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Baby Vedic Name-Ishan


Vedic astrology is a way of life, has beliefs in many fields of life, including how an individual should be named. It is firmly believed that the name an individual carries for a lifetime must be carefully thought out and decided. This helps in giving the baby a clear purpose in life and helps them attain their destiny in a better way.

There are many common names, and almost all popular Hindu names have a meaning and significance. One such well-known name for a boy in a Hindu household is “Ishan”.

Literal Meaning

The name Ishan means the ruler, i.e. Lord Vishnu as well as is synonymous with Ishwar, the Lord. The name also signifies “the third eye of Lord Shiva”, thereby meaning the invisible power within.

Characteristics of the name

It is a reliable name, and hence the individual possessing this name is generally a healthy person. The first thing a person can note about an individual with this name is the extremely positive attitude they have towards life and all things. Negativity cannot survive around their positive energy, making them well loved, wherever they go.

The person with the name “Ishaan” is generally passionate about their work and strive for perfectionism. They are loving and generous with a realistic understanding of their situation, yet they will put in that much extra effort to make something perfect. 

Their sense of humour is excellent and infectious, and the spontaneity in their actions inspires one and all. Under all this laughter, there is an emotional and sensitive soul, who loves people with passion and expects the same. This may sometimes lead to them getting hurt.