be happy in their work life. The native will also face good luck in life at different points in time.
  • Saturn in the 6th house: Having this planetary alignment, the native may face difficulties at work causing anxiety. They may also be prone to catching a cold and have a general tendency to fall or get cold related issues. The native may also have certain difficulties in finding a job.
  • Uranus in the 6th house: This combination of planet and the 6th house can cause unexpected events in the native’s life. They may face unexpected situations during the course of their work that may throw them off balance. Same will also be true in their health life and the native may be afflicted by sudden and unexpected diseases.
  • Neptune in the 6th house: With this alignment in their charts, the native may be prone to not just use but overuse of drugs causing a multitude of health related troubles. They should be careful of addictions like smoking and drinking.
  • Pluto in the 6th house: These natives may come up with great and path breaking ideas at work, but they need to be careful of radiations and illnesses caused by the same.
  • Rahu in the 6th house: This is a good and helpful position and the native may recover quickly from any illness, sometimes by fasting.
6th house in Vedic Astrology