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Millennial’s And Astrology: Why They Are So Much Into Astrology?

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If you are thinking that astrology is restricted only to the pen and paper, then you are definitely wrong. In the age of millennial’s, astrology is as modern as fashion. Astrology has welcomed the changes in the 21st century’s thought process with open arms. It is available online, in newspapers, magazines, on TV, and almost every area you look into. Development in the way of life and growth of amenities had led to equal growth in miseries and tragedies of mankind, which astrology claims will heal in the coolest way possible. 

Why Millenial’s Are So Much Into Astrology?

Amazon Horoscope Bringing Millennial's And Astrology Close
Amazon Horoscope Bringing Millennial’s And Astrology Close

This is the easiest question to answer considering the social environment in which millennials are growing. Millennials live a stressful multidimensional life. The factors which they have to look into have increased since the beginning of the 21st century. They are concerned about appearance, relationship, clothes, money, work, success, and savings. Earlier generations kept their list small, hence they had less stress and a better life.

According to the 2014 survey done by the American Psychological Association, millennial’s are the most stressed out. In so much stress, they lose touch with their families, and friends who are ready to act as their support system. Instead, they look out for a support system outside their circle, and astrology readily fills this place. It not only acts like a friend but also as a Guide. The predictions of zodiac trends and planets help them to gear up for future turmoils. They take a head start into these difficult circumstances, knowing for sure in their mind that astrology will provide justification for all of their problems. For example, if you lose an important business deal, astrology will put the blame on a Mercury Retrograde in your horoscope. Therefore, you can easily say that the fault was in the horoscope and not your pitching. 

Millennial's Check Their Personality And Relationships On The Basis of Zodiac Signs
Millennial’s Check Their Personality And Relationships On The Basis of Zodiac Signs

Internet As A Major Contributor

The expansion of the internet is definitely a major reason for the expansion of astrology. It is easily available in the form of online horoscopes, compatibility tests based on birth date and time of both partners, and in the books based on zodiac signs like The Classics of Linda Goodman. It has spread to all social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. On Twitter, @meccanism is popular with Americans,  which hosts funny podcasts and pop culture through an astrological angle. Chani Nicholas, an astrologer based in Los Angeles says, “Astrologers are always trying to boil down these giant concepts into digestible pieces of knowledge”. Nicholas’s horoscopes have 1 million monthly readers and have an astrological book for the millennial’s to her credit.

How the Internet Influences Millennials And Astrology?

Sunsigns on Internet
Apps on Internet Bridges Gap Between Millennial’s And Astrology

There is so much happening online that millennial’s have very little time and energy to get into emotional relationships beyond it. Hence, most of them remain unaware of how to get into a conversation or build camaraderie, in person. Therefore, even before they are with their date, they have already done their research on the partner’s zodiac sign. And thanks to compatibility tests online, before even a joke is cracked between them, they know that the relationship is going to work or not. A 2004 book, Sextrlogy by Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox’s sold like pancakes. It made predictions on same-sex compatibility pairings. Monthly horoscopes by Annabel Gat – Broadly has a cult following because she has sisterly appeal in her predictions and pieces of advice. Online astrologers write monthly horoscopes and do predictions keeping millennial’s and astrology as the centre.

Ashmonk an android astrology app
Ashmonk An android Astrology App Provide Compatibility Tests

Not only the internet, but even mobile apps have also pulled up their socks and dived into the astrological meme that is driving the millennial’s. Nicholas says, “The kids these days and their memes are like the perfect context for astrology.” A mobile app Co-Star gives basic birth chart and daily horoscope. It helps you to find how comfortable you will be with your friends and loved ones.

Another reason for the millennial’s and astrology companionship is that the earlier one has given up their traditional belief system. They are not so religious and do not want to follow old and decayed beliefs. Hence, again astrology comes for the rescue. It offers itself as an alternative belief system. Astrology provides an in-depth interpretation of one’s character and life. It helps you to self realize your potentialities and recognize your talents. In addition, astrology has also got rid of its old practices.

Why Millennial’s And Astrology Share A Strong Bond?

Astrology acts as a backup for millennial’s. It becomes:

No More Is Astrology About Witch Craft and Magic, Its Plain Simple Part of Life
  1. A friend
  2. A guide
  3. A faithful thing to depend on
  4. A consoler who always says, “ This too shall pass”.
  5. A comforter who pushes everything wrong on planets and not on the person’s own faculties
  6. A support system