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Chitra Nakshatra

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Chitra Nakshatra

About Chitra Nakshatra

  • Numbering 14 out of the 28 Hindu nakshatras, the Chitra nakshatra coincides with the zodiac sign of Libra and falls within the range, 19° 20′ – 2° 40′.
  • A shiny pearl or jewel represent the Chitra Nakshatra.
  • As indicated by the symbol of the Chitra Nakshatra, a person born under this lunar marking is believed to be a gem of a person – they possess a larger-than-life aura, which makes them natural leaders.
  • Like their animal counterpart, the female tiger, Chitra natives are fiercely intelligent – they move fast and hard to achieve lofty ambitions in life.

Chitra Nakshatra – Positive Characteristics

Listed below are some of the general positive traits of native Chitra folks:

  • The people born under the Chitra Nakshatra, in addition to having innate leadership qualities, also possess an artistic side to them.  They enjoy a creative outlook on life; and are aesthetically simulated by colours and design patterns.
  • Like most artistic personalities, they can have long periods of increased sensitivity to the surroundings and the psychological situations in their life. Chitra natives may have periods of elevated motivation during which they are in sync with the Muses that allow them to pour fourth art.
  • Chitra natives are perceptive folk with an almost overactive subconscious capacity to pick up subtle and non-verbal cues in their daily environment that may then appear in their dreams. They have an intuitive sense that is more developed than normal – hence, a Chitra native must always listen to their gut instinct before taking any major decisions in life.
  • Chitra natives are kind and compassionate humans who sometimes sacrifice more than is required for the wellbeing of their loved ones – they share a diamond-strong bond with members of their family and friends. If someone close to them is undergoing pain or distress, Chitra natives feel a strong vicarious sympathy and will extend their full support to the sufferers.
  • Chitra natives are highly intelligent and resourceful – they are adept at making good use of what is available to them to achieve more than what is expected.  Chitra natives are advised to garner and focus their considerable smarts into working towards a specific goal, and not waste their mental energy on trivial or rambling pursuits.  
  • They cherish their freedom freedom to be themselves is the most valued ideal. They do not like living under duress or peer pressure – but rather, are compelled to live out life in exactly the way they want. Natives rarely lose their temper – but if pushed into a corner, they can lash out with righteous anger.

Chitra Nakshatra – Negative Characteristics

Chitra Nakshatra with a Jewel
Chitra Nakshatra – Jewel

Listed below are some of the general negative traits of native Chitra folks:

  • Chitra natives can get offended easily and may get extremely frustrated when they are unable to arrive at a result that they crave intensely. At such times, they will be willing to marinate in solitude and cut off touch with the outside world until they regain their equilibrium.  They are happiest when allowed to constantly access and draw forth from their creative wellspring.
  • Chitra natives may unintentionally hurt other people, because they may get too wrapped up in their artistic endeavours – and not pay enough attention to the people beyond. Sometimes, they can talk without thinking – and blurt out an inconvenient truth. They must learn to practice discretion.
  • Chitra natives may sometimes project a false illusion of being superficial – but in reality, they are rather philosophical people.

  • Chitra natives are typically closer to their maternal side, and may not have a strong relationship with the paternal side.
  • Chitra natives may sometimes face turbulence in marriage, due to disagreements about job or living situation – but they will adjust to maintain the matrimonial peace.  Their spouse will appreciate them for their attitude.
  • Chitra natives will share a timeless, serious bond with their children – the children will look up to and deeply respect Chitra native parents. In most cases, kids will not cross the Chitra parent – but rather listen and act upon the advice of the latter.

Typical Career Paths

Chitra nakshatra
Chitra Nakshatra
  • Because of their interest in visually appealing material, Chitra natives tend to choose a profession that requires a sharp, discerning eye for beauty and optic resonance such as artists, fashion designers, interior designers, painters, tailors, website designers, digital artists, graphic designers, and photographers.
  • Since Chitra natives possess a natural curiosity of mind, they would also fare well in fields that entail an analytical intellect such as a mechanic, engineer, carpenter, plumber or electrical engineer.
  • Chitra natives need to feel an emotional connect with the big-picture goal(s) in their lives – if they are lucky enough to develop a connect, then they can move Heaven and Earth to get to where they want to be in life.  They are known to work conscientiously and chip away at their obstacles persistently to advance.
  • Chitra natives can make good bosses, but only if the associated responsibility does not interfere with their creative inclinations or alone time– which they need for recharging themselves.  If they do decide to become a leader, they will be well-liked by team members and management, alike.