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Frequently Asked Questions – About jothishi

FAQ jothishi

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is

  • A Vedic Astrology and Content Portal that intends to assist users in taking prudent decisions.
  • Perpetually increasing source of content on Vedic related topics. An application that will enable users to explore the spiritual dimension.

What are the services offered by

  • Vedic Chart Analysis
    • Understanding characteristics, love and compatibility, education, career, Karma, Business, areas of interest, health etc
    • Offer services to retail and Institutional clients as well.
  • Recommended Mantras for users. List of Mantras is recorded and uploaded in our you tube channel and text is mentioned in the website of Jothishi.
    • Users may learn mantras which interests them if they wish to:
  • Poojas (to be started: only Archana) for users who are interested.
    • Poojas (Pushpanjali, Archana) will be done in a nearby temple and prasad will be couriered/posted.
    • Every month on the Nakshatra day of the user.
    • We are not into the “Poojary” Aggregator business nor can we handle any other poojas.
    • Focus is only – monthly Archana’s on the Nakshatra day.
  • Intend to publish spiritual magazines, provide advertisement Engine and Brand services in the portal/app and content related services.

How was the Vedic knowledge transmitted through ages?

  1. A combination of Sruthi and Smrithi.
    1. Rishis had great capabilities and Vedas, Upanishads etc have known to be transmitted through “hearing: 😊 over the ages.
    1. Smrithi is heard and written down and transmitted.
    1. In todays age one cannot think of hearing, remembering and transmitting large volumes like vedas etc – leave alone hearing and writing.
    1. Jothish seems to be a combination of both.

Does Shruti/Smriti transmission of knowledge sound unrealistic?

  1. Upto one to believe it or not.

What is the meaning of OM?

  1. A sacred sound that signifies the essence of ultimate reality or consciousness.
    1. A sound that helps one connect with Nature. Jeevatma to the Paramatma.

What significance does sound have in our life?

  1. Sound is conceptualized in the vedas as the cause of creation.
    1. It helps in invoking the power of nature.
    1. The different stages of sound as Paraa, Pashyanti, Madhyamaa, Vaikhari.
    1. Leading to Ichha Sakthi, Gyana Sakthi, Kriya Sakthi.

How do we connect with various sounds and Nature? Why do we need to connect?

  1. Spend more time with nature and people rather than gadgets and you will get connected.
    1. Over a period in time one will start noticing the sounds and getting connected.
    1. Not at all necessary to connect but would suggest to try this out and you will feel the difference.

What are the types of Mantras? What are Mantras?

  1. Mantras are sacred utterance, sound or a group of words that help induce an altered state of consciousness and are known to have psychological and spiritual benefits.
    1. Rig Veda and Sama Veda are a store house of mantras.
    1. MAN TRA – MAN Means Mind/ to Think and TRA means an instrument – Indicating an Instrument of Thought or Mind.
    1. The most basic mantra is OM – The Pranava Mantra – the Source of all Mantras.
    1. Mantras could be melodic, Mathematically Metered and structured and with Numinous sound capabilities.

Does it have an impact in our lives? If we chant repeatedly?

  1. Try it out: Choose any mantra which you like and get connected.

How do I get my mind to think good, do good and spread goodness?

  1. Move closer to god. Do your meditation and mantras.
    1. You will tend to meet good people.
    1. Thoughts will become more positive.
    1. Leading to more peace of mind.
    1. Ultimately think good for all as the differentiation between oneself and others minimizes.