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All About Chara Karakas

Chara Karakas are the significators of people and aspects of our lives. They are unique to each horoscope. They are eight for living beings. There is great debate as to whether Rahu should be used as a Chara Karaka or not. Some people use Rahu as a karaka as it signifies the soul’s desires in this life.

Karaka means significators. In Vedic astrology, there are three types of Karaka systems. 

  1. Naisargika Karakas: These are the natural significators that are 9 in number.
  2. Chara Karakas: These are variable significators. There are 8 Chara Karakas though some people use 7 Chara Karakas.
  3. Sthira Karakas: These are fixed significators. They are seven in number. 

These three karaka systems are not interchangeable. Each system has its own rules and purpose and should be used appropriately.

Determining The Karakas 

Comparing the degrees of the planets in the horoscope determines the Chara Karakas. Arranging the planets in the order of their degree from highest to lowest gives us the list of Chara Karakas. Since the nodes Rahu and Ketu are in retrograde motion their degree is subtracted from 30. Chara Karakas Vedic astrology allocation does not consider Ketu because it is a moksha significator.

Vedic Astrology Chart With Degrees - Determining Chara Karakas
Vedic Astrology Chart With Degrees – Determining Chara Karakas

If the degrees of the planets are the same the minutes are compared. Further, if the minutes are the same the seconds are to be compared. If two planets are exactly at the same position then they are both the Karaka significator for the said Chara Karaka and the next Karaka has no significator. The Sthira Karaka for this signification is used instead. However, such a situation is extremely rare.

Chara Karaka Meaning

Atma Karaka

The planet with the highest degree in the birth chart is the Atma Karaka. This planet and its placement in the horoscope tells us about the desire of the soul. It tells us what the greatest desire in this birth is. It is the main significator of the soul of the native. Atmakaraka is the king of the horoscope. Though the Atma Karaka is the soul significator its outer expression in our lives is not always spiritual. We often manifest our desires as a desire for worldly things instead of spiritual. It is the challenge of a birth to fulfil the true desire of the soul from a spiritual perspective within.

King And Ministers
King And Ministers


Amatya Karaka is the planet with the second highest degree in the horoscope. It is the Minister. The minister is the person who gives suggestions to the King. But it is the King who actually executes the suggestion. So Amatya Karaka shows the path to Atmakaraka. It is the planet that also gives us information about the career and profession of the native. It is also about the action in the person’s life. Because the King and the Minister are very close, a close relationship between the Atmakaraka and the Amatyakaraka is an excellent Raj Yog. So, it signifies that the Amtyakaraka is strong enough to execute the order of the Atmakaraka.


The planet with the third-highest degree is the Bhratru Karaka. This Chara Karaka tells us more about the siblings of the native. These are the people who stand by the person when they are in need. It is also the Guru Karaka. Putra also shows the Guru’s influence in the person’s life. It is studied both in the Rasi chart and in the Navamsa.



The planet with the fourth-highest degree is the Matru Karaka and shows us details about the mother. The mother guides the child. So, it tells us about the influence of the mother.

Father Mother Child
Father, Mother and Child


The planet with the fifth-highest degree is the Pitrikaraka. This Chara Karaka is the significator of the father. The father’s influence on the life of the native is studied from this planet. 


The planet with the sixth-highest degree is the Putrakaraka and it is the significator of children. So, the influence of a child on a person’s life is studied from this Chara Karaka.

Gnati Karaka

The planet with the seventh-highest degree is the Gnati Karaka. It shows the hurdles and challenges in life and also about the relatives of the person and their influence on the person. 

Dara Karaka

The planet with the eighth-highest degree is called the Dara Karaka and it tells us about the spouse of the native.

Spouse  Who Is Represented By Darakaraka
Spouse Who Is Represented By Darakaraka

Chara Karaka Replacement In Case Of Seven Karakas

When a system of seven Chara Karakas is used we will have to reallocate the Karakas with the fifth-highest degree planet which will be the Putra Karaka. The sixth-highest the Gnati Karaka and the seventh-highest is thus the Dara Karaka.