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Astrology for Moving House – A Detailed Journey

If you are looking to change your fortune by relocating your home, there are some unique aspects of astrology to tap. Relocation Astrology for moving house takes a different approach by combining Stula and Suksma. Stula refers to AstroCartoGraphy and Suksma means asking a question. Relocating your house chiefly depends on these two factors taking the placement of planets into consideration.

A Note on AstroCartoGraphy

It’s a leading part of locational astrology that advises individuals on their travel and, more importantly, relocating prospects. Astrogeography is the popular term used in Europe in the early times. The method identifies different life conditions by changing locations, specifically home locations.

Moving Homes with Astrology - Astrology for moving house
Moving Homes with Astrology

AstroCartoGraphy uses the world map that shows the rising sign in a particular country at the time in an individual’s birth. This techneque helps unveil the effects of relocating to a new place, either locally or globally. There are innumerable instances of people suffering in the country of their birth or a specific country. All this can be seen and, the solutions are given, through AstroCartoGraphy map.

In this case, there is absolutely no need for a new chart every time. A computer program captures every move of the individual and shows which location is favourable. Using this method, you can predict clearly how living in different geographical locations can influence your fate significantly. It’s a technique to get the bigger picture with complete detailing about the role it plays in your life. It’s an in-depth study of how better or worse your life will be depending on where you relocate or live.

The chart signifies your destiny however, relocating to a new place that emphasizes the stronger planets in the chart make the difference. The results will bring prosperity, success and happiness into your personal and professional spheres. It’s also a great way to realise your full potential in life.

Relocation Prediction in Astrology - Astrology for moving house
Relocation Prediction in Astrology

The Role of the Prashna Chart in Astrology for Moving House

Prashna chart forms a major part of Vedic Astrology and gives precise information about the effects of a specific place. You can concentrate on a specific segment of time in the natal chart with a close-up view of a particular area. This can be the planetary major period or its sub-period. Prashna chart is a strategic tool to make tactical and refined decisions to arrive at an accurate answer.

Skills needed to read a Natal chart and a Prashna chart are distinct. An astrologer specifically trained in Prashna reading can perform accurate research and provide sound solutions.

Ascendants in Relocation Astrology - Astrology for moving house
Ascendants in Relocation Astrology

Studying Relocation Astrology in Astrology for Moving House

When it comes to creating and interpreting a relocation chart, the angles of the planets are of paramount importance. It’s possible to create a relocation horoscope by choosing a city of your choice. However, your birth time should be accurate. Check out the following effects of planets in different angles (ascendant and midheaven):

Sun as ASC or MC: You will be recognized and will be in the spotlight

Moon as ASC or MC: You will enjoy emotional fulfilment

Mercury as ASC or MC: Your thoughts and communication skills will be quickly understood

Venus as ASC or MC: You will learn about yourself and others through relationships

Mars as ASC or MC: With a sense of hunger, you will succeed in various endeavours

Jupiter as ASC or MC: You will have an abundance of opportunities to grow in life

Saturn as ASC or MC: Things get more serious and you will also assume bigger responsibilities

Uranus as ASC or MC: Innovation and change help you discover more about yourself

Neptune as ASC or MC: You will trust your intuition and progress accordingly

Pluto as ASC or MC: You will be empowered and hence, will enjoy a new level of power

Planets Influencing Moving House - Astrology for moving house
Planets Influencing Moving House

The Final Word

In Astrology for Moving House, relocation astrology is an added feature to your natal chart. It is another effective way to discover your true potential and the means to fulfil them. The transit activates the hidden natal potential via time and relocation technique activates your natal potential by its movement in space.

In the most simple words, relocation astrology stresses that you will not be the same person in another location as you are now.