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Jyeshtha nakshatra


What are nakshatras?

Jyestha Nakshatra
  • The term nakshatra refers to the domain of the moon. Speculations have been made to determine the etymology of the word.  
  1. ‘naks’ refers to the sky and ‘Kshetra’ refers to an area. Thus, nakshatra means a map of the sky.
  2. ‘naksha’ means map and ‘tara’ means star. So, nakshatra turns out to be ‘star map’.

Jyeshtha nakshatra

The word Jyeshta means “the elder one”. Indicates the person is responsible and assumes an authoritarian role.

It is considered to be the 18th nakshatra in Vedic astrology and belongs to the scorpion sign.

Jyestha Nakshatra ranges from 16.40’ to 30.00’.

The nakshatra is headed by Lord Indra and bestows power to accomplish targets.

It is a lower star and belongs to ‘rakshasa’ gana.

The name of people who belong to this nakshatra usually begins with no, ya, Yi, yu.

As per the Hindu scriptures, nakshatras are perceived as daughters of Daksha and wives of the moon who wished to marry Rohini but had to settle down with 26 others on Daksha’s plea eventually.

Earlier it was believed that there are 28 nakshatras, but careful studies have rejected that thesis and 27 nakshatras have been propounded by careful calculations.

There are 27 divisions by the movement of the moon. Each nakshatra subtends 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Hence, 27 nakshatras complete the 360-degree cycle.  

Positive traits:

  • The people born under the influence of this nakshatra are born leaders. They achieve whatever goals they wish to accomplish in life. Hence, they are suitable for the positions of executive officers,
  • They always look forward in life and attain name and fame owing to their hard work.
  • They are influential people.
  • Jyestha perform well when left alone and attain great heights by their efforts.
  • Sincere at work and climb ladders of success hastily.
  • They have high intellectual capabilities and are thoughtful. Therefore, they turn out to be good writers.
  • They make very few friends.

Negative traits:

  • They might seem harsh and proud externally but turn out to be humble people when you get to know them closely. It is often said that these people are loose on morals internally.
  • They indulge in arguments frequently. Therefore, at times people feel that they are not getting enough space in the communication.
  • No intimacy with family.
  • They are often ill-tempered and might have to face difficulties due to such nature.
  • At a certain stage of life, they might associate themselves with drugs and this might result in the loss of their hard –earned reputation.
  • Prone to bad health and spend their whole life combating some or the other disease.
  • They are jealous, secretive and revengeful people.
  • They do not pay heed to the advice of others and are assertive by nature.

Female characteristics:

  • Women born under this nakshatra are proud, dignified and self-sufficient.
  • If she is not born with a silver spoon in mouth, she will put one by herself.
  • At a certain stage of life, she will acquire a dominant and respectful position in the family. It may seem that all other members of the family are dependent upon her.
  • When it comes to money, she is very careful in money matters.
  • They often dramatise themselves to earn respectful positions.
  • It is said that a cow must be donated in charity at the time of marriage of the girl born under Jyeshta nakshatra to wipe out the evil effects associated.
  • She should be careful of the sycophants and be aware of what people have to say about her.
Male characteristics:
  • They believe in superficial things and often indulge in occult activities.
  • They are born hypocrites.
  • He often fails to digest secrets and might speak them out. So better be aware.
  • Stubborn in nature.
  • Leaves home at an early age to attain higher education and change profession frequently.
  • He is not adored by the siblings and close family members.
Different padas associated with Jyeshta nakshatra
  • 1st pada: it ranges from 16.40 to 20 degrees. They have a good sense of humour and excellent writing capabilities.
  • 2nd pada: it ranges from 20 to 23.20 degrees. They do not carry much weight in their heart and spend life smoothly. However, they remain troubled by health problems.
  • 3rd pada:  it ranges from 23.20 to 26.30 degrees. They lose temper easily and have difficulty maintaining harmony with other family members. Diseases related to eyes haunt them occasionally.
  • 4th pada: it ranges from 26.40 to 30 degrees. These people are cruel and quarrelsome.
Jyeshta Nakshatra