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Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra explanation with celebrity examples

One of the most auspicious in Hindu scriptures, the Pushya Nakshatra denotes ‘to nourish’ or ‘nourisher’. It is located in the Zodiac sign of Cancer.

This Nakshatra bestows energy and power. The symbol is udder of a cow, and the animal symbol is the goat.

According to Hindu scriptures, Maa Lakshmi – the Goddess of wealth and prosperity was born on this auspicious day. It comprises of the stars namely Theta-, Gamma- and Eta-Cancri.

The ruling deity of Pushya is Brihaspati (an aspect of Jupiter), and the ruling planet is Saturn. Pushya is regarded as a favourable Nakshatra for spiritual quests.

The Pushya Nakshatra occurring on Thursday or Sunday is known as Guru Pushya Nakshatra Yog or Ravi Pushya Nakshatra Yog, respectively.

Pushya Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Planets and Constellations
Planets and Constellations
  • There are 27 constellations in the 12 signs, according to Vedic Astrology. The Pushya is the 8th constellation and is regarded as highly auspicious.
  • This Nakshatra is blessed by the Gods and ruled by Jupiter.
  • Moon is the Rashi Lord of this constellation.
  • Pushya Nakshatra is believed to be favourable for all kinds of auspicious festivals and cultural occasions.
Positive Characteristics
  • Characteristic traits of individuals under Pushya Nakshatra include the zeal to care, protect and expand.
  • People born under this Nakshatra are protective towards their family, and towards the society, they belong to.
  • Their inherent quality to protect enables them to look beyond themselves when it comes to bigger issues of the society around them.
  • They have a sense of balance, poise, calmness, patience and courtesy.
  • Fond of good food and a good way of life.
  • They are seldom indecent or vulgar and do not engage themselves in non-ethical activities.
  • Determined individuals who would work hard for their goals.
  • Helpful and are rarely outrageous and loud.
  • Their characteristics display a maternal instinct when it comes to dealing with different emotions.
  • Some of the common and positive traits also include humanitarian, benevolence and philanthropic behaviour.
Negative Characteristics
  • Apart from the inherent positivism, individuals under the Pushya Nakshatra also have some negative characteristics, which include possessiveness, orthodoxy and narrow-mindedness.
  • Owing to their over-protective mannerism, they may turn out to appear fiercely possessive.
  • Moreover, their conservatism may make them contribute to the negative traits of prejudices.
  • They may also possess dogmatic headstrongness at times when it may not be required.
Pushya Nakshatra Male Characteristics
  • Males under this Nakshatra have soft hearts and may find it difficult to take concrete decisions.
  • They may behave efficiently only while taking decisions for oneself, which may appear to be selfish.
  • Their decisions may at times appear to be hypocritical.
  • Love being praised and flattered and may get enraged when criticised.
  • Desire freedom and love to dress well.
  • They are not able to reflect on their abilities, thus may fall victim to many failures.
Pushya Nakshatra Female Characteristics
Pushya Image
  • Females with Pushya Nakshatra love a peaceful life.
  • They are respectful towards the elderly and are not afraid of adversities in life.
  • Systematic and graceful mannerism when it comes to handling life.
  • They would generally find company among trustworthy people. They are also quite trustworthy themselves.
  • Most of the females under this Nakshatra are shy and are unable o express their innermost feelings.

Professions for Pushya Nakshatra

Professional Pushya
Profession – Pushya
  • With a strong correlation between knowledge, concentration and method, people born under Pushya Nakshatra excel in fields related to public administration, counselling, planning and research.
  • People born under Pushya Nakshatra may opt to become priests or clergies.
  • They may also find interest in careers related to geology, development of land and related options.
  • They may also have a prosperous future as land or agricultural merchants, and aquatic biologists.
  • As they have strong inclinations towards building, creating and expanding, and thus, they may opt for philosophy, religious preaching and education.
  • Pushya Nakshatra individual is excellent in intellectual conversation.
Family Life
Family Life Pushya
Family -Pushya
  • People born under this Nakshatra may have to walk on a difficult family path.
  • The family hurdles may start at childhood, as the family members would focus more on their downfalls.
  • However, they would always stay attached to their parents.
  • Under the bitter experiences in life, the individuals would be able to build themselves stronger for the future.  
  • In marital life, the husbands may have to stay away from their wives and children due to any possible reason.
  • At times males under this Nakshatra may not allow their wives to become dependent.
Health -Pushya
  • Pushya Nakshatra individuals may have to face many obstacles when it comes to health.
  • One may face various health issues, especially till the age of 15. This may reduce with age and with healthy precautions.
  • The most common ailments that people under this Nakshatra may face are jaundice, ulcer, Gall bladder stone, cough, eczema, gastric, gastric ulcers, tuberculosis, skin diseases, and cancer.