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Hasta – the hand

Image of Hasta Nakshatra

What is Nakshatra?

Nakshatras are lunar constellations as per Vedic astrology. It is said that the nakshatras play a direct role in manifesting the expressions of people directly. Every 2.3 days, the moon changes signs or houses as it is called.

For moving through all the 12 signs of the zodiac, it takes approximately 28 days. This covers two weeks of waxing and two weeks of the waning of the moon. In Vedic astrology, it is said that the moon has a direct relation to our natural emotions, intuitions and intelligence. Depending on the position of the moon, feelings and emotions of people keep on changing.

Hasta Nakshatra

  • Hasta Nakshatra is the 13th Nakshatra as per Hindu astrology. The Hasta Nakshatra ranges from degrees 10 – 23:20 and falls in the Virgo sign. The moon is the ruling planet of this Nakshatra, and the ruling element is fire.
  • The Nakshatra is translated as ‘the hand’. The symbol of the Hasta Nakshatra is a hand. The hand is an open one in the posture of blessing humanity. It is a well-known symbol in Hindu astrology.
  • The presiding deity of Hasta Nakshatra is Savitar – the Sun God. It is said and believed that this God helps in imparting transforming and creative energy. Sun God is also believed to be the inspiration giver.
  • For the Hasta nakshatra, the ‘gana’ is Devagana (Lord-like). People belonging to this nakshatra have a purity of deed, thought or words. They are extremely active, have good self-control and are very resourceful.

Positive Characteristics

  • People who are born under Hasta Nakshatra are sincere, loyal and kind. They are not only attractive physically, but they have a pleasant and charming appearance overall. Their flamboyance, charming vivacity and generosity are also highly appreciated. Along with calmness and poise, people in this Nakshatra also exude strength and power. Along with being helpful and kind, people in this Nakshatra are oriented towards creativity, action and craftsmanship. They are skilled in different kinds of arts.
  • When it comes to leading lives, people under Hasta Nakshatra are intelligent as well as practical in nature. These are self-motivated people who love to be in control of things and situations. They are unattached in their dealings and are focused on acquisition. These people are excellent at promoting and defending their interests in the best possible manner. People under this Nakshatra are determined, dexterous and industrious workers. Most of them can accumulate wealth in the later part of their life.
  • People under this Nakshatra make excellent use of their wisdom, knowledge and action. They are cordial in their behaviour and can change as per the situation. They are skilled in providing service and can take advantage of opportunities in foreign lands or new areas. Though they have a calm composure, they are firm in their dealings.
  • Hasta Nakshatra people know how to handle their relationships well. They understand the value of social rituals and various kinds of courtesies. Even if they are angry, they can weigh down their words so that the expression of anger can be suppressed. They also have the innate quality of inspiring and motivating people.

Negative Characteristics

Hasta Nakshatra
  • For their knack of controlling people and situations, people born under Hasta Nakshatra can be extremely cruel and outrageously dominating. They also have a lack of sensitivity and are prone to rude callousness. They are also seen to adopt treacherous and scheming ways to get things under their control.
  • People under this Nakshatra are restless and emotionally unsettled. They remain mistrustful and unabashed. They can turn to the extent of being nasty.
  • Most people under this Nakshatra have the bad habit of overindulgence in pleasuring themselves, even if there are limited means. Many of them fall prey to various kinds of abuses and addictions including that of alcohol and drugs. They can become quite critical when under stress or anxiety and take a suppressed route. They are also seen to be cold and mechanical with people from whom they will get no advantage.

Career options for people in the Hasta Nakshatra

Career Options

It is interesting to see that different kind of career options seem suitable for people in the Hasta nakshatra.

People who are artists, scholars, painters, writers, teachers, craftsmen, healers, astrologers, advisors, counsellors, priests, educators etc. do well in this nakshatra. A good career can also be made in communications and sales, hospital and volunteer work, PR department, conference planning, travel industry etc.

Personality characteristics of people in Hasta Nakshatra

  • Men belonging to Hasta Nakshatra are admired and loved for their calm nature. Their public life is great mainly because of their magnetic personality. Even without being asked by anyone, they always offer their help to people in need. The sad part is that most of the time they are misunderstood and are criticised by people. Their life is a series of crests and troughs.
  • Women in the Hasta Nakshatra are extremely beautiful and charming. Their physical beauty needs special mention. Though they are shy, they are not very comfortable when they are ruled over by bosses and seniors. They are bold and straightforward. Most of them have a peaceful and happy conjugal life.