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Adhi Yoga

Adhi yoga in a horoscope is formed with planets in the 6th, 7th, and 8th houses from the 1st house, the lagna, or the moon. There are three types of Adhi yogas – the paap adhi yoga, the Subha Adhi yoga, and the Mixed Adhi yoga. When this yoga is formed from the Chandra lagna or rashi, it is called the Chandra Adhi Yoga. The highlighted 6th, 7th, and 8th houses become powerful. Based on the placement of the benefic and malefic planet in each house, the results are enhanced. 

A person with Adhi yoga in his/her horoscope remains diseases free. He/she also wins over enemies easily. The native is also entitled to get the patronage of kings and ministers. The person will also get a lot of help from people around. As per benefic results for 7th house, he/she will have a happy married life, debt-free life, and live long. Based on the results of all the three houses, the native will earn a lot of wealth in his/her lifetime. 

Adhi yoga is considered to be a very lucky combination to have in the birth chart. It is due to this yoga that the native will have a happy and prosperous phase in life. Adhi yoga is the phase when the native will see a rise in leadership positions and good news regarding financial, social, and workplace achievements. Person with Adhi yoga in his/her horoscope tend to be of benign and philanthropic nature. 


Depending on the strengths of the planets involved the Adhi Yoga could have different effects on the destiny of the native. This could be stated as the running of dasa and antardara at various points in life. To get full benefit of the opportunities coming in your path, you should know the period early and also strive hard to make full use of the good period in your horoscope. 

Celebrity Profile

One of the most prominent examples of having Adhi yoga in the horoscope is of Bill Gates of Microsoft. It is due to the effects of Adhi Yoga in his natal charts he experienced a rise in his profession and also had a lasting success in his business. Moreover, he is also a well-respected person across the globe because of the benefic effects of Adhi Yoga,