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Bheri Yoga

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Bheri Yoga

Bheri Yoga represents wealth in Indian astrology, experts suggest that it can be located in the 6th, the 8th and the 12th houses from Ascendant or the very first house gives rise to this Yoga. Depending upon these houses, this yoga can be qualified into Paap Adhi Yoga, Subha Adhi Yoga and Mixed Adhi yoga. The planets that they derive their energies from have often been addressed as malefic, benefic or blended planets. According to Vedic Astrology, this yoga usually happens in the Rashi or Chandra Lagna, known as Chandra Adha Yoga. Its repercussions, historical significance and grandeur make it an integral form of Raja Yoga.

Bheri Yoga
Bheri Yoga


An individual that in this yoga is believed to accomplish triumph over troubles and stays free from any major health problems as per the benefic 6th house. Vedic experts have believed for years that a person that practices Bheri Yoga shall be recognized and supported by the likes of rulers, priests or any other holders of power. Longevity in marriage is also another good blessing of practicing this yoga with regularity and sincerity. With the effect of the 8th house and its beneficed results, Bheri Yoga leads to the practitioner having a long life, free of responsibilities, disasters and destructive forces.

What makes the individual truly happy here is the possibility of acknowledgment, gratefulness, riches and the ability to associate with the powerful. These qualities are said to be a direct result of the coming together of all the houses that fall into Bheri Yog, thus catering to the ambitious impulses of all. The person will have fame, earn respect, will have leadership qualities and ear surplus wealth.

The astrology also indicates that in the case specific to Paap Adhi Yoga form of Bheri Yoga, the results can be the absolute opposite of the above mentioned instances. However, Mixed Adhi Yoga is the way to go for the coming together of the power of 6th, 8th and the 12th houses and their combined favourable and malefic results. Bheri Yoga is also the coming together of Jupiter, Venus and Lord of Ascendant; all occupy the Vishnu Sthanas which is strong in the reading of horoscope.

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Vidya Balan is a famous person under the influence of Bheri yoga. She was born in Pisces with her ascendant with Virgo as moon sign. The mutual angular position between Jupiter, Venus and Sun affirms her Bheri yoga and makes her the successful recipient of wealth and fame. Her Venus, responsible for her artistry gives her a place in mid-heaven or the Rajyasthana, as aspected by the Jupiter which is in the 4th house and responsible for her talent. The ascendant Jupiter has been responsible for giving her the excellence she deserves and the awards that have ensured that her talent gets recognized by all.