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Magha – the bountiful


Magha Nakshatra

In Indian astronomy and Hindu astrology, Nakshatra is used as a term for the lunar mansion. There are 27 or 28 sectors along the ecliptic. The movement of the lunar constellations and that of the moon is depicted through Nakshatra. According to Indian astronomy, it takes about 2.3 days for the moon for moving into the next zodiac sign. Therefore, for completing one full cycle, the moon takes 27-28 days. In classical Hindu scriptures like Harivamsa and Mahabharata, the Nakshatra creation is attributed to Daksha.

Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nashatra Regulus
Magha Nakshatra
  • As per Hindu astrology, Magha is the 10th Nakshatra. This Nakshatra spans through the constellations of Leo and Virgo. The ruling planet for the Nakshatra is Ketu, and it also corresponds to star Regulus.
  • The Nakshatra is translated as ‘the mighty one’. The symbol of the Nakshatra is the royal palanquin – the royal seat on which the king travelled throughout the town. The royal throne room is also understood at many times.
  • The presiding deity of the Magha Nakshatra is Pitris – the ancestral fathers of humanity guardian angels. The deity is believed to protect in the event of any kinds of calamities.
  • Rakshasa is the Magha nakshatra gana, and hence the nature of people in this nakshatra is severe or fierce, ‘ugra’ in Vedic astrology.

Positive characteristics

Magha Nakshatra
  • Physical characteristics of people in Magha Nakshatra are quite prominent. Both men and women belonging to this nakshatra are attractive physically. Hair growth is abundant, making women look beautiful. Inclination towards ancestral heritage is felt strongly. People are said to have strong leadership skills and talents. Righteousness is another characteristic trait of these people. In an interaction with people of the society, they are highly thoughtful. Also, these individuals are highly enterprising.
  • Respecting elders, following the teachings of forefathers, maintaining family traditions and customs are some prominent traits of people in the Magha Nakshatra. They are also God fearing and religious by nature. Arts, literature, culture and similar stuff attract these people greatly, and they do it quite well. Their approach towards life is careful, but at the same time, they love to enjoy life as it comes. People in this Nakshatra are full of caring attitude and empathy. They are careful in not hurting other people, and if they do so by mistake, they are not hesitant in asking an apology.
  • People with Magha Nakshatra are intelligent and positive. They are kind and will always extend a hand of help to others in need. This is the reason such people have many admirers.

Negative characteristics

Negative traits in people belonging to Magha Nakshatra are many.

  • Since people in this Nakshatra are independent-minded people, they do not like any hindrance in their works and actions from other people. Due to this behavioural characteristic, they make many enemies in the process. These people have a strong dislike for people who do not like them. Disrespect is something which they cannot tolerate. They can go to the extent of showing cruel behaviour to people who do not respect them.
  • These people love material pleasures and crave for higher positions in society. Most of the time they succeed and this imparts a sense of pride and arrogance in them. This is a prominent negative trait in people of Magha Nakshatra. Being in a powerful position and being overconfident, they tend to impose their decisions on others – whether people like it or not. Racial superiority leads to resentment among people.
  • People in Magha Nakshatra are often hot-tempered and arrogant and resentful, extremely jealous and prejudiced. They become highly discontented when they fail to meet their goals. Another great problem with people of this Nakshatra is that they are highly susceptible to flattery.

Career options for Magha Nakshatra people

Magha Career
Career Magha

It is interesting to know that people in the Magha Nakshatra are diligent and have a tendency of working quite hard. Business is not a good career option for these people as they are quite straightforward. However, other kinds of professions are suitable for them letting them earn excellent designation and good amounts of money as well. Most people in this Nakshatra look to be their bosses and hence being self-employed is the best choice for them. Switching jobs frequently is a common trait in these people, and they will keep on doing it until they are satisfied. Some prominent career options for these people would include historians, judges, politician, lawyer, actor, musicians, managers, heads of corporations etc.

Personality characteristics of Magha Nakshatra people

Magha Personality
  • Men who belong to Magha Nakshatra are highly enterprising. They are God-fearing, religious, respect elders and love following traditions and customs.
  • Live or want to live a kingly lifestyle and represent the lion.
  • They are recognised, honoured in educated circles, love cultural activities etc.
  • Magha natives are kind and will not hurt anyone. They love sticking to the truth and will fight for the same.
  • Women in Magha Nakshatra are God-fearing and highly charitable. Women love to enjoy luxuries and comforts in their lives. In times of need, these women go out of their way to help others.
  • These people often have a harmonious and good married life.