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Uttaraashada Nakshatra

Uttarashada Nakshatra


  • According to Vedic astronomy, Nakshatra refers to the lunar mansion. It depicts lunar constellations and the movement of the moon.
  • Indian astronomy suggests that moon goes from one zodiac sign to the next in the span of 2 to 3 days. In order to complete a full circle, it takes 28 days.
  • The lunar aspects are generally associated with the softer intricacies of an individual’s state of being. These facets include looks, personality, intelligence and emotional response.

Uttaraashada Nakshatra

  • According to Hindu astrology, the Uttaraashada nakshatra is 24th Nakshatra. It belongs to the sign of Capricorn and its range is from 26-40’
  • Its animal symbol is the male mongoose. Therefore, the physical characteristics of an individual born under this nakshatra entails a well-proportioned body with a tall figure, broad head, charming eyes, long nose and a graceful appearance.
  • Those governed by Uttarashada nakshatra have the cumulative qualities of sun, Saturn and Jupiter.
  • Those governed by Uttaraashada nakshatra have cumulative qualities of two zodiac signs that are Sagittarius and Capricorn.
  • The ruling planet of this nakshatra is the Sun itself.
  • The Presiding deity of this nakshatra is Vishvadevas, the son of Dharma.
  • It is associated with a deeply spiritual and curious personality that pushes the individual to be deeply involved with any task that involves gathering of knowledge.
  • When translated, it means later victory.
  • It is symbolized by an elephant’s tusk and planks of bed.

Positive Characteristics

  • Individuals who are born under the Uttaraashada nakshatra are good looking and graceful. They are refined, and soft-spoken and their looks exude innocence.
  • When it comes to dealing with business or intellectual matters, Uttaraashada bearing individuals are plain and show complete sincerity.
  • Being pure and strong hearted individuals, those under uttaraashada nakshatra cannot be subdued by others.
  • They strive to learn every aspect of everything they is being taught. Therefore, they are always fully trained and ready to deal with many intellectual matters.
  • Throughout their lives, they acquire many friends.
  • They are obedient in nature as well. They are also completely involved with the activity they are told to undertake.
  • When it comes to happiness, they are subjected to its maximum at one stage of their lives.
  • Those under uttaraashada believe in simplicity of life. Therefore, even if they are at a high position in society, they are more likely to dress plainly.
Image of Small Bed Uttara shada Nakshatra
Image of small bed Uttarashada Nakshatra

Negative Characteristics

  • Because of their simple nature, there are times that they can be misunderstood. Additionally, others are not able to fully perceive their merits and demerits.
  • While they have an inherent good quality, it won’t be something everyone would approve of. As a result, those born under Uttarashada nakshatra are prone to landing into problems that are uncalled for.
  • While their personality cannot be subdued by others, they cannot instill confidence in others either.
  • Although Uttaraashada bearing individuals sincerely engage with new tasks with vigor, they are generally lazy in nature.
  • Those born under Uttarashada nakshatra are prone to flattery. Additionally, they expect a lot from others and therefore, look for care from others.
  • On the familial side, they will lack happiness from their children’s side.
  • On the health side, there bodies are prone to stomach issues, limb issues and poor eyesight.
  • They have issues with confrontation and therefore, have a difficulty uttering harsh words directly when facing harsh individuals. They care what others think about them and therefore, want to maintain an image of innocence.
  • There are times when they shall be subjected to maximum unhappiness in their lives.

Typical Career Path

  • Because of the combined influence of Sagittarius and Capricorn, those under uttaraashada nakshatra gravitate towards government related jobs.
  • The government jobs that are suited for them mostly come from the judiciary line because of the influence of Sun, Saturn and Jupiter. Therefore, they are gravitated towards positions of lawyers, judges, advocates, paralegal.
  • The combined influence of the ruling planets and the zodiac sign represent judiciary and government. Therefore, Uttarashada nakshatra bearing individuals can also find their way directed towards politics.
  • Uttarashada also represents the defense services. Therefore, another typical career path resides in the defense areas like army, military and security personnel.
  • It also signifies a line in business with the career choices being business executives, managers, organizers.
  • It also has the innate significance in sports, because the sun is also a sign of energy, and Sagittarius and Jupiter are signs of flexibility. Most wrestlers, athletes are seen through uttaraashada nakshatra.
  • As the individuals governed under Uttaraashada are highly spiritual in nature, they can just as easily play the role of priest, preachers, educators, spiritual leaders, psychologist, councilors as well.  
  • Because of the training they receive and their curiosity, most of the pioneers in their field are a part of Uttaraashada nakshatra.

Personality Characteristics

  • Those governed under Uttarashada are generally charming in their very nature. They are simple, kind and are always willing to help.
  • A deep curiosity is seeded within those who are governed under Uttaraashada, as a result, they are always on a road towards a quest for knowledge.
  • The individuals are open to apologizing and repenting if they are convinced that they have indeed made a mistake.
  • The females born under Uttaraashada are eager to jump into conflict with others because they don’t think before speaking.
Uttarashada Nakshatra