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Vedic Astrology – House 4, Bandhu Bhava

Jothishi 4th house mother

The fourth house of our Kundli is all about roots, father, mother, house, family, ancestors and childhood. It is one of the top 4 houses of our Kundli and represents the ‘center’ of the birth chart. It talks about the property inherited from family, mostly parents and the one we set up on our own. It also represents the vehicles owned, basic education, peace, comfort, and marital harmony.

4th house of happiness
4th house of Happiness

House 4 of our birth chart rules our upper body parts such as the heart, chest, breasts, and lungs. The other names for the fourth house are Maitri bhav, such as sthaan, matru bhav, and chaturth bhav. The 4th house is ruled by the Moon and its lord Rashi is Cancer. Thus, it is also the Moksha or the liberation sthan of our birth chart.

Characteristics of the 4th house

The 4th house is ruled by the feminine sign and Moon which is sometimes identified as Parvathi in Hindu astrology. That is why sages and astrologers identify the 4th house with mother. It is also known as the grave because it is the house of Moksha and represents secret life, private affairs, and curiosity.

It rules all mind related matters like peace, pleasure, mental condition, stress, sleep, fun, good clothes, luxuries of life and so on. It also rules the status of mother’s health, relationship with our mother, native home, a career in the property business, love, kindness, our friend circle, and vehicles.

The deeper meaning of the 4th house

The fourth house is connected to the heart and thus this is the place where we have to learn to deal with our emotions and feelings. It represents our emotional life and as we achieve inner peace and happiness, we retreat from the worldly desires. Thus it also becomes a house of liberation and enlightenment. It helps us move out of the emotional pain and that is why the 4th house is very important in the birth chart.

Happiness is nothing but a reflection of our inner peace. It shows us our emotional strength and shows us our capacity for inner peace. The 4th house shows the true nature of our house and explains why we have the need to protect ourselves. It is the place where we feel vulnerable and reflects our sensitive nature.

Also, astrologers connect our house to the 4th house because that is our sanctuary, our resting place. We feel safe and secure in our home and are able to explore our feelings. Thus, the 4th house brings us closer to our intuition. It also represents the nurturing nature of a mother because of which we feel deep safety. This depth is where we start our Cosmic journey towards liberation or Moksha.

4th house of peace of mind
4th house of peace of mind

The 4th house is like the roots of an old tree. As it connects us to our ancestors, it also connects us to family problems. Unwanted and complicated family memories and feud can affect health and sleep patterns. This is where 4th can get a bit dark for us.

The effects of planets on the 4th house

  1. Sun
Sun in Jothishi
Surya in Jothishi

The presence of Sun in the 4th house brings a lot of emphasis on desires, emotional comfort and pursuing goals. Sun also emphasizes on hidden ambitions below the surface and makes the native victims of the frustration and jealousy of those more accomplished. But it makes natives more nurturing towards others at the same time.

  1. Moon
Moon in Jothishi
Chandra in Jothishi

The Moon brings a lot of stable emotions in the 4th house. Moon in the 4th house ensures a strong maternal presence in childhood which develops a nurturing attitude inside the native also.  The native trusts his intuitions immensely and has a habit of checking with his emotions before acting.

  1. Mars
Mars in Jothishi
Mangal in Jothishi

Mars brings a lot of restlessness and emotional instability in the 4th house. There is a sense of jealousy and defensiveness in the native and he needs a lot of emotional growth. On the bright side, it is not impossible. There is the scope of a lot of emotional strength being developed at a later stage by the native.

  1. Mercury

Mercury makes it difficult for the native to settle emotionally when it is placed in the 4th house. There is constant instability and native often misunderstands thoughts for feelings. The interests are too many and this will be mentally exhausting. But the native has a playful nature and adapts to hurt feelings.

  1. Jupiter

The native with Jupiter in the 4th house gets a philosophical and gracious heart. The horizons are further widened by religious teachings and metaphysics. The natives have a tendency to exaggerate feelings but at the same time, they also know how to rise above their hurt feelings and be gracious with others.

  1. Venus

In this placement, Venus shows trust that the heart will lead to beauty. The native will have a devotional nature and will show comfort, ease, and compromise while dealing with others. This will bring joy and satisfaction to others. The native will also have a tendency for excessive compromise which can make the romantic relationship abusive.

  1. Saturn

Saturn in the 4th house makes the heart heavy with negative and sad emotions. It could be because of any reason like being pressured heavily, abusive childhood, deep psychological entanglements, guilt or fear of mistakes. The native will also have a strong capacity for meditation, stability, and solitude.

  1. Rahu

Rahu creates an urgency to develop mental peace when placed in the 4th house. There may be immaturity in the native, irresponsibility, demand that others fulfill their emotional whims and low emotional boundaries.

  1. Ketu

When placed in the 4th house, Ketu makes it difficult to experience emotions in the present time. either the native is burdened with heavy emotions in childhood or is ridiculed for having them.