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Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology: Nine Planets & More!

Sun - Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology

 Are you facing a knee problem or suffering from diabetes? Are you in the midst of friction in the family or you are caught in a crime which you never did? If you are asking, why did it happen with you when you had no fault. Vedic astrology answers you back that it is no coincidence that what is happening is happening with you. It is actually the position of stars and planets at the time of your birth that decided these circumstances there and then. To understand these life situations, you have to know the fundamentals of Vedic astrology. Let’s take a look.

Vedic Astrology Fundamentals

Nine planets

It is one of the most significant fundamentals of Vedic Astrology. Each of the nine planets are worshipped in the form of deities and prayed at the beginning of any puja as Graha Shanti(peace in all planets) puja.

Sun or Surya

It is a Luminary in Vedic Astrology. It concerns ambition, authority, bile problems, boldness, chest and head, consciousness, courage, determination, energy, eyesight or weakness thereof, faith, fame, father, hot, inflexible, king, impact of one’s personality, influence, nobility, optimism, personality, political power, reliance on self, soul and vitality.

In fact, the Sun is the source of all life on this planet. No life will be possible without the sun. Sun is the storehouse of souls or AtmaBhandar. Sun is of particular importance in a chart of a lady when she is facing trouble in pregnancy or trying to expect. She might face miscarriages or the child may die at an early age if there is a problem in her sun. life, Sun is also the giver of all Yoga’s. If the Sun is not good in a horoscope all other yoga’s will be affected. Sun inthe 12th house is considered as the Marana Karaka Sthana. It is a very difficult yoga for ladies. 

Chandra or Moon

Moon - The Luminary
Moon – The Luminary

Moon again is a Luminary in Vedic Astrology, but it depends on Sun for its luminosity. It is the most important planet in Vedic Astrology because it determines all important Tithis or Lunar Dates. Moreover, it also checks various Tattva [Element]. 

Moon governs beauty, conception, childbirth, blood, calmness, mental condition, clothes, mother, emotions, feminine qualities, overall health, overall life (like the first house), nocturnal, navigation, romance, peace, thinking, vegetation, water, and womb.

It’s rays are soothing and calming, unlike Sun. Moon control sleeps in 12th house and healing in 4th. Therefore, you must worship the moon in case of leg or body pain. Moon represents the water element in the body. Moreover, the Moon is the sustainer of Yoga’s. Moon’s strength in a horoscope will show how long will a Yoga last for a native


Mercury is the young prince of Vedic Astrology because Mercury dominates fast learning- whether good or bad. It addresses accuracy, analytical adjustment, not originality, averse to love/devotion, communications, editing, comprehension, research, computer knowledge, convertible nature, diplomacy, discrimination, elegance, eloquence, fun, liberal, averse to intelligence, knowledge, wit, intuition, memory, logic, journalists, mathematics, medicine, astrology, medium of truth, sciences, messengers, public speakers, polarization, its central quality, publishers, scholars, writing, study, books, education, Vishnu. Mercury controls two zodiac signs – Gemini and Virgo. In fact, when Mercury is related to Virgo, it means dominance and overpowering.

The house next to Mercury will determine what causes us to speak. Like, if your Moon is next to Mercury – you will respond to kindness and affection. 7th  house in a horoscope is Marana Karaka Sthana for Mercury.

VENUS or Shukra

It rules arts, beauty, pleasures, dance, attachment to things, attraction to the opposite sex, capacity to enjoy life, care for one’s body charm, feminine graces, kidneys, love, lust, affairs, romance, making others happier, marriage, musicians, refined, polished, sex in all aspects, sexual and love happiness, wealth, prosperity, gems, wife, and women. 

The sixth house in a horoscope is Marana Karaka Sthana for Venus.

Venus also rules endocrine organs in the body. Spirituality is giving up comforts and lust. In the charts of so-called saints where Venus is prominent and strong. Moon and Venus are the two ladies of the zodiac.

MARS or Mangal

Mars or Mangal in Vedic Astrology

It is the warrior planet is the one which obeys and makes others also obey rules with strict discipline and force. It shows ability to organize, accidents, bleeding, disaster, actions of heroism, aggressiveness, ambitions, averse to control, bases, military, brothers, caution, determination, enduring, chemistry, chivalry, competition, combat, confidence, courage, daring, enemies, energy, impulsive, impatient, engineers, precision, goal-oriented, hates opposition, inimical to idleness, Jupiter regulates him, love for work, manliness, prince’s passion, extravagance, police, army, fire, rescue, red things, self-confidence, self-employed, non-subordinate, strength, muscles!

The fourth house in the horoscope is Marana Karaka Sthana for Mars because soldiers can also shed tears. 


Jupiter Is The Planet of Luck & Fortune
Jupiter Is The Planet of Luck & Fortune

It is also known as Deva Guru or the teacher of the Gods. Jupiter is a non-fearing, brutal planet. It can call a spade a spade without hesitation. Jupiter considers astrology, councilors, advisors, religiousness, belief in God, priests, teachers, judges, children, guardianships, charity, generosity, contentment, laziness, fat, expansion, largeness, devotion, faith, hope, higher aspect of intelligence, fairness, justice, honesty, financial dealings, foreign affairs, God’s grace in this world, honor, lawfulness, master of knowledge & wisdom, insurance,perpetuation of established codes, philosophy, pilgrimage, religious vocations, reputation, trust, scriptures, Vedas.

The third house in a horoscope is the Marana Karaka Sthana for Jupiter because in this house it fails to win over lust, desire, and emotions. Besides, Jupiter also indicates Poorva Janma Punya – the good deeds that you do in previous lives, the benefit of which you enjoy in this life. 

SATURN or Shani

Saturn or Shani
Shani The Trouble Maker

Saturn is the hard task-master governs adversities, captivity, difficulties, austerities, denied enjoyment, barriers, bondage, deterrence, black, blue, grey, dangers, destruction, dejection, depression, discipline [here discipline is different from that of Mars, it is all of doing repetitive tasks] destroyer of illusion, dreadful terms, endless, helplessness, frustrations, introverted, humiliation, martyrs, inactivity, lack of desire, low class ways/people, mental trouble, misery, misfortunes, monks, sanyasis, old persons, death, bones, persistent, patience, philosophers, profound, poverty, sorrows, power for austerity, profession in general, seriousness, slow, gradual nature, surrender, thin, lean, unattractive to worldly people, undesirable things, worker class.

The first house is the Marana Karaka Sthana for Saturn. If you have Saturn as the rising sun you will be lazy and slow. 


Rahu is the North Node and Ketu is the South Nodes of the Moon. North Node – Rahu. In Vedic astrology, they are seen as hidden planets. Rahu is the Head of the Demon who was cut into two by Lord Vishnu. The South Node or Ketu is the torso. Both of them are enemies of the luminaries and constantly chase or cast a shadow on them whenever possible. It is Yoni Mukha and controls all the hairy parts of your body.

Rahu is also an illusion creator or Yoni Mukha. When Rahu combines with Venus in a house and has a strong aspect, then you will become greedy and mad for comforts, wine, and women(in case of men), or men(in case of women). Men or women will stoop to any levels to get luxury, sex, and drinks. In case, of women, they might turn into doormats even if they are treated with disrespect and as a toy. They will stick to their man for comfort and expensive items.

Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology
Rahu is the Head And Ketu is the Torso of The Demon

Wealth And Spouse Giver

Rahu controls and distributes wealth. It governs spouse and marriage. You should worship Rahu if you are not getting a match for a long time. Rahu decides when you will be blessed with wealth and when you will become a pauper. In addition, it determines your time of marriage.


Ketu is the torso of the demon killed by Lord Vishnu. It rules your headless or impractical actions. It is the Maha Shunya or the Black Hole in the zodiac. Wherever Ketu is located in a horoscope, you will experience all the qualities and properties of that house come to nothing.

Vedic Astrology talks of Planetary periods. If you are under Ketu’s planetary period and get ill, then doctors will fail to diagnose your illness. Besides, strong and heavy medicines will further increase the problem. A lot of confusion will be there but illness will not recover unless your Ketu moves away.

When Ketu is present with another planet in a house it sucks all its properties except that of Jupiter. A Jupiter-Ketu pair is good for spirituality.

Hence, we see Vedic astrology a guide to the fundamentals of Jyotish. It governs all aspects of your life and answers all your questions related to life and God.