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Swati Nakshatra

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Swati Nakshatra:

Fifteenth in sequence, the Swati nakshatra falls within the zodiac sign of Scorpio in the range, 2° 40′ – 16°.

The Swati Nakshatra is symbolised by a plant, such as a coral.

A person born under the auspice of the Swati Nakshatra is a ‘people person’ – they stand out in a social gathering for their natural vivacity and charm. These folks are known for their network-building and collaboration skills.

Swati natives have an aspect of adventure or danger in their charts – they are known for going out of their way to experience new places, food and societies. They love to travel to exotic places around the globe.   

Swati Nakshatra – Positive Characteristics

Listed below are some of the general positive traits of native Swati folks:

  • The people born under Swati Nakshatra mostly have an extroverted personality – they love hanging out in groups and will generally capture the limelight effortlessly.
  • They live their best lives when they can see themselves through the eyes of others, and they cannot remain in solitude for extended periods.   
  • They have a certain flair for the dramatic; this trait combined with their sociability makes them the life of the party. They make friends easily as they love talking to everyone.
  • Swati natives are enterprising and fearless, and they are good at setting trends or starting something – they proudly wear their beliefs on their sleeves for the world to see. They like exploring new concepts, ideologies and ways of living.
  • Close on the heels of their adventure gene is their love for physical travel. Swati natives tend to bore easily, and will long to set shop elsewhere if they have stayed in one place for too long.  If they do travel to new pastures, they can establish themselves with ease by sealing friendships, and useful acquaintances. Truly, variety is the spice of life for the diverse Swati native.
  • Swati natives do feel negative emotions such as envy, anger and spit from time to time, but they have enough self-awareness to identify and correct their psychological make-up before it messes with their life.
  • They are smart enough to focus on the positives, and their upbeat disposition does not permit them to dwell on the negatives too much.
  • Swati natives believe in the basic goodness of human beings, and as a result, they attract a like-minded flock of positive folks to their inner friend circle. They prefer to avoid mixing too much with the wet blanket types and will keep them at arm’s length. They want their immediate world to be all sunshine and rainbows.

Swati Nakshatra – Negative Characteristics

Swati Lorded by Vayu

Listed below are some of the general negative traits of native Swati folks:

  • Swati natives, in some cases, are spacious and venal – they can flit around like butterflies without having their personality. They can be unhealthily fixated with trivial matters such as looking good or garnering approval for their activities on social media.
  • Swati natives have fits of indecisiveness – they are usually torn between flying around the world and settling down. As a consequence of their ambivalence, they manage to annoy close friends and family.
  • They are known for making a few enemies in the course of their lifetime – mostly people who are jealous of their magnetic appeal and success. Swati natives will be prone to poking the wound instead of conciliating with someone with whom they have drifted apart. They must avoid malicious gossip and backstabbing others.

  • Swati natives need a quieter personality as a romantic partner, a listener type of balancing out the union – and preventing things from getting too loud or rowdy.
  • They will enjoy married life if they manage to find and hold on to a love interest.
  • Swati natives will begin to get jaded with their snazzy lifestyle when they are in their mid-thirties and at this time they will want to start a family.  They will share a fun, playful equation with their kids.
  • Swati natives are obsessed with themselves and their heritage/roots and they will care deeply for their parents and grandparents.
Typical Career Paths
  • At the core of the personality of a Swati, native is the desire to reach out to and befriend as many people as possible – and the need for attention. Hence, they will do well in jobs that need a candidate to be effective at handling interactions with other people. Examples are salespeople, managers, customer support, marketing, nurses, hospitality and teachers.  
  • More importantly, they have the right temperament to become CEOs and chairpersons of their own companies. At heart, they are entrepreneurs and businessmen. Their dream would be to start a company that goes on to do very well, financially.
  • Swati natives do not perform well under the thumb of a boss – they cannot stand being micromanaged or constantly monitored. Hence, the first few years of their career may see them go to work with a stormy face. At work, they prefer being a manager or an individual contributor.  
  • Swati natives also make good freelancers and consultants as these jobs generally come with flexible timings and minimal supervision. In this case, however, they will miss the daily hue and cry of employees around them.
Swati Nakshatra