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Abhijeet Nakshatra

Abhijith Nakshatra Triangle


  • Nakshatra is defined as the Lunar mansion according to the Vedic astrology. It defines the movement of the sun and the Lunar Constellations.
  • In order to go from One Zodiac Sign to the next, the moon takes about 2-3 days. Therefore, in order to complete the circle, it takes 28 days. Hence 28 nakshatras.
  • According to Indian Hindu Astrology, the moon is generally associated with the softer aspects of ones being like looks, personality, emotional quotient and the mental state.
  • The association of Nakshatra’s influence on ones being is based on the belief that just like moon’s movement has an impact on the geography of the earth, it has an influence over one’s spiritual being.

Abhijeet nakshatra

  • The Abhijit Nakshatra Ranges from 6:40 degrees and 10:53 degrees. It overlaps with the Uttaraashada and Shravan Nakshatras as well.
  • The sun sign associated with the Abhijeet Nakshatra is Capricorn.
  • The Ruling planet of the nakshatra is Mercury and its meaning is victorious.
  • The primary deity of the Abhijeet Nakshatra is the Brahma. As for that, this star sign is associated with lucky individuals who are spiritual, honest and are held in a high esteem in the society.
  • Among the 28 nakshatra’s it is only the Abhijeet nakshatra who is masculine.
  • It is the 28nd Lunar mansion and its lucky numbers are J and K.
  • Those who are born under the Abhijeet nakshatra generally display a medium height and a well-proportioned body. They exude a magnanimous personality and have a radiant facial expression. They are graceful in nature and have sharp, influential and penetrating looks.
Triangle Abhijith Nakshatra
Triangle Abhijith Nakshatra

Positive Characteristics

  • Those who are born under the Abhijeet Nakshatra have a penchant of standing out due to their intelligence because of Brahma’s influence.
  • Due to the wisdom shown by Abhijit Nakshatra Influenced individuals, they are well respected in a society and therefore, can be at the topmost position of wherever they work.
  • Because of the Influence of Brahma, those governed by the Abhijit Nakshatra are highly intellectual and curious individuals.
  • Those Under Abhijeet nakshatra tend to be on the receiving end of immense luck.
  • As wisdom and morality rules their demeanor, those under Abhijit nakshatra are always honest in their dealings. As a result of it, they are liked by everyone.
  • Those under the influence of Abhijit Nakshatra are always focused towards achieving the highest positions.
  • There is no indication of lack in money under any circumstance, for there is a chance that those under the Abhijit Nakshatra to acquire vast amount of wealth as well.

Negative Characteristics

  • Due to their inherently positive and ambitious demeanor, those with Abhijit Nakshatra may encounter a lot of obstacles in their path towards success.
  • The individuals born under the nakshatra are rare. As a result, finding an appropriate mate might be an issue. Due to this, there is a chance for more than one marriage.
  • Due to the Influence of Saturn, there is a chance of losing children after marriage. May be one or two children.  
  • Those who are governed under the Abhijit Nakshatra have to be especially careful during their childhood. The babies tend to have a lot of health issues that makes their parents immensely anxious.
  • Abhijit Nakshatra has an immense influence of Saturn as those it governs are in their late teens or the inception of twenties. Therefore, there is a risk to life when the child is 19 and 20 years old.
  • The positive aura that Abhijit Nakshatra bearing individuals exude can attract both positive and negative individuals. The chances of envious individuals to be around too often is high.
  • The females under the Abhijit Nakshatra can have an apprehensive outlook towards the concept of marriage.

Typical Career Paths

  • Due to the presence of the deity brahma and due to the meaning of victory, those who are born under Abhijit nakshatra tend to gravitate towards powerful professions.
  • Many among the Abhijit Nakshatra tend to gravitate towards careers that are directly or indirectly related to waterworks like canals, lakes, wells.
  • Additionally, due to the innate curiosity that they are born with, those under the influence of lunar mansion Abhijeet can choose the career path related to mineral mining. However, even there, they are going to choose leadership positions.
  • There is an immense possibility of wealth at all times. Therefore, financial careers like CEOs, CFO, CTOs, General managers, Share broker, and bank manager are possible.
  • Due to their pursuit towards intellect, the individuals are highly like to go into research work and choose professions such as scientists, engineers, historian.
  • Another aspect of their personality is steeped in spirituality. Therefore, there is a chance that their career path takes them towards occult as well.
  • They are immensely social in nature, and therefore, they contribute immensely in creation of temples, dharamshalas, orphanages etc.

Personality Characteristics

  • Some common personality traits of individuals governed under Abhijit Nakshatra is their calm demeanor, sharp looks and an attractive personality.
  • They are extremely moralistic in nature and therefore try to achieve everything in life in the right way.
  • Holders of great amount of intelligence, those under Abhijit are ambitious in nature are strive towards reaching the absolute top position.
  • The female born under the Abhijit Nakshatra are impartial individuals who don’t judge people by their wealth, bodies, and other materialistic articles.