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Punarvasu Nakshatra

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Punarvasu Nakshatra

There are Western and Hindu astrological studies, derived from the study of astronomy and its effects on humans, their personalities, features, past, present and future. The Western astrology is derived from Ptolemy’s 2nd century Tetrabiblos. Today, Western astrology is studied as sun sign astrology, or predictive astrology centred on the movements of the sun’s position and the constellations.

Hindu astrology, traditionally called Jyotisha or Jyotishya, is derived from ancient Vedic study of the position of the moon, the stars, the ascent of the sun and various other factors which determine the human personality.  One of the most significant terms used in Hindu astrology is Nakshatra. The Indian astronomy and the Indian astrology are based on the lunar mansion or the orbit path that the moon takes. This is the Nakshatra.

Nakshatra is 27 in number, coinciding with the zodiac signs as well. Punarvasu Nakshatra or the Dual is term referred to the two brightest stars in the Gemini constellation, Castor and Pollux.

Punarvasu Nakshatra

Planet/Constellation wheel
Planet/Nakshatras Wheel

Gemini constellation refers to the two stars denoting twins. Punarvasu Nakshatra has an extent of 20 degrees of Mithuna or Gemini, crossing into 3 degrees 20 minutes of Kark of Cancer. The word Punarvasu comes from puna and Vasu, meaning renewal, repetition, return or restoration. The first three quarters fall in Mithuna, and the last one falls in the Karkata. The four quarters are rules by Mangala, Shukra, Buddha and Chandra.

The features of Punarvasu Nakshatra are-

  • The totem animal is a cat.
  • The symbol is a bow or a house.
  • The planet Jupiter rules this Nakshatra.
  • Punarvasu is the 7th Nakshatra of the Indian astronomy and astrology.

Positive Characteristics

The characteristics of people born during this period are generally devout, good-natured, quiet, patient, noble and intellectual. They are spiritual in mind and body and have a deep belief in bringing balance in their lives. Prefer simplicity yet they also love living in the moment. They always look for personality and spiritual development. Punarvasu natives love to inspire people around them. They are both extroverts and introverts, depending on the situation and have varied interests, hobbies and are quite passionate about lots of subjects like philosophy. They constantly change their minds and learn to adapt quickly to changes. The Punarvasu people do not like being subdued.s

Negative Characteristics

Punarvasu charecteristics
Charecteristics Punarvasu

The negative features of the people born under this nakshatra display the other extreme of dualism. They tend to be too indecisive and let their moods take over their actions. They are often fickle minded, over critical, oversimplified in attitude and they do not always like displaying their high intelligence. Sometimes, frequent changes make them lose motivation, and they often lack material drive, foresight and spirituality. The dual nature often creates issues in relationships, leading to further complications. Sometimes, practicality gets overwhelmed by emotions, desires and mood swings.

Typical Career Paths

Punarvasu Career
Punarvasu Career

Typical career paths for these people are varied, utilising their practical nature, communication skills and interactive nature. They can thrive in travel and tourism industry, hotel and hospitality management, trade and commerce world, construction, architecture, science and engineering, art, creativity-oriented careers, journalism and media, maintenance and management, manual task oriented careers, accountancy, legal careers, anti-crime endeavours and so on.

Personality Characteristics

Lord Rama was born in Punarvasu Nakshatra
Lord Rama was born in Punarvasu Nakshatra

The general personality traits, common among Gemini people or Mithuna raashi people with Punarvasu Nakshatra elements are as follows-

  • They are quite simple and ideally living people who do not mind simple ways of life. Their morals are extremely high, and they remain conscious of themselves.
  • Being righteous, they are caring towards animals, people, the weak and the vulnerable. If wronged, their passionate anger can be destructive of relationships and interactions around them.
  • They love divine and spiritual philosophy and believe in living by their ideals.
  • They are considered to be lucky and bright people because of their spontaneity and the will to adapt and change.
  • Punarvasu males are religious and on the extreme side, can tend to be fanatical. Punarvasu females are generally calm but when angry, and they are quite argumentative.
  • Gemini Punarvasu people respect elders.  They love rising to occasions and are known to rise from situations.
  • Generally law-abiding citizens who hate anything illegal, immoral or harmful.
  • They are good at debates due to argumentative abilities and intelligence.
  • Both males and females are family oriented, yet they do not take kindly to problematic and complex relationships. They often get divorced due to their inabilities to handle relationships which are not as simple as they would have preferred.
  • They often face health issues, namely obesity due to their simplicity and tendencies to live and not being too active. But given their dogmatic nature, they can overcome their health issues if they stay motivated.
  • Highly skilful, dynamic, innovative and often quite smarter than most other signs. They love the creative, flexible and enjoyable lifestyle and any career is suiting their fancy just perfect for them. They do not let themselves not shine and always take up careers and activities they enjoy.
Punarvasu Nakshatra