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Frequently Asked Questions – how is jothishi different?

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How are the services of different from other service providers?

  • Try the services to get a feel: We shall try and solve problems related to Relationship, Career, Health etc using Vedic Astrology techniques to the best of our ability.
  • On a broad level the intent is to ignite the “spiritual fire” in a user and then our role diminishes as the user will take care of himself/herself and travel his or her own journey.

What is the kind of content that the offers?

Content related to Jothish, Astrological heroes, Famous Astrologers, Temples of India, Vedic Baby names, Raja Yogas, Panchanga, Vedic Festivals, Vedic Stories, Vedic Flowers, Hyms and Shlokhas etc

What is the purpose of Jothish?

It tries to establish the link between Jeevatma and Paramatma. In other words, between human entities and nature.

Chart indicates what’s in store based on one’s karma – Balance Sheet or the Sanchita Karma.

Vedic Chart also indicates the proportion apportioned for this life’ – Prarabdha Karma.

We can figure out the various paths that can be taken and probably figure out the best fit equation or the optimal path.The best remedial action that can be taken. In this process one may get closer to almighty.

Treading a path of spirituality and moving close to god and one may tend to take life as it comes – a state of total absorption with the source.

What is the meaning of Jothish?

  • Can be called the Science of Heavenly Bodies and its impact on users in earth.
    1. Science of light/Sun.
    1. Jothishi is one who understands and conveys the light the user. Also, known as Daivagnan – who sees and conveys the light and acts as a bridge between the source and user. Intends to ignite the spiritual spark in a user.