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Vimala Yoga

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Vimala Yoga

Vimala Yoga is also a type of Vipareet Rajyoga in which the lord of the 12th house resides in either 6th or 8th house. It is considered to be a blissful formation as it blesses an individual with good health, fame, prosperity, influential position in society and much more. However, for that, the lord of the 12th house must be positive and active.

12th Lord in the 12th house constitutes the best and powerful Vimala yoga.

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Rajnikanth’s Chart

Vimala Yoga blesses an individual even when the situation is glum and therefore, these people always manage to defeat difficult conditions and events in life. It is often seen that people having Vimala Yoga in their horoscope have to struggle for some period in their life but this period will also establish wealth and fame for a long period.

Celebrity Profile

Rajinikanth To Launch Television Channel Soon

Let us study Vimala Yoga more with the help of a celebrity horoscope. Rajnikanth is a Superstar in the true sense who has achieved unparalleled fame and success in his life. The lord of the 12th house lies in the 8th house in his horoscope which enables him to win over difficult circumstances with ease.

We all know that Rajnikant is extremely religious in his life and believes in astrology. Vimala Yoga has a crucial part to play in this and his fame is likely to surpass all boundaries in the coming years as well. He also has Rahu Mahadasha in his horoscope which gives everything in abundance and we all know how fortunate and successful he has been throughout his career.

Like other Vipareet Yogas, Vimala Yoga also requires strong planetary positions in the horoscope or else the results can be partially seen or can even be negligible. Individuals who have Vimala Yoga in their horoscopes might get sudden success due to the demise of their rival or competition.

Such people might even become an immediate successor of a business group after the death of the owner or can unexpectedly gain wealth due to the sudden death of the father or any close relative. However, if the horoscope is weak, then the roles can be reversed as well.