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Started by knowledgeable astrology enthusiasts, aims to connect the ancient study of Vedic astrology with modern technology.

Virtual Astrologer – Combining Vedic Astrology and AI website makes use of AI, a vast knowledge base, and algorithms to make it a functional astrology portal. aims to widen the reach of Vedic Astrology. So, the website is a repository of knowledge on astrology, especially Vedic astrology. Readers can browse the website and click on topics under various categories for further study. These articles elaborate on the different aspects of this fascinating branch of study in the Vedas. Besides Vedic Astrology, the website also provides information on astrology in other religions. integrates Artificial Intelligence with Jothisha to enable visitors to get their natal chart dawn up and receive predictions. All the user needs to do is to provide the date and time of their birth. The AI system uses the knowledge base and algorithms designed internally to act as a good Virtual Astrologer.  

Dive Deep Into the Principles of Vedic Astrology

You can visit the website just to draw up your natal charts and receive predictions. However, if you are also an astrology enthusiast, you have access to a wide range of articles on different subjects.

Want to learn the basics of Vedic Astrology? Are you interested in astrology in other religions, in other regions of the world? Want to understand how different astrological systems have influenced each other? You can find the answers here.

Do you want to learn about the sun signs, the navagrahas or nine planets, the 27 nakshatras or Lunar Mansions? You can go to the relevant sections and find many articles on each aspect. Find how each element affects your life in different ways. Further, learn how these elements work in combination to determine your future. Gain a deeper understanding of each planet, the rashis, and so on. Understand how they are related to specific aspects of your life.

Are you curious about the various Doshas? Are you currently affected by a Dosha like Nadi Dosha, or Budha Dosha and want to learn more about it? You can get detailed information about the various types of Doshas here, as well as the remedies for each. After all, astrology can also suggest ways to overcome or mitigate the effects of the negative factors in your kundli. 

Expand Your Knowledge of Mantras and Slokas

Learn the powerful mantras that can offset negative influences and give you clarity of thought and action as you keep chanting with them regularly. Learn the power of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, gain a deeper knowledge about the extremely powerful Gayatri mantra. Read the mantras, learn about their meaning and impact, and also listen to them as they chanted. By listening to the audio, you learn the right way to pronounce the mantras to get the best results

These shlokas contain the 1000 different names of the Mother Goddess Shakti Or Lalita, and the 1000 names of Mahavishnu respectively. Learn the meaning of each name to get a deeper connection with the shlokas as you chant them.

Discover the Great Temples of India

The length and breadth of India are dotted with great temples. These places of worship are associated with different deities, each having their own significance as a place of pilgrimage. These ancient temples are ideal places for prayer and meditation, to achieve a special connection with a higher power. Many of these temples are also remedial temples, parihara sthalams where you can seek relief from the bad effects of past karma, the negative impact of various doshas and other afflictions in your birth chart.

Learn about the great temples and their history, legends, the remedial actions you can perform in these places and so on. Whether you are planning a pilgrimage for spiritual upliftment, or you want to visit parihara sthalams to gain relief from your current problems, these temple guides can provide all the details you want.

Thus, is more than just a place to get predictions about various aspects of your life. It is also a place where you can find solutions to your problems, learn which temple to visit, what mantra to chant, which shloka to recite to get relief. It is also a place where you can enhance your knowledge of astrology and Vedic astrology in particular. 

On, you can learn about the many strong mantras and slokas, and explore the fascinating details of numerous temples across the country. takes you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, and a discovery of India’s wonderful heritage.