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Karakamsha In Vedic Astrology

The Karakamsa is the Rashi in the D9 where the Atmakaraka planet of the D1 is placed. Just as the D9 tells us the finer nuances of the D1, the Karakamsa tells us more about the Atmakaraka and the person.

Chara Karakas

The concept of Chara Karakas is most used in Jaimini Astrology. However, even the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra gives details about the Chara Karakas. The natural significator of the soul is the Sun. However, by the Chara Karaka system, the planet with the highest degree becomes the Atma Karaka or the soul significator. It signifies the main purpose that the soul is driven by in this birth.

Some systems use Rahu as one of the planets to be considered while others do not. Yet another system uses Rahu only if two planets are at the same degree. For Rahu, since the motion is always retrograde, the degree value is also considered in reverse. The degree should be deducted from 30 degrees. That is for example if Rahu is at 1 degree and the highest degree of the other planet is 28 degrees, Rahu has the highest degree (30 degrees – 1 degree). This is because a retrograde Rahu at 1 degree of a Rashi has already traversed almost the entire Rashi and is almost at the point of exiting the Rashi.

Navamsa Chart

The Navamsa chart or the D9 chart is the chart formed by the 9th harmonic division of the chart. In other words when the 30 degrees of the Rashi is divided into 9 sections. This is the chart that tells us about the inner strength of the planet. It is also the chart of fortune and especially of marriage. 

Navamsa is the chart of dharma and highlights the inner strength and gifts in the natives chart. It is formed by divided each sign into nine equal parts and thus resulting in 108 divisions. The chart gives a different perspective to the dharma and marital life of a person.


Karakamsha fuses the concept of the Atmakaraka and the Navamsa. The Karakamsa is the Rashi in the D9 where the Atmakaraka planet of the D1 is placed. Just as the D9 tells us the finer nuances of the D1, the Karakamsa tells us more about the Atmakaraka and the person. 

Karakamsha Sign In The Navamsa

The Rashi in which the Karakamsha is in the D9 is interpreted as follows

Mesha/Aries: Troubled by cats and rats especially is there is a malefic association.

Rishaba/Taurus: The person will be happy on account of four-legged animals.

Mithuna/Gemini: Skin problems

Karka/Cancer: Fear of water

Simha/Leo: Fear of big cats such as tigers

Kanya/Virgo: Skin issues, problems caused by obesity and fire

Tula/Libra: The person will be very good at trade and making clothes

Vrischika/Scorpio: Fear of snakes

Dhanus/Sagittarius: Fall from height or vehicles

Makara/Capricorn: Gains from things that grow in water 

Kumbha/Aquarius: The person will construct water tanks

Meena/Pisces: The native will get emancipation

Good Effects From The Karakamsha

When the Navamsha Rashi in which the Lagna lord of the D1 is placed and the Karakamsha have only benefics and are aspected by benefics only the person will be like a king. If the Kendras and Trikonas from the Karakamsha only have benefics and have no malefic aspect the person will have not only wealth but also learning. If there are benefics as well as malefics in these houses there will be mixed results. 

Houses From The Karakamsha

The D9 can be studied as a chart with the Karakamsha as a Lagna. The planets that are present in each of these houses have a great significance on the person.

First House 

When there are also other planets in the Karakamsha, it can be interpreted as follows. When the Sun is in the Karakamsha the person will get work from the government. Moon gives sensuality as well as scholarship. Mars makes the person interested in weapons. When there is a malefic aspect to this Mars the weapons that are kept with the person may be against the law. Mercury gives the native education, intelligence and talent in arts, crafts and business. Jupiter gives interest in learning, spirituality and good deeds. Venus gives long life, sensuality and responsibility for government affairs. Saturn makes the person follow the family profession while Rahu makes the person a doctor, a manufacturer of machines and a thief. Ketu makes the person a thief and a dealer in large vehicles. 

The conjunction of Rahu and the Sun in the Karakamsha indicates that the person will have a fear of snakes. The aspect of a malefic indicates harm from a serpent. This conjunction in a benefic Shadvarga makes the person a doctor treating such issues. If there is an aspect of Mars the person will be an arsonist. Gulika in the Karakamsha aspected by the full moon indicates a thief or suffering because of theft. 

Second House

If the second house from the Karakamsha is in a house ruled by Venus or Mars the person will have affairs with another person’s spouse. The aspect of Mars and Venus on the second house makes this a life long tendency. Jupiter in this house enhances the tendency while Ketu restricts it. Rahu in this position destroys wealth. 

Third House

The third house from the Karakamsa tells us about the courage of the person.  A malefic in this house makes the person more courageous while a benefic does the opposite. Mars here enhances the courage greatly.

Strength And Courage
Strength And Courage

Fourth House 

The fourth from the Karakamsha tells us more about the residence of the person. When this house has exalted planets or has the placement or aspect of Venus and the Moon the person’s house will be palatial. Saturn and Rahu here indicate a house of stones, Ketu and Mars a brick house while Jupiter indicated a wooden house. Sun would indicate a straw house while the Moon would tell us that the person’s union with the spouse was outdoors in the open air. 

Brick House
Brick House

Fifth House

Mars and Rahu conjunct in this house indicate diseases such as consumption. Moon’s aspect makes this indication stronger. Mars will cause boils or ulcers to form on the person’s body. Ketu’s aspect to this Mars will cause waterborne diseases. Rahu and Gulika together in the fifth house from the Karakamsha will cause the native to fear unpleasant people and poison. Venus here makes the person a poet and an orator while Jupiter with the Moon makes an author. Jupiter alone makes a writer and one who is knowledgeable but not an orator, Venus a slightly lesser writer and Mercury even lesser.

Being An Author
Being An Author

Mercury in the 5th causes asceticism and Sun a swordbearer, Saturn an archer and Mars a swordsman. Rahu in the 5th makes a person who works with machines and Ketu a person who works with watches. Mars in this house gives good logical thinking and Mercury one who is a deeply philosophical thinker, Moon a person interested in Sankhya philosophy and Saturn a rather dull-witted person. Rahu and Ketu in the 5th from Karakamsha make a person a good astrologer. 

Sixth House

The sixth house shows some similarities with the third house. The ancient texts state that when there are benefics here the person will be lazy. The texts state that malefics in the 6th from Karakamsha make a person an agriculturist. This can be understood as one who does not shy away from hard manual labour. 

Seventh House

The seventh house from the Karakamsha tells us a bit more about the spouse of the person. Then the Moon and Jupiter are in the seventh gives a very beautiful wife. Venus blesses the person with a very sensual wife and Sun gives one who fully concentrates on domestic activities.  Mercury blesses the native with a wife who is talented in the fine arts and Saturn a person who is either older than the person, sickly or very pious.  Rahu in the 7th from Karakamsha indicates marriage to a widow. 

Seventh House - Partnership
Seventh House – Partnership

Eighth House

A malefic in the eighth from Karakamsha indicates a short lifespan, a benefic a long lifespan and both malefics and benefics, a medium lifespan. 

Ninth House

The ninth house tells us about the religious and spiritual aspects of the person. When there is a benefic planet or the aspect of a benefic on the ninth house the person is respectful to elders and very religious. A malefic or its aspect makes the person become averse to his religion and attracted to falsehood in the older years. Saturn and Rahu’s presence or even aspect to this house makes the person betray the elders and Gurus and reject the scriptures. Venus and Mars in this position can cause the death of a female relative. Mars and the Moon her would cause the imprisonment of the person due to an illicit relationship with another person’s spouse. Jupiter and Sun cause rejection and betrayal of the teachers and elders. If there is only Jupiter’s aspect or presence the person is overly addicted to sensual pleasures.

Ninth House - Spirituality
Ninth House – Spirituality

Tenth House

A benefic in the tenth house makes the person intelligent and prosperous. A malefic here causes loss of trade as well as deprivation of happiness from the father. If the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are here the person will get a kingdom. 

Eleventh House

When there are benefics in or aspecting the eleventh house there will be benefit and happiness form elder siblings. A malefic here indicates gains from suspicious means. 

Twelfth House

When there is a malefic in the 12th from the Karakamsha the person spends on good causes whereas a malefic indicates expenses on wrongful deeds. An exalted planet or a planet in its own house shows that the person will get Moksha.  Ketu and a benefic or Ketu aspected by a benefic shows that the person will get Moksha.